Santorum’s Out: Have a Thread to Talk About It

Here’s the CNN story.

My two brief thoughts: One, that took longer than I expected; Two, thank God he’s done.

I’ll have more thoughts, but I’m at my daughter’s orthodontist appointment at the moment. Go ahead and chat amongst yourselves. I’ll check in later.


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  1. Well, there wil be less unintended hilarity in the election now. Mitt just can’t talk crazypants the way Santorum could.

    Hopefully he will now give more attention to his little girl and stop trying to destroy the country.

  2. “thank God he’s done”

    I thought God told him he was goin to win? What happened?

    Really, I thought Newch would be the first quitter.

  3. I’m so pleased that I won’t see any more headlines like “Santorum Comes From Behind” and “Surging Santorum Bubble Surprises Pollsters.” I mean, at some point it stops being funny and just gets nauseating.

    Also, I’m officially putting a ‘hold’ on my plans to emigrate to Canada, with an option to flee the country later as necessary.

  4. I’m still wondering if this whole Santorum thing was all a social experiment to see how the country’s citizen’s would react to all that was happening.

  5. Just goes to show that white, christian, homophobic, bigots are the most underrepresented class in politics. Who are we supposed to vote for now?

  6. “My sincerest gratitude to Prick SansScrotum, dropping out and keeping his dignity like a grande dame guignol should. That man doth protest way too much, no? I can only hope his wife, doomed to live in such a calculatingly frumpy wardrobe that only a gay man would be able to envision, comes to her senses and doses her emotionally constipated husband with an arsenic laced suppository.”-quote

  7. I had to read this twice before I realized Santorum is out of the race and not out of the closet. The places my mind goes.

  8. I think Santorum got what he wanted in the end. After it became clear that he wasn’t going to be the nominee I think he tried to get Romney to tack as far to the right as possible to reduce his ability to tack back to the center in the general. His run might have been a failure but it might ultimately prove to be a success for social conservatism.

  9. Santorum’s out? How delightfully ironic. Wait a minute. Oh, you mean out of the election. Darn, I really should remember to read the whole post first. I second your thank God. Whatever miniscule chance he had to become president is now gone. You never can tell just what will happen in politics. I’d have thought there was no way Kerry could have lost in 2004. Now, I think Mittens is showing how to have a long race against unelectable shitheads turn into what will likely be a closer than it should be general election. I truly wish the Republicans could have come up with someone better. Not because I seriously dislike Obama, but there are reasons I’m not a Democrat. Reasons that matter a lot to me, and which I will not share here. Mostly because I know most of the folks here will not and do not agree, but I will say they have nothing to do with the ugly horsehit that’s been pulling me away from being a Republican these last few months.

  10. I think this may turn out to be bad for Obama. As long as Santorum was in there, Romney was forced to spend money. Money that he can now save for the general election. Also, as long as Santorum was there, Romney looked like the guy the GOP sorta-kinda wanted to be President. With the competition gone (no, Gingrich and Paul are not competition), he’s going to get more commanding victories in upcoming states and start to look more like TEH GUY FOR TEH JOB.

    He also has more time to position himself as a centrist (yes, I think this will be a tough, and frequently hilarious, job, but more time doesn’t hurt).

  11. Lucky you (and Athena). I find orthodontist appointments much more pleasant than discussing the current state of American politics in general, or the Republican race in particular. ;-)

  12. Though the specter of a Mitt Romney presidency concerns me to no end, the notion of a Rick (“man on dog”) Santorum presidency positively terrified me.

    The United States is a better country without the possibility of getting santorum all over it.

  13. Oh good, another in depth and well thought out discussion about politics among the fan base.

  14. You guys are too funny! I will miss the Twilight Zone quality of the Republicans, too.

  15. Now rational people can resist fearing Theocracy in America until the run-up to the 2016 election.

    Leon Stover in ROBERT A. HEINLEIN relates the Theocracy to Mark Twain’s well-publicized revulsion for the theocratic potential of Mary Baker Eddy’s First Church of Christ Scientist and implies that the angry Twain-like Cabalist who inveighs against psycho-conditioning free men is an evocation of Twain speaking for the true spirit of America.

