Your Kickstarter Promotion Thread

I promised a thread for you to promote your Kickstarter projects, and — behold! — here it is. This is where you can share with my up to 50,000 daily readers what you want to do that they should give money to you for.

But there are rules! Please read them before you post.

1. Please post projects listed on fundraising sites only. Kickstarter is the big name in the field, but there are others as well. The point is that there is an intermediary party that people are comfortable giving financial information to.

2. Creative projects and 501(3)(c) charities only. i.e., you’re selling something or you’re doing a charity fundraiser for a recognized charitable organization. Yes, I know some people raise funds to directly pay for their rent. Not here, please.

3. Current projects only. Which is to say, projects that are still open to fundraising. This should be obvious.

4. Briefly describe yourself and your project in the comment. That way people will know if they want to link through to the full project. Don’t go on too long, though. Imagine it’s an elevator pitch.

5. One project per post (and one link per post is advised). This is because if you have three or more links in a post it will be punted into the moderation queue, and I’m traveling this afternoon and won’t be able to free them immediately. One link per post is good. Obviously you may post about more than one project, provided it fulfills every other rule above.

If your post is punted into the moderation (or spam) queue, don’t panic. I will be going through both when I am on the ground (and, if my flight has wifi, there too). They will be released in due time and if history is any indication, people will go through the comments at all times of the day and often more than once.

6. No comments in this thread except projects. Any other comments (including comments commenting on posted projects) will be deleted. This comment thread is for pitching projects only. This makes it easier for everyone to navigate. If you have questions, e-mail me; the contact info is in the sidebar.

Okay: Pitch your projects, people!

1080 Comments on “Your Kickstarter Promotion Thread”

  1. Vessel: a microbudget science fiction movie.

    Ash is a gifted interfacer who can communicate with ET’s, so well that he becomes too much like them: incredibly calculating but devoid of emotion. Day by day, Ash loses a parts of his humanity, bit by bit. Using a combination of sleeping inhalers (to counter the ET influence) and tons of coffee (to counter the sleeping effect of the inhalers), Ash’s time is running out as tiredness threatens to overcome him. He meets old acquintances delivering emotional attachments, hoping they can lead him to the one legendary woman who overcame the interfacing gift.

    OK: this is an IndieGoGo project (not a Kickstarter), but do keep in mind that foreigners (non-US residents) cannot partake in Kickstarter (while they *are* allowed to support projects).

    Also, this *is* a science fiction project, and Australians deserve support too (says this Dutchman).

  2. Here at Evil Hat Productions, we’re in the final few days of our Spirit of the Century fiction line kickstarter. Originally put together to fund the Dinocalypse Trilogy set in that universe, we’ve now expanded to 7 novels with authors Chuck Wendig (Double Dead), Harry Connolly (Child of Fire), C.E. Murphy (Urban Shaman), Brian Clevinger (Atomic Robo), and Stephen Blackmoore (City of the Lost). Best of all? Backers of the kickstarter will get all 7 novels in e-book as they become available for a total of just $10 (less than $2 per novel). Check it (and watch the video, it’s a hoot):

  3. Tales of the Emerald Serpent is an anthology taking readers to the Free City of Taux, a fantasy port of cursed stones, dark plots, and a core of rich characters who share space inside the infamous Black Gate District. This anthology links characters and tales in an interwoven mosaic that helps draw the reader on, and with other authors like Lynn Flewelling, Harry Connolly, Martha Wells, Robert Mancebo, and Julie Czerneda sharing characters with newcomer Michael Tousignant and iconic fantasy artist turned writer Todd Lockwood, the book explores all the paths and back-alleys of city-born fantasy.

    We’ve got Volume One funded and are just over $2k dollars short of volume 2 – with just two hours left to go – so now’s the time to chip in, folks.

  4. At Candlemark & Gleam, we’ve passed our stretch goal for the print release of I, Crimsonstreak by Matt Adams, a “comic comic” novel about a superhero dealing with his “reformed” supervillain father having taken over the world while he was wrongfully locked up in an insane asylum.

    We’ve got 5 days to go and after passing stretch goal one, which unlocked a mystery grab bag of goodies, we’re shooting for a second stretch goal that will add a poster to every order, plus a print copy of a companion novella.

    “Saving the world isn’t easy when your only powers are super-speed and looking good in Spandex. But hey, someone’s got to do it!”

  5. Full Moon is a roleplaying game about life on the lunar frontier. Sometime in the future, man has colonized the moon in search of minerals rare and valuable on Earth. Men and women come in search of their fortunes, and where the ambitious go, opportunists follow.

    Full Moon is based on Fate, a set of rules that has been used in games ranging from contemporary urban fantasy (the Dresden Files RPG) to far-future hard science fiction (Diaspora). The system is built for games where the players have as much investment in telling the story as the GM does, and the rules reward players for their interest by giving them plenty of tools for influencing the game.

  6. Danny Hendrickson: ex-cop, PI, and half-faun,specializes in finding those who’ve fallen beween the cracks in NYC. He knows that everyone has a secret, good or bad. But when a fairy crime syndicate, a mer-clan, and a lost girl who knows who will die are set on a collision course, even a half-faun P.I. with all the smarts and all the contacts might be in way over his head….

  7. The Chicago Writers Conference (September 14-16) is Chicago’s only homegrown mainstream literary conference focusing on practical business advice for fiction and non-fiction writers alike. The brainchild of Mare Swallow, it will feature such editors, agents, and authors as Chuck Sambuchino, Christine Sneed, Robert K. Elder, and Jennifer Mattson, but it still needs to raise nearly $3000 for equipment rental, web development, and presenters’ travel expenses. Only six days remain in the Kickstarter campaign!

  8. What about putting some money on the table for SCIENCE?

    Microryza is a crowdfunding site for science research! Many investigations don’t actually require very much money to get going and crowdfunding lets smaller players (grad students or post-docs with “risky” projects or projects that don’t attract big-name grants) get a start. You could help mankind find out why and how chiles got their spice!


    “The Conspiracy of Beards is a 30-member a capella male choir that performs exclusively the songs of the legendary poet, novelist, and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen.

    This year we’re creating a series of videos that tell the many stories of our bohemian adventures, charitable events, performances, and shed a little light into the lives and artistic pursuits of the members in the group.

    For more info, check out the video above.”

  10. My friend Katie is participating in the “Pineapple Classic 5K” as part of the Connecticut chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. The event is about a month from now, and she’s $20 from her goal (of $50). Like most of her friends, I am a poor college student who had very little to donate. If anyone could donate a buck or two, that would be fantastic. Thanks, everyone! (Link should take you right to her page).

  11. THE WARLOCK’S CURSE is the third book in M.K. Hobson’s Veneficas Americana series (the first two were the Nebula-nominated THE NATIVE STAR and THE HIDDEN GODDESS). It’s edited by Juliet Ulman and has cover art by Lee Moyer. And it’s a staff pick! And it has a pup-o-meter! Please check it out.

  12. The man behind this project was one of my high school teachers, and a much bigger influence on my life than he will probably ever realise. He was also one of the first Christians I knew who really got that Christianity isn’t supposed to be about bullying non-Christians, so I was entirely unsurprised when he mentioned his project:

    The basic premise? Instead of raising a *religious* child, raise an ethical, *loving* one, and the rest will fall into place… so when your child asks about God, what he thinks you should teach about first is love. If you agree, he could certainly use the support to make this film happen.

  13. Puzzle Strike (kickstarter: a competitive deckbuilding game designed by David Sirlin, the author of Playing to Win. It is 2-4 players, and each player gets to choose one of 20 characters, each with their own special abilities and backstory. Unlike most other deckbuilding games, Puzzle Strike has a high degree of player interaction. Everything that one player does affects all the other players, which makes the game both deeper and more fun!
    Puzzle Strike has been thoroughly tested over many years in order to become a well balanced tournament game, and is intended to be fun and exciting even after thousands of plays. In fact, there is so much strategy involved that the best tournament players have collaborated to write an over 100 page strategy guide to help new players understand the game and be successful in competitive play.
    Puzzle Strike is not just for competitive players, however. It is also a very fun game in casual play, with lots of different game modes including 2 on 2 team battle and 3-4 player free for all.

  14. An amazing artist I follow is raising money for an animation-on-live-action-backgrounds project, Franklin the Ladies Cat. I’d like to see more of this cat in action around NYC and other locales.

  15. I’m self-pubbing a novella companion to my second traditionally-published YA fantasy (The Broken Lands, Clarion, September). I’m using indie-bookstore-friendly resources to create 3 editions of the novella: paperback, digital, and Super-Special Digital Illustrated by Young Reader Artists. I’m raising funds on Kickstarter to pay costs including paying the young artists. Thank you!

  16. Fan of 80’s underground rock? Filmaker Gorman Bechard is making “Every Everything,” a documentary about Grant Hart. Hart was the drummer in the highly influential Twin Cities 80’s band Hüsker Dü. Bob Mould may be better known, but Hart shared half the songwriting and lead vocals during the Hüskers amazing run of albums, including a four year stretch from 1984-87 releasing Zen Arcade, New Day Rising, Flip Your Wig, Candy Apple Grey, and Warehouse: Songs and Stories. or (which redirects to the Kickstarter page) 16 days to go to support the documentary!

  17. Parsec is a table-top science-fiction roleplaying game – in the text we even reference some of Mr. Scalzi’s works as inspirational material or examples of setting elements. If you like science-fiction and/or roleplaying games, it is worth checking out. We have a promo video that explains a lot of the game as well as tons of comments and updates to read to get more information. You can find out a lot about the game in just a few minutes. Hurry, because there are only 9 hours left for Kickstarter funding!

    I was also interviewed by a gaming podcast, and during the interview I talk a lot about the game – the setting, the system, all that kind of stuff:

  18. Zpocalypse is an excellent board game from Greenbrier Games that I had a chance to demo at PAX East this year. Zombies, survivors, scavenging, and a board that can change layout each “day”. Greenbrier is a great bunch of people who work very closely with their backers regarding content, pledge rewards and goal rewards. There are only a few days left, and they are almost at their final goal level! As of this post, they are $131,104 of $150,000 (of a starting goal of $15,000). Check them out!

  19. is another science crowdfunding site. One of the projects I’m backing there is to track ancient dog populations in Africa. “Studying village dogs can improve dog and human health. By examining the genetic differences in village dogs from different places, we can determine genes related to local diet and climate, physical traits, and genetic diseases. Finding these genes allows for targeted therapies and genetic tests that could prove useful in improving dog and even human health — several genes causing human disorders have been first found in dogs!”

  20. My wife and her friend are looking to get funding for her candle company Old Oak Apothecary. She make Beeswax 100% organic candles:

    “Why we use beeswax: To make one pound of wax, worker bees will eat over 10 pounds of honey, will fly over 150,000 miles (the equivalent of six times around the earth), and will visit 33 million flower blossoms! If that isn’t awesome enough, beeswax is the only all-natural wax available. And it’s renewable! Soy doesn’t cut it, and neither does paraffin. Using beeswax is important to us because we want to craft a product that resonates in harmony with nature and is as sustainable as possible. And one that smells fantastic. Also, our beeswax is procured from local apiaries, and we love supporting beekeepers. ”

    Give it a look, plus my son DEVOURS a grapefruit on the video :)

  21. “The Graphic Textbook” is an attempt to turn comics into curriculum. The project unites the finest creative talents in the comics industry with the nation’s leading experts in visual literacy to create a gamechanging educational tool for the classroom: a comic that teachers will actually want to use and a textbook that students will actually want to read. It’s being developed by Reading With Pictures, a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit in coordination with the Learning Sciences Department at Northwestern University.

