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The Big Idea: A.M. Dellamonica

Magic has been variously described and quantified, and we hear about white magic, black magic, good magic, bad magic — but how often is it compared to toxic waste? In Blue Magic, author A.M. Dellamonica makes that comparison, and expands on what that unusual approach to magic means for the world (our world, or one […]

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In Which I Decline a Nerd Fight

My inbox is filling up with people e-mailing me about Nick Mamatas’ broadside against Geek Pride, in which he says, among other things: A subculture is not a counterculture. A consumer culture is not a subculture. We are not all in this together. Your social Laws (Godwin’s, etc.) are as insipid as any aphorism your […]

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My Thoughts on Book Tours

Via Metafilter, I found and read this article on The Awl in which several authors (and a couple of publicists) discussed the pros and cons of book tours. As someone who tours and otherwise does lots of author appearances I found it interesting, with some of the points lining up with my own experience and […]

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That Ann Romney Thing

In which DNC strategist CNN Analyst* Hilary Rosen criticized Ann Romney on CNN because Mrs. Romney was a stay-at-home mother and “has actually never worked a day in her life”: 1. Wow, Ms. Rosen, you must really like the taste of your own toes. Also, if this is you exercising strategy for the Democrats, you […]

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