  16. My favorite comment came from Jeremy Bingham (@captain_tenille on Twitter):

    “I think failed Presidential candidates should be forced to carry their campaigns to full term.”

  17. “I think failed Presidential candidates should be forced to carry their campaigns to full term.”, LOL, yeah I already see that with Obama, epic fail.

  18. Can’t wait for Spring Break to be over so all the 13 year olds will have to give back their parents’ computers . . .

  19. Last November I made a bet that Obama would win. My co-workers (who were all democrats) thought I was crazy; to which I replied, “So…what, does that mean you’re going to vote Republican next November?”. Of course they weren’t.

    Nothing has made people forget why they disliked Obama faster than the Republican primary. Wanna make another bet with me? Come January when Obama’s sworn in, people will be grumbling over their beers and saying, “I can’t believe we’re stuck with this guy for another four years.”

  20. Now the topic of endless speculation will become what Ron Paul will do, since he’s obviously in no danger of being the Republican nominee and Gingrich has given up.

    I don’t think he’ll bolt and run as Libertarian, for all that I hope he does.

  21. Hey, here’s an idea. Maybe the Santorum supporters can get together with the Romney crew and have that awkward discussion about how long it took and how difficult it was to settle on a candidate who was not completely insane.

  22. Farley at 3:37 pm:
    “Really, I thought Newch would be the first quitter.”

    Not a chance. As several folks have noted, the only way to get Gingrich out of this is with a stake through the heart, beheading, fire, and burial at the crossroads…

  23. @mjfgates: Aw, shucks. He was fun.

    Rick Santorum was fun? Yeah, it was a hoot just thinking about him controlling a nuclear arsenal or nominating a Supreme Court justice. I laughed myself sick.

  24. I wonder what deal was cut.

    And will Gingrich have another turn as the not-Romney? Or will Republicans finally settle for Romney as the final not-Romney?

  25. Bearpaw:

    Could have been a combination of his daughter’s sickness, the Republican superdelegates saying that Romney’s got it sewn up, and a brush with reality.

    I saw a headline a day or two ago that Gingrich has basically given up, so I rate it unlikely he’ll continue his campaign’s undeath. If Romney has half a brain he won’t pick Gingrich as running mate either – that’d be tantamount to naming Palin again for as much as the other team hates him.

  26. @ Kevin Williams:

    And Santorum was polling badly in his home state. Losing there would have been awkward.

    As far as Gingrich is concerned, lots of people on his own team hate him, too. That doesn’t mean he might not get another bounce, especially if he got another sugar daddy.

  27. OK, Callen said “I had to read this twice before I realized Santorum is out of the race and not out of the closet. ”

    Then Jason said “I think Santorum got what he wanted in the end.”

    I’m a bad person.

    As for “should be forced to carry his campaign to full term,” I’d add “…even though it’s dead.” Which is less funny and more bitter about Sick Rantorum and his loathsome ilk. He needs to crawl back under a rock and stay there.

  28. Well someone had to bear the “true conservative” standard, but I’m surprised it ended up being Santorum. I guess Brownback was too inexperienced to run just yet…

  29. At one point there wer 6 people running for the GOP nomination that said God told them to run. None of those 6 are left in the race, only the Mormon (Mormon! who many of those 6 & their churchs do not consider Christians) who never made that egotistical boast.

    Someone really needs to ask them what God has told them about their failure. Why did God tell 6 people to run? Why did God tell YOU to run? and finally, Why didn’t one of you win?

  30. MyName:

    Personally, I think it would have been epic if Santorum had won and his running mate was Brownback.

    Santorum/Brownback 2012. The jokes write themselves.