  22. Alice Assassin is a gallery show with a two (!) companion books that I’m working on getting into a Santa Monica gallery in time for the publication of both books in August.

    It’s a girl with a gun, a white rabbit, a kidnapping, two mad queens, and a black ops coup. It’s also some of the best work I’ve done to date with a camera.

    Check it out here!

  23. I’m a psychologist and writer from Portland, seeking funding for a guide for clients as they navigate their way through the talk-therapy process. There are plenty of how-to books for therapists out there, but not really anything for clients. The process of choosing a therapist and attending weekly sessions can be mystifying – what’s the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? What happens if I see my therapist in public? What do we talk about in session? If I tell my therapist I’m feeling suicidal, will she have me locked up?

    I aim to write a book that demystifies the process and acts as a guide to better, more fulfilling therapy. Here’s the link! – the Kickstarter page includes links to my current blog, so you can get an idea of my writing style and topics I like to cover. Please feel free to add any ideas in the Kickstarter comments. Thanks for looking!

  24. Six men.

    Medieval gear, medieval costume, and 45+ lbs of armor.

    500 mile trip on foot from Belfast, Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland. Four weeks of walking and camping with no modern luxury.

    Why are they doing it? To raise money for cancer research – the American Cancer Society, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Association for International Cancer Research, depending on where you’re donating from. Tax receipts available, all donations online, and they aren’t taking a dime for their expenses – your money goes to the charity, not them.

    They’re aiming for $100,000 and have $12,000 already – help them get there.

  25. I’m the current archival intern for Locus Publicationsone of the longest running science fiction and fantasy magazines in the field! Right now we’re running a Kickstarter to raise money so that we can process the archive. This means scanning, stabilizing, and filing around 40,000 individual objects from the preeminent writers in the field, letters and photographs from writers like Isaac Asimov, Octavia E. Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin, Robert Heinlein and hundreds of others.
    We’ve already reached our funding goal, but the more money we’re able to raise to more we’re able to do. Charles N. Brown, the founder of Locus Magazine, left hundreds of slides and microcassettes in storage when he died in 2009. These cassettes contain interviews we’ve never heard and the slides pictures we’ve never seen. Any additional funds will go to fund further improvements to archive.

    Thanks for checking us out!
    Kate Dollarhyde

  26. Allow me to tell you about my Kickstarter to publish my novel, Singularity Deferred:

    Mitchel Creek is an average I.T. guy from Iowa. He has a wife, a young daughter, and a simple life. That is, until he awakens aboard a spacecraft 400 years in the future, alone… except for the dead body stuffed in a crate. To find answers to why he’s suddenly where and when he finds himself, and a way back home, he’s forced to team up with radicals and pirates, and a woman who forces him to question everything he thought was true about the world he came from. 

    Singularity Deferred is a 108,000 word hard sci-fi novel involving faster-than-light travel, action and mystery, political drama, and a bit of romance. To find out more about the book, read a sample and start listening to the audiobook podcast here:

    Check out my Kickstarter for several pledge incentives, including (of course) signed copies of the book and cover art, limited edition promo cards, and even the chance to name a character or ship!

    Thanks for looking. :)

  27. Please consider helping some awesome teens get to Boston to show their film:

    The Young Writer’s and Leaders is a program of the Telling Room, a non-profit writing center in Portland Maine. The program is home to 15 high school students from Rwanda, Somalia, Haiti, Uganda, Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo and Kenya. In addition to one-­on-­one literacy tutoring, college prep assistance, creative writing, job skills and leadership training, the students also participate in arts programming. This year’s concentration is the film project featured in the above video led by teaching artists, David Meiklejohn (filmmaker and director ofMy Heart is An Idiot) and hip-hop recording artist, Sontiago (Endemik Music).

    On May 24th, the students will premiere their short films in their hometown of Portland, Maine at Space Gallery. Over half of the students in the program have not spent time in another city outside of Portland. Over half of the students have not spent time in Boston, though it is a mere two hours away. Over half of the students have not traveled by train.

    If funded, our plan is to travel to Boston via the Downeaster train and spend the day in the city visiting a sister writing center and pairing up with Boston-area young writers. In the evening we will rent a film house that holds 250 people and screen the 15 original short films featuring each YWL student performing their individual stories based on myths about America and life as new Americans. The screening will also offer a Q&A with the Young Writers and Leaders students.

  28. Prisoner of the Japanese during WWII. Tank driver in the Korean War. Waiter. Children’s therapist. Merchant seaman. Medical doctor. My dad is the most interesting man in the world, not some beer pitchman.

    My sister has created a documentary about my dad, “Everyday Is a Holiday,” to tell his story, her relationship with him and more. And she needs funds for final production and promotion for air dates starting May 2012 on public television stations.

    Please donate via Women Make Movies:

  29. The Calyx Institute is a non-profit, privacy-conscious ISP and telephony provider founded by Nicholas Merrill. Merrill was the plaintiff in a series of cases challenging the constitutionality of the FBI’s National Security Letters, and the experience inspired him to start an ISP that will keep as little data on its users as possible and develop open-source software to enhance privacy.

    In a world where digital liberties are constantly being eroded, Calyx can serve not only as a provider of privacy-enhanced Internet, telephony, and software, but also as an important proof-of-concept for others to set up similar companies around the world.

    Calyx is a registered non-profit and is in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) status. You can read more and donate at:

  30. Romeo vs Juliet is a pirates and ninjas themed production of Romeo and Juliet. The original text, but set and costumed in a 1790’s confrontation between Western privateers and indigenous assassins. There’s so much combat. So much goodness. It’ll go up in Chicago in May, but in the Kickstarter, you can influence a fight in the show, or get an away package with show materials. Check it, Internet!


    We’re producing a drama pilot for the New York TV Festival called “Control,” set in the Mission Control of the first manned mission to Mars. It’s written as a mix of Apollo 13 and The West Wing. We’re the team that made Pioneer One (, which won for best drama pilot at the NYTVF in 2010. We’re hoping to get the show picked up at the fest. Thanks for reading!

  32. Documentary on porn performers has 9 days to raise final $5,000

    Public Sex, Private Lives is an intimate look at the professional and private lives of porn performers Lorelei Lee, Princess Donna, and Isis Love. Capturing both joy and struggle, this film follows the characters as they navigate their lives as artists, daughters, mothers, writers, and women who have made careers in the adult industry. Asked to defend their choices to their families, communities, and even the United States Government, these women reckon with their past decisions and shifting visions for the future.


    My name is Diana Heideman, and I’m the owner of Siren Fish & Reptiles. (And that’s our mascot, Siren the black pastel ball python, hanging off my necklace.) For the past 5 years, I worked and managed a local Bay Area pet store. I left my position there in 2011 to focus on opening my own store fish and reptile specialty store, with the intent of meeting the under-served needs of fish and reptile hobbyists in the South Bay. I have been breeding crested geckos, ball pythons, and corn snakes for several years, and have been vending online and at trade shows, previously under the name of 14th Street Geckos.

    I have served as a board member for the Silicon Valley Aquarium Society, and been tangentially involved with the Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society for years. I know the community, I know its needs, and I know how the current stores are failing hobbyists. It’s high time the Bay Area had a reptile store that carries more than leopard geckos and corn snakes, and a fish store that goes beyond neon tetras and guppies, and Siren is my solution.

  34. My name is Chris Cieslik, and I design + develop board games. I’m running a kickstarter for one such game right now:

    The Phoenix Syndicate is a board game about building an honest, hard-working criminal black market enterprise in space.

    “Legend tells of the daring exploits and relentless greed of The Phoenix Syndicate, that rose to power and created a galactic regime. But the old order has lost its fire and become bogged down with the affairs of the masses. It is time for a new syndicate to rise from the ashes of the old…and make a tidy profit along the way.”

    I’m looking to gather enough money to fund the print run for The Phoenix Syndicate in advance, since it’s a big production with lots of shiny bits and wooden cubes, unlike my usual simple card games :)

  35. Titans of Industry is a worker placement “Euro” style board game set in the 1920s. You buy Factories and Businesses, in order to produce and sell goods for money or victory points. Whoever can best manage their resources and money will win the game.

    I am running a campaign right now on Kickstarter in order to raise the funds necessary to manufacture this game. There is just over a month left, and I am about 1/3 of the way to the goal. One of the nifty options that we are offering to backers, is a chance to be immortalized by having one of the Factories or Businesses in the game named after you.

  36. My coworker is kickstarting a children’s book entitled Gwendolyn and the Underworld, a story about a young Pet Reaper (a Grim Reaper for pets) uncovering a conspiracy in the underworld. The artwork is a mixture of Grimley and Burton with a brighter palette. The dudes working on it: Ian studied Film Directing at Cal Arts and has worked at Sesame Street and The Jim Henson Company. Bill studied Animation at RIT, and has worked as a concept artist for video games, toys, and books with clients like Fisher-Price, Huckleberry Toys, and Universal Studios.

  37. I’m the producer of EVERY EVERYTHING: THE MUSIC, LIFE & TIMES OF GRANT HART. Grant was the drummer/singer and co-songwriter of Hüsker Dü, one of most influential bands of the last 30 years. With Grant as the only interview subject, EVERY EVERYTHING will tell the story of his life, from his beginnings, through his days in Hüsker Dü, and up to the present. In this feature-length documentary you’ll learn his influences, his obsessions, his loves, his passions, his art, his music, and everything in between, leaving no stone unturned. For the first time ever, you’ll hear everything about Grant Hart as told by Grant Hart — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our previous documentaries are about another highly influential band, the Replacements (COLOR ME OBSESSED, which has garnered praise from places like ROLLING STONE, SPINNER, and THE VILLAGE VOICE), and the Archers of Loaf (WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?, set to premiere this June at NXNE in Toronto).

    Our Kickstarter page:

    We still have some really great rewards like personalized line-drawings by Grant Hart, a chance to work on the film for a day as a production assistant or sit in on the editing process, and dinner with Grant and the crew. Please check us out — we have 16 days left. Thanks!

  38. To all Adventure Gamers!
    Show “Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Adventure Mysteries” ( some love.

    Dave Marsh (creator of classic adventures like Shadowgate, Deja Vu and Uninvited) of Zojoi started this project to raise $55,000 that will fund the remastering of all nine Sherlock Holmes Mysteries and porting them to the PC, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

    Existing and new fans will experience the fun of investigating and solving mysteries, gathering evidence and bringing their cases before the Queen’s magistrate – all in the unique style of these games!

    Back this project and choose from an interesting list of rewarding tiers – whether you want to be a real character in one of the Mysteries or an official writter for the London Times or work your way through the Musteries while enjoying “The Consulting Concerto”, a ten-track OST by composer Greg Brown!
    I’m Aura and only one of the backers, so come and see for yourself what the project is all about, just don’t miss out on the chance to bring these Games back to life.

    The campaign ends in ten days (Apr. 28), just enough time to show your love for Sherlock Holmes and his Adventure Mysteries!

