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Sunset 4/10/12

You have a good night, folks.

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Santorum’s Out: Have a Thread to Talk About It

Here’s the CNN story. My two brief thoughts: One, that took longer than I expected; Two, thank God he’s done. I’ll have more thoughts, but I’m at my daughter’s orthodontist appointment at the moment. Go ahead and chat amongst yourselves. I’ll check in later.  

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The Big Idea: Mary Robinette Kowal

Hugo-winning author Mary Robinette Kowal had a pretty problem to solve with Glamour in Glass. The first book in Kowal’s series, Shades of Milk and Honey, had been a Nebula-nominated success, but she knew some people would come to Glamour without having read it. How to give those new readers a complete reading experience without […]

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Redshirts Chapters 1 – 4 Now Out in eBook Form

For those of you who missed the Tor.com excerpts, or simply want to carry my words everywhere you go, Tor has released an eBook excerpt of the first four chapters (and also the prologue) of Redshirts into electronic book form. Right now it’s available on Kindle, Nook, Google and iTunes (warning: opens iTunes link). The […]

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