  31. “Nothing has made people forget why they disliked Obama faster than the Republican primary. Wanna make another bet with me? Come January when Obama’s sworn in, people will be grumbling over their beers and saying, “I can’t believe we’re stuck with this guy for another four years.””

    But everyone that I know who voted for obama is happy with obama. and would never vote for mitt/paul/newt/rick in a million years. We understood that things were fucked up and took years to get fucked up and would take years to fix. We also understood that tax cuts are not the answer to every questions. We also think that “small government” doesnt spend all of its time in our house and bedrooms.

  32. @Clarence Rutherford:
    You know, if I was a sincere and believing religious person and a/the *real, actual God* had *really, actually* told me to run for President, *nothing* would have made me quit the race. If I wasn’t nominated, I’d pull a Lieberman and run for the “United States for ULTRAGOTHA” party.

    Somehow I also doubt God actually told any of them to run.

  33. According to Wikipedia, about 1% of the children born with his daughter’s genetic disease live to age ten, so the prognosis is not good. I have sympathy for him about that, but not for the demise of his presidential campaign.

  34. Sigh…
    Same game, different season. Blue team or red team. Us or them. So sick of the two party system.
    Hopefully most of us here know enough to not just blindly toe and vote the party line. Still it’s not like we have so many great individual choices…. Bah.
    Doesn’t even feel worth it to complain anymore honestly. Just feels like I’m saying the same thing every time. ‘Politicians entire skill set revolves around getting elected and little else yadda yadda.’ ‘This is more like watching a campaign for prom king or queen rather then the commander and chief of the largest army is world so on and so on.’
    Obama just about had me with his Hope and Change spiel last time. Mostly cause I REALLY wanted to believe it. Then once hes elected, no real change, just another weaselly politicians. I by no means think he was this unmitigated disaster or treasonous commie or whatever else vitriol the more bitter of his haters like to warm themselves with. He just seemed out of his depth for the most part. Great speaker, but nothing else really Great about him.(cept for that smile. damn good smile) The man had such momentum coming off that victory, and had a good window there he good have pushed through some truly groundbreaking social legislature.

    Or even election and governmental reform we so desperately need! Term limits for every elected postion! No more ridiculous “retirement packages” for out-going politicians! They should have to return to civilian life and truly LIVE in the world their decisions created! SPENDING CAPS ON ELECTION CAMPAIGNS! Lord, I am so SICK of the person who can by the most press winning simply because he or she got their name out the loudest…

    But no, things just sort stagnated, we spent too much money and got too little done with it, again. Just acted like any other politician, no matter what color tie or how many american flag pins he wore. No great sweeping change, just a slightly different flavor. Only thing that keeps me voting at this point is my respect for the right to vote.
    Mighty Cthulhu help me, I’m turning into a political emo…>.<

  35. Sorry John. I prolly got a little off topic there. That wasn’t really so much and Santory =/
    I am pretty epic-happy that he’s finally off the table. That vaguest chance that man could have somehow fallen into power…scary as all hell.

  36. And God never tells anyone crap like run for president. People just like to hear stuff like that, cause it means they don’t have to think past “He listens to God so he’s alright with me”. God forbid they actually look into the voting history of their candidate, hell no. That’s too much like hard work. You think it was hard electing a black president? Try getting popular vote for an atheist one.
    I’m gonna stop now, I’m making myself sad and no one wants to hear me rant, cute panda icon or no.

  37. And now that the GOP’s Jimmy Carter has sewn up the nomination comes the slow, creeping realization that he’s not running against the Democrats’ Gerald Ford.

  38. Only nine more months of listening to self-appointed vessels of {insert favorite deity here} advocating for {insert name of annointed candidate here}… the only difference being that there are now one fewer names on the list of annointed candidates.

  39. The title made me hope for a big slice of schaudenfreude pie. No such luck. Even though I am quite certain Santorum was NOT the best person for the job, I hope not having to campaign any more lets him spend more time with his daughter.