  39. “Voracious” is a short film I wrote about the devastating and ravaging force of the love of a damaged woman, and the ripple effect on her lovers. I want to make the film in French and in black and white, the mood and style of the film is an homage to the French New Wave, and i think it makes the project more interesting. It is a very stylized story, with a few twist and very captivating characters, very human and raw. Our kickstarter is very low right now , in fact only a dollar, we are offering very cool rewards, and we have a small video of still pictures, that resembles the mood we want to create, we want a small amount to make our film, mostly to feed our crew and buy costumes, make -up, and rent some equipment. Please give our film “Voracious” a chance, i promise it is a very touching story. here is the link.

  40. Charlotte Matis (my sister) is opening a new music venue / cafe-library / store in south Minneapolis. From the Kickstarter:

    Our Mission: To make it easier to make a good living as a musician in the Twin Cities by providing incredible value and service.
    Our Vision: To make a musician out of every man, woman, and child in our communtiy-improving the quality of life for everyone.
    Our Values: To operate as Cooperatively and Democratically as possible, maintaining a culture of trust and giving.

    The store will offer:
    -Purchase of used instruments
    -Accessories and Custom Cases

    Support the local music scene and small local businesses-Please help us out, It’s going to be awesome :)

  41. “Forest Fortress” is a “John Hughes Style Western.” The film tells the story of three hardworking friends set in the present day, rural landscape of the Pacific Northwest. This project is a feature length narrative that is being shot on 16mm film. One third of the project has already been shot and processed. Filming will resume during the last week of May and will be completed in June. The production team hopes to have the film shot, processed and edited by August 1st, 2012. At this time, Forest Fortress will be submitted to film festivals all over the United States and Europe.

    I am a film maker from Oregon and this will be my first feature. We are attempting to raise $10,000.00 through Kickstarter to complete the film. Here is the link to the Kickstarter page:

  42. We See a Different Frontier still needs some $1900 (plus change) to publish a special issue/anthology of colonialism-themed speculative fiction from outside the first-world viewpoint, co-edited by Fabio Fernandes and published by The Future Fire.

    For this anthology we will be looking for stories from the perspective of people and places that are colonized under regimes not of their choosing (in the past, present or even future).

    Also not a Kickstarter, but a Peerbackers campaign (Djibril Al-Ayad is from the UK, and Fabio Fernandes from Brazil). So support them, says this Dutchman!

  43. The Kenosha Festival of Cartooning is a 3 day festival of live presentations, workshops, a gallery show, panel discussions and community outreach by some of the nation’s top cartoonists. The funds raised will be for the appearance fees, travel and lodging expenses of the artists and will allow the Festival events to be completely free to the public. The funds raised will also pay for publicity materials for the festival and to defray shipping costs for some of the original artwork in the festival exhibit.

  44. Analysis – a short film.
    A group of talented, but under-funded, short-film makers need funding for a ‘micro international co-production’ to be filmed in Shanghai. Follow the links to see some of the director’s previous work.

  45. I just started a new magazine called Cupcake Quarterly, featuring beautiful pin-up girls in a classic 40s style! We’d like to co-release Volume 1 with a Special Edition, dedicated to gorgeous geeky girls and all things nerdy! Imagine beautiful pin-up girls who are actually geeks at heart, photographed as your favorite subjects! Please support our endeavor – you won’t be sorry!

  46. Please check out the Kickstarter campaign Joe: a Real Story.

    While I am not the owner, I am partially responsible for getting it on Kickstarter. Steffan is a dear friend and we were talking about how to get funding. I mentioned Kickstarter and he put it up.

    Just one of the many great stories from our “Greatest Generation.” A black kid from Mississippi, looked upon as worthless as he sat in a foxhole in Iwo JIma. He returned to the states. College under the GI Bill, came to Denver, married a white women and lived the American Dream.

    This project came out of Steffan’s time with the Greatest Generations Foundation, a group that returns WWII veterans to their battlefields before they die. Steffan has not only written Joe’s life story is also working on a documentary of his life.

    Enjoy and please support.

  47. I am part of a team that is producing a Hard Steampunk webseries mixing live action with digital backlot – think in terms of “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”. The script’s been in development for over two years because we’ve been “doing a Pixar” to get the story right first.

    Our campaign is for seed funding so we can get one scene fully developed so we can show what we can do.

    Help give us a leg up to the first rung.

  48. And FINALLY! We just got approved five minutes ago.

    Five Points is a comedy short film about the revenge of the roadkill. It features puppet zombie squirrels, potentially a monster truck, and Derrick the Squirrel Killer with really terrible hair. Spoiler alert: Derrick doesn’t come out too well in the end.

    We’re trying to raise $10,000 (because puppets are Not Cheap, and neither are good directors of photography, good cameras, food, transportation, and insurance) and we’re so so happy to be able to show this to everybody. We would love this to be the first in a trilogy of shorts. The second involves Existential Bunny falling in love with Jenny the Abused Wife, much to the horror and dismay of both the Zombie Squirrel Brigade and the extended Derrick the Squirrel Killer family. The third involves Existential Bunny trying to learn about women from Derrick’s reanimated corpse, after a disastrous Thanksgiving dinner. But first we have to raise the money for Five Points. If you can help, we are so grateful. If you can’t but like the idea, I’d love it if you can link to the piece.

  49. A beautiful dance piece based on Walt Whitman’s “We Two Boys Together Clinging” raising funds to take the show nationwide. Inspiring story about coming out, overcoming being bullied, embracing who you are and the life you’re given. The video for the Kickstarter is a must see. And you’ll find the dance stirs something up inside you no matter your sexual orientation.

  50. Off Your Rocker is the party game of quirky insanity! Players take on the role of patients who are suffering from a quirky problem and a psychiatrist that must ask questions to figure out what it is.

    Off Your Rocker has been named as “the most fun party game I’ve played in years” by Tom Vasel, a prominent board game reviewer, and very highly esteemed by several other reviewers. Take a look! (shortcut to Kickstarter page)

  51. As was the case with Johan’s post, this isn’t my Kickstarter, but it is a project I hope gets funded. Vic Ireland (from Gaijinworks, and formerly of Working Designs) and MonkeyPaw Games are trying to get create a physical release for a Collector’s Edition of Class of Heroes 2 PSP, a Wizardry-like dungeon crawler. The CE would include, for only $59, the UMD disc, a soundtrack CD, a Hardcover artbook, and 3 extra items that those that pledge $100 will get to vote on, including a small dagger that doubles as a letter opener, or a school like piggy bank! Let’s try to get this funded. Only 7 days left!

  52. “The Astonishing Adventures of Doc Wilde” is entering its final week on Kickstarter (the last day is next Saturday, April 28th). As of an option I added today, it encompasses five pulp adventure novels, three to be published this year, two next year. They’ll all be available in ebook and trade paperback, and will be fully illustrated by Gary Chaloner (writer &artist of “Will Eisner’s John Law” for IDW).

    I originally started this series with Putnam, but have gone independent. These stories are my tribute to the pulp stories I loved growing up, and still love today. Like The Incredibles or the Indiana Jones films, they are suitable for kids and adults both, and are full of action and humor and weird science and occult menace and lots of derring-do.

    Some of the response the first book got when it was originally published:

    “Tim Byrd’s Doc Wilde swings in on a jungle vine to raise the flag high for adventure. Infused with pace, fun, and all the two-fisted action a reader could ask for, Wilde lovingly riffs on situations straight out of the old pulps, even while making them fresh for a new generation.”
    — Zack Stentz, screenwriter, Thor, X-Men: First Class

    “A true delight…Tim Byrd has taken Doc Savage, added in a pinch of Robert E. Howard, a liberal dose of H.P. Lovecraft, and mixed it all together in a well done, enchanting pastiche of the pulps that will appeal to the adult audience as well as the young adult readers. It is an over the top at times, rip roaring adventure that returns us to the days of yesteryear and leaves us wanting more.”
    —The Baryon Review

  53. My friend Moe! Staiano is planning to release a live recording of his ensemble Moe!Kestra! performing live in Wels, Austria. Moe!Kestra! is a group of 30 or so musicians from the classical, punk rock, and experimental music world who get together to perform compositions and guided improvisations under Moe!’s baton. This release would feature Moe’s latest composition, Piece No. 9, End of an Error, and would be released by Edgetone Records on colored vinyl. Video is available at the link:

  54. Used to edit a little thing called Dragon Magazine. Now I’m kickstarting a collection of 13 RPG adventures for Pathfinder RPG: the collection is called Midgard Tales, and it is very much about D&D-style high adventure. Demons. Dragons. Probably some gnomes with a thing for Baba Yaga.

    It’s already blown through the first goal and then added on a sweet set of printable maps, but I’d love to have you aboard for some classic adventures in the style of Vault of the Drow or Tomb of Horrors!

  55. polar bears are the new penguins.
    these endangered friends are in the spotlight of the first art print book by artist summer.amber.
    colorfully and whimsically illustrated.
    each illustration is hand drawn in india ink and watercolored.
    will be printed on high quality, satin, art-print paper.
    cardstock cover with uv coating.
    perfect bound. soft cover.
    8.5 x 5.5.
    fifty pages of polar bear goodness.
    from polar where to polar there, these clever bears are sure to amuse readers of all ages.
    enjoy the slant-rhyme section, where the artist pushes the limits of proper grammar. polar shakes-pare. polar hip-stare. polar dumble-dare.

  56. Hi, my name is Darren Hupke and I have an original comic up on Kickstarter right now. It’s a single issue story about 2 angels who have to fight to the (second) death to get into heaven. I am close to hitting some stretch goals and I could use all the help and promotion I can get! There are rewards left to get otiginal pages, be drawn into the comic and even have me get a tattoo of your likeness fom the comic tattooed on my body as a permanent ‘Thanks’! Please check it out and help spread the word!!!

  57. World War II gave humanity some of its darkest days, millions of men sent off to war, genocide on an unbelievable scale, and millions left homeless and their families destroyed. From America, to Germany, to Russia, to Japan and more, not a single country was left unscathed from the horrors of this war.

    Ghosts of World War II follows three friends as they traverse through some of the war’s most notorious sites, as well as the little known sites to hunt for spirits still lingering behind.

  58. The shuttle program was the launching point of many dreams for boys and girls and such a major part of our history as Americans. We at Shuttlwear have put to gather a technical illustration T-shirt of the shuttle that we hope will keep the memories of the people that worked so hard to give us the dreams of what is possible. We need funding to be able to start printing these t-shirts for the Smithsonian, and other museums, and online sales.

    We hope that as people are wearing these shirts or looking at our posters, that they will think…

    Think of the people who used these shuttles to go places we can only dream of.

    Respect the people that worked so hard to make this now retired program as success.

    Remember those that we have lost in our pursuit of Space Exploration.

    Dream of what the future holds.

  59. Hi, my name is Garry Gaber. I’m an ex-LucasArts project leader and I am trying to get a game called Starlight Inception off the ground through Kickstarter. It is a space combat game in the style of Wing Commander and X-wing vs. TIE. We have tried to gain national media attention, but are overshadowed by much bigger projects in the game arena. Still, we are almost 1/3 of the way to our goal. We just need people to check out our project, help us any way they can (even encouraging words) and spread the word.

    Kindest Regards,

  60. Help me make my next short film possible:

    Artificial Beauty is a dramatic short film that explores how society’s view of true beauty affects the public’s image of self worth. Our story follows Calli Collins, a high school senior who has always had a negative perception of her appearance. She goes on a journey of self discovery as she races to get the plastic surgery she’s been saving up for before the impending prom. Her hope is to attain the affections of the high school jock of her dreams. Her best friend, Lucas Fitch, attempts to muster up the courage to finally ask Calli out before she possibly makes the biggest mistake of her life.

