Starred Review of Redshirts in Booklist

This makes me rather pleased: Booklist’s reviewer was thrilled with the book and the magazine gave it a star, which means they consider the book to be of special note. You’ll need to be a Booklist subscriber for the full review, but if I were a publicist, these are the pull quotes I would use:

[Scalzi’s] new novel is a real joy to read… new and decidedly mind-bending… It’s hard to imagine a reader who wouldn’t enjoy this one.

w00t! Cannot complain about that.

21 Comments on “Starred Review of Redshirts in Booklist”

  1. You realize that you’re killing me here because I am not yet able to give you monies in exchange for this thing RIGHT NOW OH GOD I WANT IT NOW, yes?

  2. I’ve always wondered how pull quotes get written – left to their own devices, they might have come up with “The book. . .to the extent. . .also. . .when in another. . .wonderful. . .make into. . .winner!” I hope they use your suggestion.

  3. Nice. Well done. I guess somebody at booklist got to read the whole thing huh? *sniffle* *sniffle*

  4. Congrats on the review. I can’t wait to read it.

    But when someone says its hard to imagine a reader who wouldn’t enjoy it, do you see that as a challenge?

  5. Congratulations John! Just pre-ordered on Kindle, it’ll be there just in time for our family beach trip where I hole up with a good book and avoid that big shiny thing in the sky that shoots ionizing radiation at all the oily people by the ocean.

  6. Congratulations. I vaguely recall a Mad Magzine piece decades ago about how rave reviews for movie ads can be pull-quote extracted from the harshest condemnations.

  7. I remember that, JvP! And also an NPR piece about how some reviewers basically do nothing but write pull quotes. So if the pull quotes are from the Harper (AK) Tribune, that’s a sign of a Very Bad Movie.

  8. I was one of the lucky ones who got her hands on an ARC. Just finished a second read and its gets a starred review from moi. I’ll be buying it, cause asking the author to sign your ARC is, I feel, not a polite thing.

  9. I would like to know why there are times when you cannot talk about (in any great detail) what your current writing is about. Is there a need by publishing companies to keep upcoming novels etc secret? We usually hear about films long before they arrive in theatres. Are there writers waiting in the wings to pounce on ideas? – which actually happens in filmland… and cars (HHR/PTCruiser??).

  10. I guess you have to wait until the publisher has coordinated announcements and promotion events before you talk about it. It’s not uncommon eg in the film and games world.

  11. I am still kicking myself for consuming Fuzzy Nation in one day. I will make this one last. I must.