  40. @Kevin Williams
    Yeah that thought did cross my mind. But there’s still hope for such a ticket in 2016!

  41. Today, I was reading about the disease that Santorum’s daughter has. It’s a severe understatement to say that I’m not a big fan of Santorum’s politics, and I’m very, very glad that be rid of the possibility that he might be president. Nevertheless, as one human being contemplating the plight of another, after reading about his daughter’s illness, my heart does go out to the former senator and his family.

  42. Yeah, and he gets to watch his daughter suffer terribly and then die. I don’t understand the mentality that brings a child into the world for pure suffering, and considers that morally better than abortion…much less birth control.

  43. Ouch, Xopher.
    Though I can’t really disagree with out on any particular point. And honestly the birth control thing is just mind boggling to me. That this is even talked about seriously in 2012…

  44. Its about damn time this dude got out. I actively loathe him, with a passion. And I’m a Republican.

    I’ve never seen such a blatant bigot. I mean, when you threaten to take away my porn…thats where I drawn the line!

    All kidding aside, I have always thought he was off base. Everytime Santorum speaks, I want to punch him in the throat (Caine-style). I can’t believe people supported him for so long. How did the republican party come to this?

    That said, The more Mitt Romney talks, the more I like him. That could change though, I’m fickle.

  45. ” I don’t understand the mentality that brings a child into the world for pure suffering, and considers that morally better than abortion…much less birth control.”

    Please read this:

    “How dare you presume to decide what makes life worthwhile? How dare you say that because this person can’t walk, that person has an intellectual disability and the one over there lives with chronic pain, their lives are not worthy of being lived? Who are you to judge? “

  46. Santorum was a radioactive candidate. His departure is a net positive, however you look at it.

    Just yesterday I was at the gym, where a variety of people–not ideologues of either stripe, but average working Joes and Janes–were talking about how important it is to evict Obama in 2012.

    Most Americans (including conservatives) don’t share Santorum’s extremist positions on social issues.

    They *do*, however, care about preventing Obama from ruining the country with more excessive spending. And every day that Santorum remained in the race put Obama a step closer to another term–and America a step closer to economic ruin.

  47. Sharon:

    “‘How dare you presume to decide what makes life worthwhile?'”

    The rhetorical maneuver of asking me how I dare to do something is pretty much exactly the wrong way to go about it, actually, as it combines both the assumption of moral superiority and condescension on the part of the person addressing me, and I would neither cede the former nor accept the latter.

  48. Santorum as an actual, real candidate scared me. As a father, I feel sympathy for his terrible plight. As a voter in Pennsylvania, I have actively attempted to displace him. He would have lost Pennsylvania, so dropping out now saves face and supporter money. Simply look at the fact that he doesn’t have endorsements from the Governor or the state’s one republican senator (and if he received endorsements from any of the state reps, I’m unaware of it).

    The fact is that Santorum isn’t all that popular here in his home state; he enjoys some popularity, certainly, but he lost his seat six years ago and a presidential run has only further polarized his supporters.

  49. Perhaps I wasn’t clear, I was quoting the blog of a disabled person, who wondered why anyone else has the right to say that *her* life was not worthwhile. I encourage you to go read her thoughts on the subject.

  50. I have to say that this might be a case where “spending more time with one’s family” is not just a euphemism. I hope that situation works out as well as it can for all of them.

  51. I’m seeing a lot of angst among my conservative friends and neighbors about this here in Texas. They desperately want to vote against Pres. Obama, but to do so now they’ll have to vote for a Mormon (note that there’s a high correlation between being a political conservative and a socially/theologically conservative Christian here in my home state). It’s really killing them to ponder voting for someone they consider to be non-Christian, tho’ I’m pretty sure they hate the Black guy in the White House worse.

    As for me ? I’m warming up the oven to make some delicious Schadenfreude Pie ;)

  52. While I have a great deal of sympathy for Mr. S and his daughter I can’t help but remember a good part of the reason she is alive today has to do with the government provided health care she recived when she needed it. The sort of health care Mr. S would like to deny anyone unlucky enough to not have a job or have a job at a company that does not feel like paying for it.