  61. A man walks into a police station and wishes to report someone missing.

    “What is your relationship to the missing person?” asks the officer.

    “It’s me.”

    The Kickstarter-project page ( for “Remember, O Goddess”, has a short sample of this unfinished, wrenching, Philadelphia- and Seoul-based movie, about a man who discovers himself a blank slate, lacking his own name or history and many basic life skills.

    It’s funny, it’s a noir and a love story, and it is amazing. I saw the teaser on Friday. I want to see how it ends!

    In Korean with subtitles. If you have been watching Korean culture lately, you know they have some of the worst candy-confection TV, and some of the best powerful authentic moving Movies. This is a great movie- and they’re out to get it fully funded and done.

  62. We Love the holidays, especially Christmas and Halloween! Because, you know what goes best with Christmas? Monsters :)

    We’ve mashed up our two favorite holidays to create a fun whimsical Halloween Nativity set that’s friendly to all ages! You can put it up for Halloween, and leave it out till the new year!

    We’ve only got a day left on the project, so come check us out and show your support!

  63. Belated, because we just got it up today, but here’s my company’s Kickstarter – we’re releasing a recording of new symphonic works by the Danish composer Poul Ruders; he did the opera version of The Handmaid’s Tale, among other things:

  64. This is my Kickstarter project! I am a stay at home mom with kids with stomach problems, so I started to make my own traditionally over-processed food! Now I am addicted to making jams and jellies in some pretty outrageous flavors. I promise I will never outsource to China!

  65. I need funding to self-publish a paperback edition of a collection of my short fiction, non-fiction, essays, and poetry. I’ve got a back catalogue of work that I’m proud of, and I want to use it to jumpstart my writing career. I’ll be giving away copies at Burning Man this year, and sending them to people in the publishing industry as a way in the hopes of selling some of the individual pieces.

  66.    Hello there I am a Tattoo Artist who’s been at it for 12 years … I am putting together a Line art book and wanted to have you check it out .. if interested pick up a copy!!.. lots of ideas and sketches and art from a tattooist.. pledge thru Kickstarter and get some cool stuff not just the book! ..go check it out!!.. 

    Carlos Montes 
    Typhoon Tattoo Co. 

  67.  Hello there I am a Tattoo Artist who’s been at it for 12 years … I am putting together a Line art book and wanted to have you check it out .. if interested pick up a copy!!.. lots of ideas and sketches and art from a tattooist.. pledge thru Kickstarter and get some cool stuff not just the book! ..go check it out!!..

    Carlos Montes 
    Typhoon Tattoo Co. 

  68. Hello my name is Will.
    The Chipped Dagger is a retro 2D medieval fantasy MMORPG. It has a lot of unique features and we are looking for help to get it off the ground and make something great!

  69. A good friend of mine, Joe DeRouen, has started a Kickstarter campaign to self-publish his first novel, Strange Things. It’s the first in a trilogy of dark fantasy novels set in small-town Illinois. To quote from the Kickstarter page: “It’s a hot June morning in a small Midwestern town when fifteen-year-old Shawn Spencer arrives at the church for his best friend Tanner’s funeral. Though his drowning was officially ruled an accident, Tanner’s sister Jenny swears she saw something rise up from the Carthage Lake to pull the struggling teenager beneath the surface.”

    The novel is dark, juicy, and very entertaining. Here is Joe’s page:

  70. A HORROR FILM YOU CONTROL.we are working on is an all new form of entertainment. We are making a 30 -40 minute feature horror film that is also a choose your own adventure style platform. So picture this.
    Old Jacques Laracruix ( the eyeless crazed lumberjack) Is chasing you and friends through the dark woods… You stop to see a light off in the distance, could be a house, not sure because it’s too far away to tell. Off the right you see the car that you drove up in…. You turn and Jacques is closing in on you fast……. The frame freezes and two choices appear on your touch screen… Head to your wheels? or check out the light? What do you do?


    The movie tells the story of Bill, a Hit Man by trade, who has the misfortune of coming into contact with a magical statue that turns him into a teenage girl. Now renamed Jessica, ‘she’ scrambles to find a way to reverse her transformation with the aid of her movie-quoting niece Suzy, while still having to complete her latest hit. A hit that is made that much more difficult now that she stands at 4’11” and weighs under a hundred pounds.

  72. On June 16th, Ottawa StoryTellers is putting on a once-in-a-lifetime show – a 12-hour telling of Homer’s Odyssey, start to finish. We need some help to fund the show so we are running a fundraiser on Indiegogo for the next 40 days. We have some fantastic Odyssey related perks on offer to thank you for donating. Things like poetry (including an illustrated poem poster featuring the work of Sonya Taaffe), audio, art prints and a trip for 2 to Costa Rica! Check out the campaign, claim the perk of your choice and help us spread the word by sharing the campaign. Help us bring Odysseus home!

  73. Love in the year 2000: In the future, Lucky is a relationship representative who saves prospective couples the time and drudgery of courtship by professionally standing in for one party and evaluating the level of likely interest on behalf of her client. She finds herself in an unusual predicament and a role for which she never rehearsed, when she is assigned to meet Lena Nigari, a young woman doing something unheard of — going on a date herself.

    Love in the year 2000 was shot on 35mm in 2011 with support from Panavision’s New Filmmaker Equipment Grant. We’re raising $10,000 to complete the final edit, sound mix, score and digital transfer.

  74. I’m currently writing a novel, tentatively titled “I Am Not John Hampton.” It’s a psychedelic story that twists and turns through a young man’s thoughts and dreams while he is spending time in county jail for a crime that may or may not really exist. I’ll be finishing this book in isolation in a small town in Alaska and I need help from people (like you!) to make this goal a reality. The project just launched on kickstarter today.

  75. “Don’t Stop Living: the Journey” will be a feature length film documentary about Hector Picard. Picard is a bi-lattarel amputee who suffered a tragic accident 20 years ago resulting in the loss of his arms. Today he competes in world-wide triathlons and spreads the message of living your life to the fullest no matter what obstacle you face.

    On May 25th 2012 Picard wil embark on a journey, bicycling from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to New York City in 16 days. The film will document his trip as well as how he touches everyday people along the way. The story of “The Journey” will encompass the human spirit and the strength that it takes to never give up on ones dreams.

  76. This is a great post. I have a friend who’s been working relentlessly on a project called Outlasting the Dead, and he just recently launched it on Kickstarter. It’s a Zombie Shooter with some MMO (Massively Multiplayer Elements) and frantic action. If you are into those types of games, Feel free to stop by their Kickstarter site:

  77. Wow – Lots of GREAT projects here! Thanks for this John :)

    My friends also just started a Kickstarter for the iPhone game they just had created:

    The game is awesome I’ve played the alpha build. Any help anyone can give them would be awesome.

  78. Hi, I’m an independent filmmaker making my first feature film, Summit. Please take some time to check out my fundraising campaign: Summit is a horror film that pays homage to the genre while also bringing something new and fresh to the formula. My crew, cast, and I could really use help spreading the word. You’d not only be helping us out but helping to make a really entertaining and emotionally riveting film get made! And backers get really cool rewards! Thank you for your time and support!

  79. Here are some funny signs for an office cubicle. These are common situations that happen at work that a pretty humorous. I’ve designed these 5 signs. Any suggestions for a sixth? I was thinking someting along the lines of a human spam filter and having it say something about the person reading the sign not passing the filter. Thanks for your suggestions!

    Here is where the current 5 signs are at:


  80. Our farm trying to obtain a machine which converts maple syrup to granulated maple sugar. This will help other producers and our community with a healthy sugar alternative locally produced. Maple sugar is sweeter than cane sugar and has fewer calories. This machine will allow us to produce larger quantities of maple sugar which will lower the cost than currently available.

    Please check out our project pages for more information:

  81. Nicolet Laursen Shows Kids That Different Can be Good in Her New Book
    Inspired by a volunteer abroad trip to Costa Rica, author & illustrator Nicolet Laursen, has created her first book starring a lovable sloth. What makes this story so inspiring is triumph of the protagonist, Ana the no-toed sloth.

    Standing nearly 6 foot tall with blonde hair, Laursen did not blend in while in Costa Rica. “I thought a lot about the differences that build walls between people,” Laursen said. “When I first saw a sloth I thought, ‘WOW, I’ve never seen such an odd animal!’ So I decided to use the sloth character in my first children’s book.”

    Approximately 42 colorful & unique illustrations carry the reader through a touching story of how an outcast’s disability gives her the strength to save an entire rainforest.

    Ana the No-Toed Sloth is the first of a series of children’s books Laursen hopes to produce. For more information about the project, visit the Kick Starter project

  82. I am doing a series of paintings–in my own primitive style–on the Everglades. I grew up in South Florida and began doing this seriously recently. I wanted to raise money for the project because, well, I am poor! I am a writer, artist and musician who runs a few websites that get some traffic and I would also be happy to help promote other folks creative projects. My shortened url for this project is . If you can pledge or spread the word I would be grateful.

  83. Hello. Here’s my story…
    Mom gave me a video camera as a kid way back in Saginaw, Michigan in the and movies got stuck in my head. I grew up… movies were still stuck in my head. I loaded up the car and moved to Beverly (not really – Reseda, CA – no comparison) with dreams of working with Steven Spielberg. Pretty close to broke and no Steven Spielberg in sight, a friend of a friend of a friend helped get an interview to work on a GM car commercial (first real film set I’d every stepped on in Hollywood). Ironically, being from Michigan, I spent my summers working in the General motors factory assembling steering columns in the student job program! I hustled, turned one little job into several little jobs. Movies still stuck in my head… trying to live my dream, I practiced filmmaking by shooting some small films with my video camera… still no Spielberg.

    Years pass…

    Got lucky, no GOD stepped in, and I got a call from a fella I met on the Sony lot. All he said was, “I need you to be on stage 27 at 8:30am and meet the director of this movie”. I asked what it was. He said he couldn’t tell me. I said okay, it’s a job and I needed it… I’ll be there! Now by this time, I had learned a craft called “video assist” which is where we record everything digitally to computers and play it back for the director, actor or producers so they can review the scene they just shot. Kind of like being a human VCR!

    Back to Stage 27…

    So I walk into the stage and my jaw drops! On the far side of the stage was a huge spider web. I’m thinking… what?! No… Then I here this voice hidden amongst other voices walking up behind me. I turn around and it’s Sam Raimi. I was standing on the set of the Spiderman movie. He was the guy I was to meet. I started seeing stars from the excitement. He and I were both from Michigan so we hit it off and I landed the job. I was to be Sam Raimi’s video assist operator on the next three Spiderman films! That ain’t luck my friend! I thought, well this ain’t Spielberg but this is awesome! Any time we got a chance, I showed Sam my little short films which he always watched with a hint of amusement on his face. He was very supportive and would always say stuff like, “You’re a great filmmaker, now use your talent and go cut together that scene I just shot. You got about one minute!” I didn’t care, I rose to the occasion and edited the video as fast as I could.

    One thing I forgot to mention was that the friend of a friend of a friend who helped me land my first interview on the car commercial had watched all of my little movies that I brought with me from Michigan. He said that he felt if directing and writing was the career I wanted then I should have a job that allows me to interact directly with film directors. This would give me the opportunity to learn from the best – the people who are really doing it.

