Reminder: I’m Guest of Honor at Penguicon in Two Weeks

If you’re within three states of Dearborn, Michigan and wondering what you’re going to do with yourself on the weekend of April 27 -29, I have an idea: Why not hang out with me at Penguicon 2012, America’s foremost science fiction and open-source computing convention? I’m the author guest of honor (click here to see all the featured guests), and will be doing my usual schtick of panels, readings, Q&A and hanging out in the hotel bar. Penguicon is one of my favorite science fiction conventions anyway, so getting to be the Guest of Honor this year is just the cherry on top. So come on down. It’s going to be fun.

8 Comments on “Reminder: I’m Guest of Honor at Penguicon in Two Weeks”

  1. Is Penguin going to file suit against Penguicon for infringing upon their logo image of a penguin? Please say yes.

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