A Cat and His Fuzzy (And Vice Versa)

Lopsided Cat and Papa Fuzzy share a special moment.

I believe I may have mentioned that the personalities (and physical descriptions) of the Fuzzy Family in Fuzzy Nation are based at least partially on the family cats; Papa Fuzzy clearly shares some DNA with Lopsided Cat. Lopsided Cat, for his part, finds Papa Fuzzy very comfortable to lay next to and on.

Catherynne Valente Lays Some Truth On You

About the Christopher Priest’s Clarke Rant and why a woman wouldn’t have been gotten the same pass for it that he did.

As a reminder of my own thoughts on the general topic of men and women talking on the Internet: The Sort of Crap I Don’t Get.

If you don’t think this all still applies, I want you to think about that #GOPWarOnCaterpillars entry. Imagine what would be in the comment thread if I were a woman. I can imagine it. It’s not especially nice.

Your Friday Music

“Midnight City,” by M83. This is also M83. A different one. One is named after the other. Guess which!

If you celebrate it, happy Good Friday. If you don’t celebrate it, have a good Friday.