    Between one of the Spiderman 2 and Spiderman 3, I thought, you know maybe I should try and get an agent. So, I took the best piece of work I had at the time and cut a little 2 minute trailer. Agents are hard to get to, especially the kind I was looking for (one that was gonna launch my career). Almost all agencies do not except material from new clients. You have to be referred by someone they already represent or they have to come looking for you. They really only come looking for you if you win a huge film festival…. its gotta be huge whatever is you win.

    I had a plan. I went out and bought a bag full of cut off (realistic looking) rubber fingers. I added some fake blood and dropped it into a large envelope. I also wrote a very brief letter, I was offering them my finger as a trade for two minutes of their time to watch my trailer. I figured that If they saw the red streaks of blood on the outside of the envelope before they opened it, their brain would be too busy wondering what it was and it wouldn’t have time to process the bloody finger on the inside. The shock would get their attention! I sent out 10 letters. I got six return phone calls! One of them being George Lucas’s assistant at the time. I even got a call from a producer that had a office over at Dreamworks! One step closer to Spielberg (at least I thought).

    I sent my trailer out to those that requested it. Some just called say that I really gave them a shock and thank you for the excitement. Needless, to say those that watched the trailer thought it was great and congratulated me on my accomplishment but no one was ready to give that opportunity I needed yet. So back to work…

    After we finished up with all the Spiderman films, I decided it was time to take everything I had learned thus far and write another feature screenplay. Almost immediately after I finished the script, I landed a job working on Peter Berg’s “Hancock” starring Will Smith. During the production I decided that I would rewrite a small scene out of the feature into a short film which I would try to shoot at some point if I could save up enough money. I was married now with two beautiful little girls and I couldn’t run off pretending to be Steven Spielberg anymore. I had to make each film I shot from that day forward really worth it. I wanted to gage the quality of my short script called the “Collector” and see what other thought. So, I gave it to Peter Berg. I mean he’s shooting big movies. The studio must think he has a good point of view / sensibilities when it comes to movies. So I gave it to his assistant and she gave it to him. I was nervous… for weeks and weeks. About a month had past and I asked Peter if had read it. He said, “My assistant never gave it me!” Hmm, no worries, I had plenty from where the first one came from. So, I found his assistant and gave her another copy. She swore up and down that she put it right in his hands weeks ago. She said she knew how to get him to read right away. “People love reading material when they go to bathroom”, she said. I said, “This would be great!” It took one afternoon and he had read it! He thought it was pretty good and said that I should either shoot it or throw it in the trash because I was wasting my time working on other people movies instead of my own. Hmm. I agreed with him…

    So, I shot the short and soon after hit the festivals. The short film “Collector” which stars the late Brad Renfro screened in well over 50 film festival and has won 27 film festival awards to date. I guess all those years of practicing and watching other directors shoot films have paid off… We’ll sort of…


    Hey friends, please take a look at the kickstarter page for my film feature film project THE ALMIGHTY – which is based on my award winning short film “Collector”.
    Add a link on your page to help spread the word. Pledge and help me raise the funds needed to make a trailer for the feature so I can pitch it to producers and studios!
    Can’t do this without a little help from friends and family!

    You can also watch Collector on the Kickstarter webpage for THE ALMIGHTY.

    Please copy this link into you browser:

  84. The Moderno Duo are creating their debut album and tour ‘He Loved The Soft Porn Of The City’…. A new wave influenced concept album focusing on the last days of a young eccentric composer. Check us out and if you like our sound … pledge to our kickstarter project! Only 12 Days Left!

    We will be giving a tour 18 concert tour at Fringe Festivals in Montreal, Washington DC & NYC! See you at our show!!

    To listen:

    To contribute:

  85. Outlandish Behavior is a Streetwear Brand that stands for how as believers our behavior should be outlandish (totally different) from the world in order to build up the Lord’s Kingdom and bring souls to Christ. We want Outlandish Behavior to be a instrument to spread the word of Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!

    Why We Need Your Support…

    We’re a two person team, who needs your help to raise money to produce our Summer/Fall 2012 line. We want to give exclusivity with quality product and packaging. The money that you pledge will go directly towards the business and manufacturing costs of launching a fashion startup, including the rebranding of our small business, website redesign, labels, hang tags, catalogs, stickers, promotion, and more .

    Help us make this project a reality!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  86. Hey there! I have recently started a Kickstarter campaign and would love for you to check it out!

    I am going to be participating in a few local craft fairs this year, and need a little help purchasing supplies and materials. I am planning on donating 10% of all of the money earned from my shows to an amazing animal shelter, Hope’s Haven, in St. Marie’s, Idaho and could really use a little help to get completely prepared! Please visit my Kickstarter page, and remember, every little bit helps!! Thank you so much!

  87. Hello! My name is Chan Sterling with Secret Tunnel Games. We are attempting to fund our very first Card Game on Kickstarter.

    Coliseum of the Gods is a standalone card game suitable for two-to-eight players, aged 12 years and up. The game thrusts you into the arena as a powerful champion ready to do battle and destroy any opponents that stand in your way. A single game is designed to have variable lengths, ranging from ten minutes or up to an hour. It’s a competitive blast that’s perfect for play in between tournament rounds!

    It’s like Uno, but with Swords and Violence! (Who are we kidding? Uno always caused violence.)

  88. “In-House” is a feature-length comedy shooting this summer. The story is about a couple getting ready to move away from Chicago to San Diego for 1 year. But before they leave, they invite a few, close friends over for a going away party.

    The teaser trailer shot for the film gives you a snapshot of what happened AFTER the party. ANY HELP would be appreciated!

  89. Will there be an Avengers video game following The Avengers blockbuster movie? Will there be a video game for the Spiderman and Batman movies? When is a new ending to the video game Mass Effect expected or will there even be one? What video games would you like to plug and recommend? Are there secret moves and codes in the highly anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops II video game? What’s going on in the world of video game news? What are the hottest, must-have video games? Which video games should you preorder now to get the best bonuses?

    You can have verbal answers to your questions and more as well as participate in lively video game discussions which include celebrated experts from the video game industry 24 hours a day — 365 days a week. You may express your opinions on whatever video game you like by joining in on live video game talk radio.

    Whenever you want video game information, it will be there for you, live, on All Games Radio (AGR) Network which has been entertaining listeners for over ten years. AGR network is comprised of award winning video game shows that seek to broaden our presence by being available to you at any time.

    When you pledge any amount, you will help the All Games Radio Network become the first 24 hour video game internet radio network as well as be a part of AGR’s expansion to other media venues to make sure your questions are answered any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Have video game questions or want to share video game information? Just contact AGR. There’s no need to schedule when a show is available, because once AGR’s Kickstarter project is funded — any time will be the right time.

    I’m Ms. H from the Mom’s Minute Video Game internet show — a subsidiary of DeadPixellive on AGR. Any amount you pledge will help not only the AGR network expand to bring more video games news and information to you, but will also help bring AGR to other media available for you any time you want answers.

    Thank you for your time and for your pledge.

  90. DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION in cooking industry!!
    Hello everybody, I am a mother, caregiver, writer and entrepreneur and I invented the only DOUBLE BOILER ATTACHMENT for a stand mixer in the world, which will free you up from stirring and fighting with hot steam.
    Great, all Limited Edition just for Kickstarter Supporters REWARDS to enjoy!
    Please check my page and I would like to Thank You for your GENEROSITY!!

  91. Hi, I want to introduce my vision for a web series that will finally lend some credibility and pride to the gaming community: Development Hell.

    I’m a recent film graduate, and along with some fellow alums, I want to create the first ever dramatic web series about game development. It’s going to be a fictional narrative set in 2004 that follows a small game studio founded by three college friends that’s struggling to make a name in the industry. It’s very heavily character-driven (think Mad Men for gamers, and obviously more amateur), but will still heavily tickle your sense of gaming nostalgia and tap into period-specific industry events, memes, easter eggs, and more. We hope you find it as exciting as we do!

  92. Hi everyone, I’ve started a fundraising page for my science fiction adventure novel: Sacrifice.

    In 2694, the human world is on the verge of great change. On the outskirts of the civilzed universe, a lonely patrol discovers a race of spacefaring aliens that leave many in the military fearing for the safety of the human race, but the aliens aren’t the only thing that concerns the Human Defence League.

    A dangerous terrorist known as Zeus has escaped from prison and ignited a revolution that left unchecked will spread into a civil war. With a potential threat from without and a very real threat from within, the League sends David Stern undercover to bring Zeus in: dead or alive.

    David’s been waiting his whole life for a mission like this, but his opponent is two steps ahead of him and slowly but surely pushing the galaxy into a war that only David can prevent.

    David and his comrades race to track down and assassinate Zeus. The stakes are high and only getting higher and David has to choose what rules he must break in order to level the playing field and get the job done.

    What will he sacrifice for the sake of his objective?

  93. “The Quest of Arryn-Kaan” is my fiction project on Kickstarter. I’m in the final edit, but now need to have it professionally copy-edited, hire an illustration artist and then begin the publication process. The book is a fantasy/adventure that will send our modern day hero on a quest to seek out a sacred amulet and return it to the rightful beings that it was created for. The quest seems simple, but the path will be more twisted and dangerous than our hero could ever have expected. Incentives for pledges include e-books, soft and hard cover editions, and original T-shirts and graphics.

  94. Hi, I’m Gabriel Callum and my horror novel, What Lies Below, is about a young couple trying to start over that move to a seaside town off the coast of Seattle. But something is terribly wrong in the water surrounding their new beach house. What is sleeping below the water and what chilling secret is being kept by the town of Havenport?

    My kickstarter is for publishing and promoting the novel. The link is here:

    You can read the first chapter at this link:

    Thanks for your consideration. If you think that I deserve to be in print then please think about either contributing or promoting my Kickstarter on your own Twitter, Facebook page or anywhere else you can think of.

    Gabriel Callum

  95. Hey, I’m Nick Henderson and I am creating a photo documentary in the Philippines. I’m headed over in August to spend nearly a month living in and around these remote and harsh “black market squatter” gold mines. Thousands of families have relocated to these regions in the chase of gold, mostly as a reaction to the collapsing global economy. For thousands of children that means leaving the classroom and headed for cyanide and mercury filled days in the gold fields.

  96. Come live an epic adventure in medieval mystic Iron Forest as either Knight, Mystic or Baroness and from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne!

    Hi, I’m Aura and a happy backer of Legends of Eisenwald:, a fine mixture of RPG and strategy with tactical turn based battles, developed by Aterdux, the very talented creators of Discord Times.
    The (DRM-free) game has beautifully crafted environments, gorgeous timelapses and a stunningly beautiful OST by the extremely talented Ressa Schwarzwald.
    As for the combat system, here’s what Aterdux say themselves: “In our game the one who is planning better wins and not the one who is luckier”.

    The Aterdux team is very dedicated, has a lot of great ideas to expand the game experience and is very present and responsive to the community. They offer a nice and generous variety of rewards to satisfy all possible desires.

    But don’t just take my word, go check it out for yourselves (don’t forget to watch the videos and listen to the OST samples!) and pick the right reward level for you.
    Just over 3 days left, so don’t miss out to be part of it!!

  97. Alexander Shadow’s beautiful young bride Elizabeth Blackwell died in a tragic accident.Overcome with grief, Alexander vows to take his own life. On the eve of his suicide he is bitten by a vampire and cursed with immortality, to never to see his wife again in the afterlife.