    As a guy with a pre-existing condition I understand that Mr. S would smile serenely while I die from either lack of coverage or starvation following bancrupcy caused by paying my bills. The banality of evil

  53. Personally I am not glad he is out of the race. Although I LOATHE his viewpoints, he was at least honest and open about them. I always knew exactly where he stood on an issue (almost always 180 degrees from where I do) and him being in the race got the right wing’s “base” / “true” conservative stand on an issue in the public eye/ available to be scutinized. Now Mitt will pander to whichever audience he has in front of him (like he always seems to) and there won’t be anyone from his own party “calling BS” or publicly stating what the Republican base “really” thinks. Don’t get me wrong, the prospect of Santorum in the Whitehouse is truly terrifying, but every Epic needs a good Villian.

    As a father, I have sympathy for the health issues he is dealing with. As a human being, I hope that things go as well as they can for him and his family in that regard.

    Regardingding the election going forward, it is not a forgone conclusion (in my mind al least) that Obama is unbeatble, and the battle will be more difficult vs. Mitt than vs. Santorm (Mitt’s stand on issues is a moving target- harder ti hit)

  54. Glad Santorum is out of the race, although his habit of just making stuff up and spouting it as fact was mildly entertaining – kind of like with Michele Bachmann. I never have been able to understand the tag of socially/theologically Christian. Many of those who fall into that group could hardly be said to be following the teachings of Jesus.

  55. @Sharon
    My problem with the blog article you cited is that it doesn’t actually challenge the opinion you were objecting to.

    Xopher’s opinion, if I interpreted it correctly, revolves around the notion that it is much more moral -as far as the child is concerned- to ensure that the pregnancy will result in a healthy child, and abort if necessary, rather to start with the notion that all life is sacred and try to ensure that every pregnancy results in a birth. For all sorts of reasons -emotional, financial, physical, social, socioeconomic- children need every bit of help they can get. The stark reality is that those born with a disability are almost certainly going to be worse off in one way or another than their healthier peers.

    However that is in no way the same thing as saying that a disabled or ill persons’ life is not worthwhile. They are not the same arguments. I’ve suffered from major clinical depression and anxiety attacks since I was fifteen, for no reason other than that it seems to run in my family. Now I wouldn’t claim that has made my life not worth living, but has it lowered my quality of life? Yes. Absolutely yes.

    My perception is that the fundamental difference between your stance and Xopher’s appears to be (and please forgive me if I’ve got this bit wrong) that sees a pregnancy as a child while Xopher see a pregnancy as the potential for a child.

    However Xopher is probably being unfair in applying saying that it is appalling that Bella was born “to suffer terribly and then die”. I suspect he is working from the presumption that the Santorum’s knew about their daughter’s illness from before she was born. If this had been the case which case there might indeed be a moral case to the end of not giving birth to a poorly daughter who in all likelihood won’t even reach an age at which she can meaningfully cognate what is happening to her.

    However, the popular account is that the Santorum’s only learned about Bella’s disease shortly AFTER her birth. I’m inclined to believe the official version is the truth as from a hard-right political perspective it would almost certainly make more sense for Rick Santorum milk it for political capital by saying that he knew about his daughter’s disease and didn’t even consider abortion. He hasn’t done so.

  56. Peter Cibulskis says:

    “But everyone that I know who voted for obama is happy with obama. and would never vote for mitt/paul/newt/rick in a million years.”

    Well, now you’ve met an exception. I mean, you’re right that I’d never vote for anyone in the Repub 2012 Primary Clown Car, but I’m a *long* way from happy with Obama, even when the whole list of excuses are factored in. I say this as someone who not only voted for him in 2008, not only contributed money, but put in a little volunteer time doing canvassing support. I also say it as someone who — understanding the realities of politics — *expected* to be disappointed. I went beyond disappointed a while back, and by now I’m well into disgusted.

