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Starred Review of Redshirts in Booklist

This makes me rather pleased: Booklist’s reviewer was thrilled with the book and the magazine gave it a star, which means they consider the book to be of special note. You’ll need to be a Booklist subscriber for the full review, but if I were a publicist, these are the pull quotes I would use: […]

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Head’s Up Re: Kickstarter Promotion Thread on Wednesday

By way of making a tangential connection to the last post, I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails recently about people who have Kickstarter things going on asking if I wouldn’t mind putting in a pointer of some sort. I’ve gotten enough of them that I’ve decided that on Wednesday I’ll have a Kickstarter Promotion […]

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Catching People Up On What I’m Writing

I’ve been talking a bit about the new project I’m working on here and on Twitter the last couple of days, which has led to folks peppering me with questions about it. I’ve answered these questions before but I’m not opposed to grouping the answers together for your convenience, so here’s a quick, compact update. […]

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DRM On My Books

Question in e-mail today: I have your books on my Kindle. As an author, would it bother you if I stripped the DRM from the ebook, to read it on another ebook reader? Or should I buy another copy? Speaking personally and only for myself, I’m of the opinion that once you bought the book, […]

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