    You are a young woman thrust into this tragic story after being bitten by Alexander. You wake up in a strange house and time is running out to find a cure.

    If you’re looking for an interactive game with beautiful graphics, emotional soundtrack, and story driven gameplay, Check out my Kickstarter project!

    I’ve hand crafted some awesome rewards for backing my project. I’m doing everything myself. The art, music, writing and programming. As an indie developer, I do not have the resources to do this efficiently on my own. If you would like to help a small business and get to enjoy a unique experience on your iOs or Android device, Please support my efforts and back the project.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share here.

    Eric Shofe

  98. —-The game of Reap! is a fast-paced Arena Arcade Action game about Reapers who have opposed Death’s idea of ‘stealing’ souls from victims. So Death, being the classy guy he is, pits the main character named Merik on a challenge to try and take back the souls from him in the form of an arena game full of his minions. The story is a play on the saying ‘Reap what you sow’ though in this game you are reaping what Death ‘sowed.’ If you like Arena games, or Arcade games, or Action games or any combinations of the three, this is for you.

  99. We want to relaunch Spellbound, a children’s fantasy magazine published in 1999-2003. It was edited by myself (Raechel Henderson) and Marcie Tentchoff and published by Eggplant Literary Productions. Each issue was filled with fiction, poetry, artwork, riddles, puzzles, recipes and nonfiction and had a featured creature (Trolls, Dragons, Griffins, The Abominable Snowman, etc.). We put together the sort of magazine we would have wanted to read when we were kids and that’s what we’re trying to make happen again. The magazine received praise from readers, parents, librarians, teachers and reviewers. We’re looking to raise the money for the first year’s run with the first issue released for Winter 2012. If you want to help build a gateway magazine for the next generation of fantasy readers please help us out:

  100. Stuck in a mundane world filled with disappointment, Xavier’s only escape is his day dreams where he takes on the persona of a smooth Private investigator “X”. However, things are about to change, a series of events are about to throw his real life into chaos, as the line between his daydreams and his real life will become blurred. ”

    We have some great rewards for anyone who backs the project, you even get a chance to be in the film if you pledge $75 or more!!! Check out the link below for more details.

  101. You are surrounded by bone-gnawing, flesh-chewing, marrow-sucking fiends. But, you’re prepared. You have more ammo than a NRA convention and a willpower that can move mountains. You are Kristopher Mercier, and let’s face it, you are one tough son of a b___ to kill.

    Tough to Kill – top-down arcade-style shoot-’em-up that can be played from the comfort of your own browser:

  102. Hello! My name is Pharoah Bolding and I am a freelance writer and artist operating out of Portland, OR. After years of doing all-ages illustrations and mini-comics I am looking to launch my first-ever comic book miniseries, an all-ages action/adventure superhero comedy called The Dot! If you like shows like Adventure Time and The Tick, and enjoy classic comic books, then The Dot is for you!

    I am looking to raise enough money to print the three-issue miniseries and distribute it independently – and that is where you guys and gals come in! I’m offering some great donation rewards, including Dot magnets, posters, customized comics, and even the complete three-issue miniseries!

    Please help in any way you can – tweeting, blogging, sharing, and donating all help me exponentially!

    Thank you for you time!

  103. ARC: A Region Charted is a set of 10 fantasy RPG poster maps, each a stand alone adventure location. Because they chart “a” region there are a lot of neat ways they connect together and build off each other. There are some neat extras as well like GM aids and development art to help make the encounters easy to run and fun to play. Thanks for checking it out!

  104. Imagine a singles’ cruise in the Bermuda triangle: sunburns, distastefully decorated drinks, drunkards and lonely hearts roaming the hallways looking for love. Then a zombie infection hits the ship and suddenly the desperate need for company gets a whole new meaning…

    Zombie Cruise is a romantic action adventure game for the iOS developed by a small Finnish independent game studio Tuonela Productions. We would love to have you aboard making Zombie Cruise the best romantic zombie game in the world! You can find us at


  105. Fish Tank, a short film written and directed by Ethan Roberts, reflects on the painful, silent oblivion that inhabits teenagers who cannot submit to high school status quos.

    Rowan, a quiet and shy 15-year-old, escapes into a secluded bedroom during a party. There, he is inadvertently joined by Andrew, a fellow classmate and object of Rowan’s affection. Over a shared soda can of pilfered vodka, the two young men drift through moments of awkwardness and intimate conversation.

  106. Hello! My name is Pharoah Bolding and I am a freelance writer and artist operating out of Portland, OR. After years of doing all-ages illustrations and mini-comics I am looking to launch my first-ever comic book miniseries, an all-ages action/adventure superhero comedy called The Dot! If you like shows like Adventure Time and The Tick, and enjoy classic comic books, then The Dot is for you!

    I am looking to raise enough money to print the three-issue miniseries and distribute it independently – and that is where you guys and gals come in! I’m offering some great donation rewards, including Dot magnets, posters, customized comics, the complete three-issue miniseries, figurines, and even original pages from the first issue of The Dot!

    Please help in any way you can – tweeting, blogging, sharing, and donating all help me exponentially!

    Thank you for you time!

  107. Hi everyone! My name is Chris Lewis Carter, and my campaign is for a new monthly book series called, “Camp Myth,” about a summer camp for mythological creatures. The main characters are tasked with earning the camp’s fantastic merit badges, including such feats as Kraken Fishing, Cyclopean Archery, and Golem Building. Think of it as a cross between mythology and Boy Scouts :)

    You can check out the campaign here:

    I realize how much it sucks to be hard-sold on something, but if Camp Myth speaks to you, and you feel like it deserves a place in the publishing world, I’d be eternally grateful for even the smallest amount of support. I can be reached on kickstarter or if you have any questions about the project.

    Thanks so much for your time,


  108. A dark and surreal horror short film, Mr. Quiet reveals the hidden world and the black horror of the two hundred year old serial killer Mr. Quiet. A distraught father discovers the surreal history and evil fabric of his hometown and the creature that hunts its streets.

    Mr. Quite

  109. The Save Ukraine online comic book launched in early May. The first issue is already online! We are an artist and a publisher and writer who have teamed up to make the comic book, which follows in a fictional format the growing corruption and the jailing of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in Ukraine. The comic book is a trilogy, and we are looking for your support to finish our last two issues, and also to help spread the word about the project!

  110. The retro rock/blues/funk band Wheel House is recording their first EP, and we need to scrape together studio, mixing, and mastering fees. The songs we want to record include a song from the viewpoint of a zombie and a song inspired by Robert Bloch’s classic horror/sci-fi story “A Toy for Julliette” from the Harlan Ellison’s first Dangerous Visions anthology. Receive an advanced copy of the album for pledging as little as $5. Last day to pledge is July 4, 2012. Thanks!

  111. Hello :)
    I’m trying to open up the first 1920’s/30’s swing jazz cafe in Maine. My goal is to relive that era and bring back the music for today’s generation to enjoy because I believe it’s very important to not lose touch with American culture from the past. Please help us celebrate wonderful artists such as Cab Calloway, Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald, and many more!

  112. We are soooooooooooo close! Unfortunately we are also very close to the end of this campaign :( Wonk, wonk, wooooonk… Who will come to our rescue? We are It’s Not Night: It’s Space, a psych rock band from New Paltz, NY, and we really want to put out a full length album the way we imagine it in our space addled little heads. Our self-released and self-financed debut EP “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” has done very well critically both on national and international levels. This full-length album is shaping up to be that EP’s proverbial daddy, and we are dying to bring it to your ears, minds, and hopefully, hearts.

    So, all you kind philanthropists, bottom-up model idealists, and especially you, yes you, psych rock heads, here’s an opportunity to help out and push us across the finish line. We promise you will be rewarded handsomely with swirling, sweet, sticky dollops of psychedelic aural candy.

    Here’s the link:

    Thanks in advance!

  113. Measure for Measure
    presented by Bedlam Ensemble

    Years ago, Vienna was a place where the people were pure and the city was clean and beautiful. Fast forward to today and you find a gritty, dark world filled with sex, drugs, and debauchery. To bring it back to the glory that it once was, the Duke leaves a pure man, Angelo, in charge to right the sexual wrongs he has let slide for so long. Temptation prevails, however, when a smart, beautiful, and outspoken nun touches Angelo and he offers to save her brother’s life only if she will sleep with him. Measure for Measure is a play that explores sex and power and the interplay between the two.


  114. Venice is a detective story, set in the future. In 2231, 99 percent of earth is under water. Only a few survivors are living on boats in the only Big City that is left- Venice. Orpheus, an ex-florist and the main protagonist in this comic, must find the last thing that could save the earth, a mysterious flower
    of life.

    He is not the only one who wants to find the flower. Others will do anything to be first.

    This is a pro-ecological and pro-literature adventure, which is focused on behaviors that are good for our planet’s condition.

  115. – After touring as lead guitarist and back-up vocals for platinum selling artist, Secondhand Serenade, Carolina musician Jon Jackson began another journey guilefully revealing the joys and pains of life and beyond. That journey has produced songs that sparked an album. The album is “Solitaire” and it needs your help so that it may breathe and see the light of day. The goal of this campaign is to assist me in getting back in the studio so that I may come out with songs and music that lasts. While in the studio, my live band Jon Jackson and The Lyres, will also record a few songs for our first release. Right here, you have the opportunity to be a part of both!


    — The songs are written. The studio is primed. The producer is eager. The musician are warmed up. And Ayana Aquila is ready once more to step up to the mic and be heard. Pulling this project together has taken years of hard work and dedication on the part of everyone envolved. From following the muses during the creative song building process, to learning to adapt to the ever changing music industry demands, to hand selecting the right body of people to help give the project the integrity she has always sought in her creative body of work. But Ayana Aquila is ready for this new evolution of her musical stylings to be introduced to the world. With a harder darker edge than ever before, the new sound hopes to amaze, arouse and mesmerize all who hear it; haunting the audience and leaving them with a desire for more… Funds raised for this project will be used to cover the cost of recording the project as well as promotional material.

  117. We launched our Kickstarter proposal yesterday!!! Please check out our story on search GoodiesCupCakery and learn about how our sweet treats came to be!!

  118. A 16 year old creates a narrative photo documentary project between young people living in wildly different parts of the world. “As children sharing the stories of our lives through the images we see on our most ordinary day, we are actually sharing our vision and culture at the most basic level.” Check out her passionate and hard working efforts to start a global photo conversation:

  119. Kristi O’Meara, is a Chicago-based artist specializing in textile and surface design. She received her BFA from the painting department at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2009, and currently works as a studio assistant for fiber artist, Nick Cave. She is the founder of The PatternBase, which is an artist collective dedicated to inspirational textile design, fibers-related artwork, and the study of pattern.

    About the Book:

    PATTERNBASE will the first publication to be self-released by The PatternBase. This 250 page, full-colour book will showcase a collection of textile, surface and print designs from contemporary artists and designers around the globe, and will include spotlights and interviews from a number of artists working within the textile and fashion industries today.

  120. I am developing a virtual pet iOS app for iPhone / iPad. It is extremely fun and you basically take a virtual pet from an egg to end of life any way you want. Always have it in your pocket on your phone and play mini-games unlock new foods and activities. Make it smarter by spending time studying or lifting weights. Thanks so much for your support!!

