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My Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Schedule

I’m going to Los Angeles this weekend to (among other things) participate at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which you should come to, because it’s totally free for you. Here’s what I’ll be doing: Saturday: 1pm: Signing at the Mysterious Galaxy Booth (Booth #372). I’ll be there for about a hour. Buy a […]

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Your Kickstarter Promotion Thread

I promised a thread for you to promote your Kickstarter projects, and — behold! — here it is. This is where you can share with my up to 50,000 daily readers what you want to do that they should give money to you for. But there are rules! Please read them before you post. 1. […]

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Happy Birthday, Kristine

It’s my wife Krissy’s birthday today, and she is as fantastic as ever, and I am as flummoxed as ever about how I’ve managed to be able to live my life with someone who is as clearly and obviously fantastic as she is. Of course, I understand this is what every smart husband says publicly […]

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Speaking of My FilmCritic.com Column…

…It’s coming to an end soon. My final column there is scheduled for May 9th. In a nice bit of symmetry, my first column for AMC/FilmCritic.com was May 8, 2008, so I will have written the column for four years to the week. The nice folks at AMC took pains to let me know that […]

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Killer Films, Jedi and Battleship

This week at FilmCritic.com, I go through the mailbag to answer questions about the science fiction films we would want to show aliens if we wanted them to annihilate us, why the film Battleship has already sailed into the theaters of other countries, but not ours, and whether the Jedi are actually evil. Go on […]

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