Look! A Spontaneous Podcast!

In which I answer questions from Twitter! About God Engines, Fuzzy Nation, Redshirts and whether or not I will wear a dress to Worldcon. About 17 minutes.

6 Comments on “Look! A Spontaneous Podcast!”

  1. Cool beans. What software / hardware combo do you use for podcasts? One long take, or edited?

  2. I think another obstacle to fanfic winning awards such as the Hugo is getting it published widely enough for sufficient Hugo voters to notice it, while at the same time not attracting the attention of the copyright police.

  3. John, not a Regency dress, but how about a Regency gentleman’s outfit. They wore some pretty classy threads back then, and the pear-shaped thing wouldn’t be an issue, especially if you wore a man’s corset, as the Prince Regent did.

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