  121. The characters from the book, “The Other Side of the Fence,” come to life in the webseries of the same title. Enter the world of the not so loud and proud lesbian, bisexual, and bicurious women. Watch them navigate through college life, sexuality, friendships, addiction, and relationships. Their limits are tested, social norms are questioned, friendships are made, relationships ebb and flow, and the beauty of self discovery is realized.

  122. Break the Walls: Stories Inspired by the Songs of the Pixies

    The concept for Break the Walls is pretty simple. What story plays in your head when you listen to your favorite Pixies song? I approached some of my fellow comic book creators and asked them to create 4-8 pages stories inspired by their favorite Pixies songs. The song acts as an inspiration, jumping off point, theme or mood for the story. Each story varies in style and genre.

  123. All Games Radio Network is a video game network that includes award winning podcasts that seeks to expand to bring you video games news, previews, reviews and more — all in one place. This young, independent video game network, with your help, seeks to become your media mecca for all things video games, not only by providing you quality video game podcasts, but AGR has a goal to expand to other media outlets as well. Please support All Games Radio Network by giving your pledge and spreading the word. You will receive rewards if the video game network reaches its kickstarter goal. Thank you.

  124. Saraswati is an art and music culture magazine that features underground artists all around the world that deserve recognition for their hard work. We feature ALL types of art forms including, but not limited to drawing, illustration, painting, sculpting, toy sculpting, digital, collage, block printing, tattooing, and street art.

    Sections in the magazine include: Featured Artists, Music, Toy Designers, and Independent Clothing Companies.

  125. Looking to create theatre that educates and supports the underdog, The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company’s next production of “The Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov is a re-examination of this timeless classic. The money from our Kickstarter project is meant to go toward performers, costumes, set, lights, sound, props, promotion and much more. We are not looking for too much so anything would help.

  126. Just in case there are still people perusing this thread, I thought I’d link to my current Kickstarter:

    Birthright is the first book in a science-fiction/fantasy trilogy titled The Technomage Archive. One of the major reasons I started writing Birthright is because I just love books that play with genre conventions. I want spaceships with my dragons and laser guns with my wizard staffs. I want an awesome sci-fi setting with a good ole fantasy plot and conventions.

    Unfortunately, cross-genre literature is a nightmare to market (example: Joss Whedon’s Firefly). That’s where Kickstarter comes in.

    In short our project is a 150+ page comic and a crazy cross of Japanese TV meets Looney tunes ($20 for the book + goodies). Our name is mayamada which is a fantasy TV network with an all-star animal cast. Our comic/manga will feature 4 shows which include The Samurai Chef, a cooking show where the Chef judges the contestants food with a Samuari sword! Our other stories cross, action, drama, and comedy to make a truly one of kind experience.

  128. Hello, my name is Zorica and I’d like to share my comic book project.
    It’s called “Being Bold” and it’s sort of a labor of love. I’m working with an incredible artist, but we need funding to help polish up the book and hire a colorist as well as cover materials etc.
    Please have a look:

    The comic book industry is struggling right now, but as a longtime fan of funny books I say lets Kickstart some new life into it!


  129. Would you like to get something new & unique for next Christmas?
    We took a new approach at two Christmastime traditions and developed a good-looking decorative item for a modern home.
    Have a look at our fresh design product from Finland!

    We have 10 days time left to raise funding at and we seriously need a boost to make this happen! Many thanks for your attention!
    Best Regards be&liv team, Helsinki, Finland

  130. “Eyes are the window to the soul. This group of work is about presenting 100 of them. 100 drawings capturing the essence of 100 souls.” – Steven Russell Black

    We are trying to raise money to put out the first art book from the incredibly talented Steven Russell Black.

    Please support if you can. And if you can’t/don’t pledge, spreading the word with link sharing always helps.

    Thank you.
    Project link –

  131. “On the brink of turning 31, Endearing mistfit AMELIA struggles with deciding which lackluster romantic partner will take her virginity, all the while dealing with her eccentric boss, her overbearing parents, and her biggest challenge yet: learning to drive.”

    I’m helping with this great project! “Bread and Butter” is a romantic comedy, but none of the characters quite fit the normal romantic comedy archetypes. The heroine is a little bit more relatable — she’s a bit nerdy (and not just because she wears glasses), and her flaws go beyond walking into tables sometimes. But she’s an authentic, interesting character, and you never stop cheering for her. The script has just the right amount of quirk and cleverness, while remaining entirely heartwarming.
    Even the kickstarter video will have you laughing and aww-ing, I promise. There are puppets, there is Deer Hunter, and there is a sing-along, but you should see for yourself how these elements all fit together.

  132. “Embracing Dyslexia” is a documentary film by Luis Macias currently in production. The goal of this project is to help educators and parents understand what dyslexia is, why it is important for students struggling in reading, writing, and spelling to be screened for dyslexia as early as possible, and the effect proper tutoring and classroom accommodations can have on the ability for these students to have a chance at being successful in school. We are currently gathering funds via Kickstarter, and we encourage you to donate and spread the word.

    Here is the Kickstarter link:

    Thank you.

  133. Steampunk Alphabet Book – The ABCs…Steampunked.

    I launched this campaign yesterday and it’s already picking up…wait for it…steam! I’m an artist from Portland, OR that’s been working in the video game industry for about 6 years. This is my first venture into children’s books, so check it out and pass it on if you think it’s cool!

  134. My name is Elizabeth and I love to paint. I would like to do a series of 12 abstract fairy tale paintings to have them digitized for prints and calendars. Backer rewards include custom paintings and first edition prints. Thank you!

  135. City of the Gods – An illustrated Epic Fantasy
    What is the Gods of old were real and they left Earth for a new realm. Why did they leave and what happened to them? We answer those questions and many more in this new book with a growing fan base.
    The novel is illustrated using some of the best classic art from the 17th-19th centurys – all digitally altered to match the text. even a $1 will help – thanks!

  136. I’m running a Kickstarter project — — to fund the professional editing, proofreading, and cover artwork for my gritty fantasy romance, Disciple, Part I: For Want of a Piglet. There will be six parts in total, published over the course of the next few years.

    I’m pre-selling e-books, paperbacks, offering promotional bookmarks, and more at various pledge levels (ranging from $1 – $100). Check out the project page for my book trailer, budget, and production schedule.


  137. Jared Hinton and Quinn Knudsen are making their first non-student film made specifically for the public and their career advancement and we are looking for funds to help with a lot of the costs such as lodging, transportation and food! anything helps! Thanks guys!

    Its about what happens when an ordinary family goes on vacation… then they find a dead body…What could go wrong?

  138. Hi Everyone,

    “All My Life,” a Documentary Film, seeks your vital support!

    What if our government kept a sealed record on your identity? What if you were never allowed to know about your real mother and father? Their names, their ages, their jobs, or even their hair color? Birth records are public information to most of the population, but are sealed to some adoptees. In fact, most adoptees have no legal right to their original birth records. Many would agree that being adopted is a difficult fact for many adoptees to embrace, but being legally barred from one’s biological history is a blow that some feel is in violation of their civil liberties.

  139. Hi Everyone,

    “All My Life,” a Documentary Film, seeks your vital support!

    What if our government kept a sealed record on your identity? What if you were never allowed to know about your real mother and father? Their names, their ages, their jobs, or even their hair color? Birth records are public information to most of the population, but are sealed to some adoptees. In fact, most adoptees have no legal right to their original birth records. Many would agree that being adopted is a difficult fact for many adoptees to embrace, but being legally barred from one’s biological history is a blow that some feel is in violation of their civil liberties.

  140. Support the Book of Dahlia, Book One of the Shulim Cycle, a new series by Lynn Perretta.
    Eduli Springs is a quiet suburb, north of Atlanta Georgia. Situated along the Chattahoochee River, it features affluent communities and historic sites. It is the ideal place to raise a family or start out your suburban life.

    Devon James has spent his life here. He’s always lived a simple and privileged life as the son of a successful business owner. Starting his senior year, he expected changes, but not the kind that he’s been going through. To complicate that, someone is murdering teenage girls and to the mysterious Dahlia, it is appearing with each act that it may be Devon.

  141. I have a Kickstarter project for my science fiction novel, Primae Noctis.

    A brief synopsis: Primae Noctis is set 60 years after the Calamity, a crisis of war, disease, famine, and sudden ecological shift that leads to the deaths of more than 99% of the world’s 13.6 billion inhabitants. With the guidance of the Archonae, the survivors have formed an idyllic new society of secure and protected cities designed to elevate humanity to it’s full potential and to prevent the problems of the past from recurring. However, not everyone is content with life in the new utopia.

    You can find the project at:

    Thank you John, for generously allowing is to share this information about our new projects with your legions of readers!

  142. I wish to raise funds to purchase a mass energy healing device to perform bio-resonance on people and raise their frequency. My name is Tony Matar, I have been passionate about raw foods, longevity, optimal health and energy medicine for the past 5 years and on going. After helping many people balance their energy, I would like to turn my passion into a career as a bio resonance practioner. If you contribute, you’ll get really reduced cost of bio-energy healing sessions.

  143. I am the artistic director for Spartan Theatre Company, which is launching it’s new production of “Talk Radio” by Eric Bogosian. This is an Pulitizer Prize-nominated play that is very near and dear to our hearts. We are a young Chicago-based theatre company that needs your help to put up a great show. We need help to raise funds to help pay for the space, sets and props, and hopefully compensation for the actors. Please help!!!

    Synopsis: Radio personality, Barry Champlain has been shocking people for years with his abrasive sense of humor and controversial political views. His talk radio program “Night Talk” is about to become nationally broadcasted. Over the course of one preliminary night, Barry is expecting to perform as usual, but his listeners have other plans for him. As he delves into the lives of the late-night talkers Barry is eventually forced to confront the loudest voice in the room: his own.

  144. Nerds and geeks…living together…MASS HYSTERIA! Nerd Geek is and animated cartoon series that takes a look inside the elusive world of gaming nerds and geeks. Through kickstarter we are trying to raise funds to get new equipment to make the animation process go smoother and quicker as well as to help get the word out about what we are doing. Please take a look at what we are trying to do.

  145. I’m one month into a 3-month project to capture the beaches and spirit of Laguna Beach, CA. I chose to spend the summer here to document the amazing coves that lie in this stretch of the Southern California Coast. There is a spirit here that really feeds the souls of it locals as well as the thousands of visitors. From the morning fog to the beautiful long light of sunset, the landscape never ceases to amaze me. For me, photography is my passion, it is truly and expression of my soul, and the opportunity to share my vision with the world. I hope you will feel the same joy I do as you enjoy my work.

  146. My name is Dev Anand and I have recently launched a new gift concept on called OnlyHeart. It’s a gift like no other. Honest.

    The premise of the gift is as follows:
    “Your OnlyHeart, like your heart, can only be given to one person. Hence we will only allow you to give your OnlyHeart to one person and never ever another as long as the first one exists. This is our promise to you and the person that you give your OnlyHeart to.”

    Please do check out the link below. I assure you it will not take more than 5 minutes of your time and it will not be a waste of it either.

  147. My name is Ayana Enomoto-Hurst and I’m working on a short film, with a simple story that will definitely make you think. It is about a family that gets trapped when one of their pieces of furniture gets jammed in the doorway. The tensions rise as they try to dislodge this divide. I’m passionate about making this a reality but I need everyone’s help! So please check it out!

