This Year’s Dewey Donation System Charity Drive Is ON

My friend Pamela Ribon, in addition to being one of the funniest human beings in the history of the known world, also has a philanthropic side, which comes out every year with the Dewey Donation System, her drive to connect books with needy libraries in the United States and abroad. As someone who is big on libraries, and big on literacy, you can believe that I am very much for this drive.

This year, Pamie’s focused her donation efforts on two libraries: One in Thailand, connected to a local charity that reaches out to poor and sexually exploited children in that country, and one in Washington, DC, where DDS is teaming up with a local roller derby team to provide books for a literacy initiative aimed at that city’s underprivileged children. Both are worthy causes, and both are worth your donation consideration.

So check out this year’s edition of the Dewey Donation System, and if you feel like, chip in a little to provide books to one or both initiatives. It’s a great way to do a little good, and get books were they really need to go. Thanks.

6 Comments on “This Year’s Dewey Donation System Charity Drive Is ON”

  1. I do appreciate you finding cool charity ideas. This is a great one! I gave some to each library.

  2. What a great idea for a charity, I’ll see what I can do.

    I find the concept of donating books to a library depressing though. When I lived in Florida my Brevard County Library seemed to exist solely on donated books. The two things I remember are that the library looked like an airport news stand (Collins, Grisham – you know the line up) and little else except for the other thing – 15 copies of Mush Lamebrains “I’m right and you ain’t”. Just depressing

  3. Just went to the site & donated – glad to see that they are not looking for used books! Thanks John, I think I did something useful today for a change!

  4. I’m going to use that entire first sentence as the front cover of my next something. Thank you, Scalzi! And thanks to everybody who found a way to donate to Dewey’s libraries. I appreciate it, but the kids appreciate it even more.

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