A Cat and His Fuzzy (And Vice Versa)

Lopsided Cat and Papa Fuzzy share a special moment.

I believe I may have mentioned that the personalities (and physical descriptions) of the Fuzzy Family in Fuzzy Nation are based at least partially on the family cats; Papa Fuzzy clearly shares some DNA with Lopsided Cat. Lopsided Cat, for his part, finds Papa Fuzzy very comfortable to lay next to and on.

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  1. “Lopsided Cat, for his part, finds Papa Fuzzy very comfortable to lay next to and on.”

    *Scandalous* – how dare you pervert God ™ and nature like this?!? And on the *internet* of all places! Shame!!!11!One

  2. Hm. Note to self: when pretending to be an insane internet commenter, one’s posts will look like one actually is an insane internet commenter. Whoops.

  3. @A.J – I dunno, my wife just said that’s the same look I have when I gotta get up and I’m debating whether it will be worth (or safe) disturbing the cat.

  4. I have long wanted to say John (and this seems to be the place) — I just loved loved loved Fuzzy Nation. Papa Fuzzy’s speech about his child at the end made me tear up a bit, and I’m a guy so I don’t do that kind of thing. And “Get off my planet, you son of a bitch” is my favorite line ever from a book, science fiction or otherwise.

    I trust the movie is well in the works…? And if not, howsabout at least writing a sequel?

    By the way, in the world in my head, the Fuzzies look somewhat more like bipedal Pomeranians than cats. But I have a Pomeranian who is very fuzzy so, you know, go figure.

  5. I don’t know. The picture has kind of a Devil Doll feel to it. Like one day soon Papa Fuzzy will get up and say, I know what bacon is. Let me have some. And John (‘s body) will say, now now, bacon will just make your synthetic filling greasy. And then LC will drag the helpless Papa Fuzzy figure over to its place in the corner. The new John doesn’t care where LC leaves rodent guts.

  6. Love seeing LC, being a cat person whose home is catless due to the Bride’s reluctance to admit a feline to join the family. Bit tired of the Fuzzyness here though. I remember looking at Piper’s Fuzzy novel when it came out. Picked it up. Read all the blurbs, scanned through it, identified its central idea, and put it back on the shelf. No interest. And what was I, a teen at the time? I’ve read most of your published canon Sir John. Not Fuzzy though. Still not interested in the central idea that you have revealed here in your comments on your reimagining of Piper’s original. More cat pictures-always-please.

  7. I really enjoyed the original Fuzzy works by Piper. Need to purchase Fuzzy Nation asap

  8. Just bought ‘Fuzzy’ at the B&N tonight. Was told by the clerk to read the originals. Hubby is thrilled that the originals are public domain. Asked me why I had to buy the book when the originals are free. I told him I’d get back to him. Don’t let me down, Scalzi! I have financial arguments on the line!

  9. The Raspberry Pi is now also set up for close cat encounters, as part of EU Regulatory Testing.
    (http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/978). In the infamous bacon cat episode, did you consider
    first testing the bacon for ESD resistance? If not, shame on you, you criminal lowlife! The bacon,
    or the cat, or possibly you, will never be allowed into the EU again!

    Just a friendly warning – Will

  10. Just noticed something: Papa Fuzzy looks a little like John…

    Nah! Totally different voice. Never mind.

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