It’s Easter

And I got nothing for you. Go enjoy the day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Crud! now I am going to have to spend time paying attention to my family. Shoots the whole danged day.

  2. Josh Jasper: Congrats! I hope you get some nice pictures.


    As for the Ewing compound, my MIL is getting out of the skilled-care facility today, then we have dinner plans with friends later this evening. We’ll probably be leaving here within the next hour or so, then I’ll probably be ABEND until we get back from dinner.

  3. It’s my birthday and I’m not doing anything that I don’t want to do. :) Happy Easter, everyone.

  4. Keep on hoppin’ down the bunny trail. May all your chocolate bunnies have two ears. he is risen;)

  5. It’s my 40th birthday, and we’ve already celebrated with board games, brunch, and now the Mets game on TV. The fact that everyone appears to be choosing to go to church in honor of the day just makes things extra special.

  6. Adam Lipkin – I had a great uncle who was born on August 11th 1908. He said the first birthday he remembered was his 10th when it seemed the whole town celebrated with parades and fireworks. He felt it was a bit over the top but that he deserved it!

  7. Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

    Happy anniversary to Josh Jasper and your better half!

    Happy birthday to naleta and Adam Lipkin (why does that name sound so familiar?)!

    Happy Sunday to hercules67 and everyone else!

    Bless His Noodly Appendage!

  8. Oh man, I am so hung over. I hope everyone else had an awesome Easter celebration!

  9. Kevin – I saw as soon as I posted that I got the month wrong! Yes, November 11th, thanks

  10. Gulliver — thanks. I don’t know why the name sounds familiar, other than maybe my commenting here? And Clarence — that’s about as awesome a birthday celebration as one could hope for!

  11. Good Yontiff, Happy Easter, Kristos nearly orexi, and chocolate eggs for all who will. Because of the inversion of the seasons down here, Easter always comes as the last gasp of summer, as the leaves start to turn and the nights become chilly and therefore ideal for curling up with a glass of red and a book. My favourite season.

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