  57. Phil Royce says:

    “Glad Santorum is out of the race, although his habit of just making stuff up and spouting it as fact was mildly entertaining – kind of like with Michele Bachmann.”

    Romney does that too, but for some reason it’s less entertaining. He’s less obviously bugfuck than they are, I guess.

    And before anyone bothers going the false equivalence route, yeah, Dems often lie too, but in general their lies have at least some nodding acquaintance with reality. Most Repub leaders seem to feel no such constraint. (Given what passes for mainstream journalism these days, there’s rarely any downside to that for them.)

  58. @Jo said “… It would almost certainly make more sense for Rick Santorum milk it for political capital by saying that he knew about his daughter’s disease and didn’t even consider abortion. He hasn’t done so.”

    It surely should have been tempting to do so, as that would demonstrate him to be So Serious He Applied The Policy To Himself. I seem to recall Palin playing a similar “card”, politically, with her child with Down Syndrome. It legitimately undermines the “Well, if YOU actually had a sick child, YOU would understand” argument.

    If he had known about the illness from prenatal tests, there’s pretty good reason to say so. Contrarily, there aren’t particularly good reasons to lie about it; there’s not political capital to be reaped from that (there certainly are, in the other direction).

  59. too bad, there goes the comic relief. Romney is about as funny as a root canal…..

  60. As a Finn who finds US politics extremely high-grade spectator sports, I’m slightly disappointed. I would have loved for Santorum to hang on and keep harrying Romney, costing him money and solidifying the “Romney just can’t deliver a solid victory” narrative for at least a couple of weeks more. Still, between his lack of success and family emergency, it’s perfectly understandable for Santorum to make his exit now, in a more or less dignified fashion.

  61. It seems to me that Santorum quitting is a huge win for him. 1. He’s let the Republican Party know that his version of conservatism has a lot of support. 2. He’s gotten leverage to influence the official Party platform. 3. He’ll probably get to speak at the convention in prime time. 4. In a future election, he’s left himself able to run again. Personally disappointing perhaps, but a win nevertheless.

  62. John described Santorum on this blog months ago as a “querulous bigot.” I found the economical phrase comprehensively accurate at the time, and the more high-profile and loquacious Santorum got in the subsequent months, the more I thought competely that simple phrase seemed to completely define him.

    I would add only one thing, which is that I also found Santorum a hypocrite. I have been mystified all along by the people who, love him or loathe him, describe him as honest, a man of his convictions, someone who stands by what he believes. This has consistently struck me as inaccurate as people accepting the packaging of George W Bush–a man raised in wealth, power, and privilege–as a regular guy who’d made good, etc. Throughout thye campaign, Santoru, contradicted himself and his previous positions, backtracked and claimed he’d been “misunderstood” whenever his querulous bigotry went too far and provoked a backlash that concerned him, made excuses and denials about his previous legislative record, and said whatever he had to say just to get attention. I NEVER saw a man of convictions and principles (even of convictions and principles that I loathe) in Santorum. I saw a narcissistic saying and doing whatever it took to keep the spotlight on himself. Nothing more grand or moral than that.

  63. Narcissist? You must be referring to Obama. These comments are enough to make ME want to head to Canada! No one could do a worse job than Obama; he’s way over his head. I suggest you try educating yourself on what’s really going by other means than just the mainstream media.

  64. Yeah, that worthless Obama; bin Laden dead, most of the controlling hierarchy of Al Qaeda dead, employment went from losing almost three-quarters of a million a month to plus 200,000/month and improving, the American auto industry saved, smart cooperation with the Arab Spring, a flawed, but vastly improved health care bill, (considering the republicans, by their own admission, have nothing to offer instead, still), and a president who actually has a measureable IQ, which has helped pull our country out of the Bush recession. Yeah, what a loser. I was hoping and praying Santorum would be the bible-nazi candidate. Obama would have him weeping and incontinent of both urine and stool in less than two minutes. Sigh………………………I’ll just have to be content with him bitch-slapping mittens.

