Tax Day Sunset

Don’t spend this sunset all in one place.

14 Comments on “Tax Day Sunset”

  1. Ooooo…ahhhhh!!!

    First post.

    Was it any less obnoxious coming from someone else?

  2. Ahhhhhhh! I haven’t done my taxes yet! No, wait. I have until the 30th. Whew.

  3. One of the few advantages of being a geezer on a fixed income is having a very minimal tax return and rate. The downside is not having an increase in my private pension since 1992. Thank heaven for great bloggers and libraries!

  4. I had to ask for the 6 month extension. Travel to the Great Barrier Reef, workplace injury, other problems conspired to make calculating two Schedule Cs (me and my wife as consultant, me and my wife as authors) to both IRS and Calfornia’s Franchise Tax Board untimely.

    On the plus side, my son completed construction and installation of a new PC, so, unconstrained by my wife’s (to me uncomfortable laptop) , I wrote 3 chapters adding to 8,100 words of fiction today. Odd feeling, as I did not know the word count, until I cut & pasted from gmail where I’d typed them as vanilla text, to Open Office .odt files, and learned the wordcount. This is again reinforcing what Mr. Scalzi said earlier this week about what a writer’s brain tells the writer, based on wordcount. Akin to Jerome Lettvin’s 1959 paper, “What the frog’s eye tells the frog’s brain”, one of the most cited papers in the Science Citation Index.

  5. The Lad and I filed our US taxes months ago. Of course, the Australian ones will be due before we know it.


  6. You live in a part of the country not known for its natural beauty, but you certainly make it look breathtaking!

  7. Paying taxes sucks.
    Having an EMT who is payed from those taxes be an excellent person
    does not.

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