My Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Schedule

I’m going to Los Angeles this weekend to (among other things) participate at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which you should come to, because it’s totally free for you. Here’s what I’ll be doing:


1pm: Signing at the Mysterious Galaxy Booth (Booth #372). I’ll be there for about a hour. Buy a book, get it signed!


10am: World Building (Panel 2081). With Lev Grossman, Frank Beddor and Charles Yu (moderating). At the David Continuing Education Center.

3pm: The Nerds Shall Inherit the Earth (Panel 2093). With Pamela Ribon, Maureen Johnson and Amber Benson (interviewing). At the Bovard Auditorium.

I’ll be signing books after both panels, as I understand it.

These are going to be fantastic panels (no pun intended), with fantastic people. So now you know what you’re doing with your Sunday, should you be in the LA area.

See you soon!

7 Comments on “My Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Schedule”

  1. “The Nerds Shall Inherit The Earth”? Wouldn’t “The Geek” be a much more obvious choice, or was it just too obvious?

  2. Due to some prior commitments, I probably won’t be there this year, but best of luck! If I am, I’ll definitely get a book signed (and will say hello)

  3. You aren’t going to LA for a book festival. You’re going to In and Out, and stopping by the book festival while you’re in the neighborhood. ;-)

  4. Don’t forget to stop by Roscoe’s for waffles. I’m still a fan of the original in South Central. But there’s no parking (it was within skateboard distance of where I did my undergrad) and the hood can make folks nervous if they’re not use to the city. Luckily they’ve expanded! Now there’s five locations.

    You’re taste buds will thank me.

  5. Oh goody gumdrops! I finally get to coincide with your Scalzine presence. I shall – out of deference to all things holy and good – forgo the green-ink-Rorschach-scrotum routine threatened a while back.


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