  65. Yeah, great job with EGYPT & Muslim Brotherhood; no doubt the dead Coptic Christians would agree as well as the American citizens locked up for promoting democracy. Loved the way Obama stepped in to give requested support to the early IRAN uprising; his far-sightedness has left us in such a great situation. And LIBYA ain’t looking too great either. IQ? So why did he need BILL AYERS to write his first book, as Ayers now acknowledges & Obama has yet to disclaim? Ever compare the first & second books? Ever read on the Internet the poem he auctually did write himself in college? How smart were his choice of methods to stimulate recovery from a depression that ended 3 months after he became president? How much impartial research based on past recessions supported those methods? BIN LADEN? That intelligence network was in place while Bush was president; Obama lucked out that final results happened on “his watch” & he somehow found the gonads to pull the trigger. But then he violated with his lose lips a long-standing principle of covert & recon intelligence & jeopardized the lives of SEAL TEAM SIX members in future operations. GM? Find out the truth about how much is really still owed to the US taxpayer by GM. It was about all about Obama’s self-interests–securing the UNION vote–as are most of his policies–in addition to appealing to the “deaf, dumb, & close-minded” Far Left vote. It’s never been about the best interests of the country. (Of course, private sector would have stepped in w/ GM, requiring additional concessions from the very unions that made GM uncompetitive in the first place! That would exactly be a vote-getter for Obama.) The HEALTH PLAN that he promised to post on Internet two weeks prior to passage to allow the public to read? That a bunch of amateur Congressional idiots with low public-confidence ratings quickly wrote & was barely passed by a DEMOCRATIC-majority Congress–and with no consideration for its constitutionality? And from which Obama quickly excluded a large number of UNION health plans & substantially increases the deficit? How about accountability for FAST & FURIOUS, the decision by HOLDER’s hired-help not to prosecute Panthers against staff recommendation, the drilling & pipeline decisions that affect JOBS? Who got his dear wife her $300,000-job? Wealthy, well-connected Valerie JARRETT. Hmmmm, I guess that is her qualification as a TOP ADVISER–pitiful. Are you aware of how many volunteer hours he & his wife ever gave pro bono to the community? And that he donates to charity only the deductible amount? Great guy, this Obama.

  66. And perhaps about just making shit up; looks like there are a few howlers in there, but frankly I can’t be arsed to read huge rambling paragraphs to be sure.

  67. No howlers; all verifiable facts available to everyone, including videos on the Internet of Ayers’ admission–just one of many important items totally ignored by a biased media.
    You obviously think it’s smart to ignore, or discount, whatever contradicts your opinions.
    Ignorance is bliss, right?
    But some of us believe it’s important to discover where the truth lies BEFORE deciding for whom we will vote. Try the Office of Budget Mamagement for financial effects of Obamacare or the IRS for historical impact of tax changes. There are several publications that have reported this information, obviously none of which you have choosen to read.
    Lack of paragraphing is no excuse for burying one’s head in the sand.

  68. Perhaps you could not be too lazy to post links to back up your assertions. That would be /helpful/.

  69. Digusted:

    “Lack of paragraphing is no excuse for burying one’s head in the sand.”

    However, it is a fine excuse not to read a large block of text.

    If you want people to read your ideas, it’s best to present them in a way that’s congenial for reading.

    Of course, I only write for a living, what do I know about it.

  70. all verifiable facts available to everyone

    I’m sure you’d be happy to link to the videos, the OMB documents, and the IRS documents for us, right? So that we can see the truth.

  71. Disgusted wrote: “Narcissist? You must be referring to Obama.”

    No. As I said quite clearly, I was referring to Santorum. Please read more carefully.

    “I suggest you try educating yourself”

    I suggest even more strongly that you try following your own advice.