  148. A documentary following a group of grass bicycle polo players as they enter a tournament playing against players who complete throughout the world. Help us make our dream come true!
    Title: MalletheadZ – A Bike Polo Story

  149. Simple, Beautiful and Functional – Epic iPad Case

    GRIP|SENSE is the ultimate case for the iPad and eventually all table PCs. This simple, beautiful and functional case make your iPad more comfortable to hold and protect it from the bumps and drops of everyday use. Weve seen GRIP| SENSE survive 5ft drops without leaving a scratch on your device. Watch the video to see for yourself. Simply snap your GRIP|SENSE in place and add iconic form to the function of your iPad. Designed by award winning designer and problem solver Michael Burridge and marketed by some smart and ambitious entrepreneurs. Please help us bring this awesome product to market. Already completed tooling and design work, KS project will help with production inventory.

    It’s a Grip, it’s a Case, it’s a Cover.

  150. I am publishing a children’s book called Creepy Kitchen about one very reluctant narrator’s journey through his haunted kitchen. All his normal kitchen utensils have been replaced with whimsical monster versions. You’ll meet Count Spatula, Forkenstein, and the Whiskwolf just to name a few. We are giving away some awesome rewards including appearances in the book! Please check it out!

  151. Hi my name is Gil, I am finishing up my last quarter at the University of Washington with a major in Business Entrepreneurship. For one of my final classes, we had to create our own company and then the school went on to fund is in order to actually bring our project to market… this whole process (from picking strangers to form a team to actually selling a product) was all done in 6 months!! our Swagga Suits was a huge hit and now we are trying to keep it going! Check out our kickstarter please or our website…! and keep the SWAG alive! SWAG saved our life… now let it save yours!

  152. Heroes of Metro City — A Super-Powered Deck Building Game!

    Each player represents a super-powered Hero of their own design who must stop their Archenemy’s nefarious plan to destroy Metro City. To succeed, the Heroes must do battle with hordes of Minions, diabolical Villains, and the Archenemy who leads them! The more Energy and Powers a Hero develops, the closer they get to defeating their Archenemy. But time is running out! For every moment the Heroes delay, the forces of evil destroy more of the city the Heroes are trying to save.

  153. RottPro wants to make and release an innovative, smart, and scary Classic Italian Giallo film to release THIS December. We’re bucking the trend by making it the old fashioned way, NO CGI.That’s right, all the blood, make-up, creatures and sets will be shot ON SET. When the film is completed we’ll start with the local premiere and sceen at film festivals nation wide with a limited video release by RottPro of the film on a special edition DVD, BLU-RAY and VERY LIMITED VHS.

  154. Once upon a time science fiction was so powerful, so innately human, that it inspired audiences of all ages. Filmmakers such as Spielberg, Cameron, and Kubrick inspired us to gaze into the future, and challenged us to look into ourselves. Now, hopelessly dominated by stereotypes and cliches, this underrepresented genre is in dire need of a new life; a new energy.

    Tartarus is an emotionally powerful, yet epic, science fiction short film, more than two years in the making, that explores the most primitive of all human instincts: the will to survive.

  155. “Wanderer” is a short film about a man’s battle with his sex life, relationships, shadows of the past, and ultimately the decisions he’s made.

    Rick is a man living in New York City torn between his irrepressible desires of one night stands and a meaningful relationship. Will Rick continue his familiar ways or make the change he yearns for? It’s a dark, psychological thriller that takes risks with it’s characters and plot, challenging our first impressions.

  156. Phil (Phil Donlon) is a man obsessed with the game of baseball: the sounds of it, the smells of it, the feel of the bat on the ball, and the men who have made the game great. It’s been in his blood since the day he was born to Len Harding (Geoffry Lewis), legend in the game. Baseball is his life. At least it used to be.

    At 33, Phil is still trying to make it to the big leagues and escape the shadow of his famous and domineering father. But his marriage is falling apart, he’s broke, and he’s just been released by the last team he thought could give him a shot at the bigs. Everyone is telling Phil that his time on the field is over: his agent Benny tells him that, his best friend Johnny tells him that, even his father tells him that.

    But Phil’s not ready to quit yet, so when Benny tells him of a development camp that just might get him noticed by some major league scouts, Phil jumps at the chance. The only problem is the camp will cost Phil three thousand dollars, and that’s three thousand dollars Phil doesn’t have. When Len refuses to give his son the money, Phil goes on a desperate quest to raise the cash by whatever means necessary. Navigating his way through the dive bars, pawn shops, and strip clubs of the San Fernando Valley, he’s out to prove he’s his own man and keep his dream alive. But when the darkness takes hold, it won’t willingly let go, and Phil must fight an army of his own demons just to make it out alive.

  157. My name is Ben and I successfully started my brand, Concrete Fields, thanks to a successful kickstarter project. Now I’m back after some trial and error, to seek funding for another line of clothes, but with the plans to put these items in skate shops across Virginia. Take a couple of seconds to check it out, and you never know, you may find something you like for yourself, child, friend, or enemy! Thanks for your time!

  158. Are you a fan of space fight-sims? Has it been a long time since you enjoyed a decent one? Then look no further.
    Meet Skyjacker ( – an open-world, full-throttle space combat game.
    Skyjacker is based on the “Abyss Lights” book series written by the project lead, Eugene Zhukov.

    The player is the lone human in a galaxy of conflict – abducted by aliens, raised by pirates, wanted by privateers and mercenaries alike. You start on the bottom of the Pirate Stock Exchange and work your way up to the top, not by deliveries and fetch-quests, but through brutal missions like assassinations, sabotage, kidnapping, robberies, infiltrations and extractions. But there’s no fixed path – you do the jobs you want. And as you become strong, remember one thing: you’re a pirate. With great power comes no responsibility.

    There are ten significant alien races, each with unique biological features, social structures, interlocking histories, and star faring technologies – some industrial, some organic, and a few biotech that literally farm their spaceships in deep space.

    Skyjacker’s atmosphere is complimented by the talents of composer Krzysztof Wierzynkiewic (Witcher 2 and Bulletstorm) that bring out the colours of space. You can check some great samples here:

    There is a playable demo ( which has been updated & patched a couple of times during the campaign.

    The game is developed by Digitilus LLC (, a studio formed by the core team of Abyss Lights Studio (
    The developers have been very active on their campaign, providing tons of written and visual information and interacting with the backers via the comments and private messages.
    Their latest gift to all backers can be found here: – read carefully.

    Please check out Skyjacker; it’s in its final hours and still needs a lot of love to succeed.
    The rewards are great and there’s something for everyone – you get a bunch of goodies for just $20.

    I’m Aura and a happy backer of Skyjacker!

  159. Hi, I’m a self-taught writer working on my first novel, AppleLord: The Fall from Grace, and I need your help to self-publish book one of the AppleLord series.

    When a group of disobedient angels, commanded by the archangel Michael, visits pre-historic Earth to play a game of war, they inadvertently alter human evolution.
    For their crimes against humanity, Michael and his followers are arrested and thrown in the bottomless pit when dinosaurs, terrible lizards, are found roaming the land instead of man.
    Shortly after, a fierce debate divides the heavenly senate as the son of god and Lucifer decide over what should be the fate of planet Earth.
    The heavenly senate casts their vote, tilting the pendulum scale in favor of the son’s solution for Earth. Lucifer rebels and conspires against all of creation, bringing the forces of heaven upon him before all is lost.

  160. Award-winning writer, Ripley Patton, seeks to fund the indie publishing of her YA paranormal thriller Ghost Hand.

    Book blurb:
    There are secrets we keep hidden deep inside of us. Secrets of abuse and abandonment and self-harm. No one can see them. No one can find them. No one can touch us there.

    Until now.

    Olivia Black just discovered that her ghost hand, a genetic defect, can do more than light up a room. It can reach into people and pull things out. Things from the darkest depths of the human psyche never meant to exist in this world.

    Olivia can pick-pocket the soul.

    But she can’t control her ability, or the strange items it extracts, and the only thing between Olivia and the men bent on taking the power of her hand is a boy she barely knows and doesn’t trust.

  161. Political Encomium
    Inspiration can be found in a number of places, in nature, in history, in people, in words. In politics, we always remember all of the campaign promises made, the scandals publicized or the name calling between the parties. And there are even a few quotes that we have committed to memory. But rarely do we focus on the real in-depth things that our political leaders have said, the candid viewpoints on how we can work together, an inspiring thought as to how we can be better than we were before, a solid belief on how things should be. These statements are rarely brought to light but they should be and they should never be forgotten. That is the purpose of this book.

  162. We’re raising funds on Kickstarter to get a theatrical release for THE SELLING. It stars Gabriel Diani (Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Robotic Edition), Janet Varney (Legend of Korra), Jonathan Klein (Hotel For Dogs), Etta Devine (Freakshow), Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Nancy Lenehan (Worst Week), Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory) and Jocelyn Towne (I Am I).
    THE SELLING is a supernatural comedy about a real estate agent trying to sell a haunted house. It gives a fresh take on the classic “scare comedies” of Abbott and Costello and Don Knotts’ THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN with subtle references to modern horror classics such as THE EXORCIST, THE HAUNTING, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, and (of course) THE SHINING. It has been compared favorably to such comedy greats as GHOSTBUSTERS and SHAUN OF THE DEAD…by people other than our family members.

  163. NoDa is the arts district in Charlotte, NC and has every walk of life you can imagine. Hippies, bikers, freaks, artists, musicians, and anyone you can think of make their way up and down the streets. We will filming a documentary and reality show on 4 bands that live and work in the area start up their very own record label: NoDa Records. See the entire process unfold and see how insane our neighborhood is! Check out our link for more info!

  164. Hello,

    My team and I have recently been given the rights to film the MISS UNIVERSE CHINA training program and Pageant.

    ‘Billion Dollar Beauty Boom’ is a documentary about women in China, and the impact that beauty has on them. With exclusive access to Miss Universe China’s one-month training programme for the 30 finalists, we will follow three girls down their journey to stardom, discovering along the way their personal stories, dreams and hopes. From the days of foot binding, to Concubines, to the sexually dead Cultural Revolution, to the ‘beauty boom’ taking place today; it’s been a hell of a story for Chinese women. Crucially, we will explore where this story has brought women in China today, and what issues do they face now with relationships, social pressures, appearances, family etc.

    The West knows too little about China and Chinese women; there are many misconceptions and inaccurate ideas surrounding them. Our aim is to create an honest and enlightening portrayal of what is really going on, from the inside out. In order for this to be effective, it will be entertaining and personal, as well as truthful.

    Our documentary will film ‘the finest women in China’ going through their military-style training, as well as interviews with them and Yue-Sai Kan (‘China’s Oprah Winfrey’), experts from across the country, survivors of the Cultural Revolution, authors, and historians.

    We are currently looking for support at this link:

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you for your time,


  165. Just launched our Indiegogo project.
    16GB USB Drive, bottle opener, keychain and a cast-alloy design!

  166. I just launched a Kickstarter project for a national art tour in my 1948 Housecar. The project entails release of two books, one a retrospective on my art and the other the story of inspiration behind it. That one is about an eight year trip around the world to some very remote places searching out art. A third book will be written during the tour detailing creative methods practically applied. My media is Reverse Painting on Glass, Stained Glass and Acrylic on Canvas. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

  167. Here is some info on a the book [ours] Hyper-localization of Sustainable Architecture I just launched. I am working with the Institute for the Built Environment and eVolo publishing on making a high quality ground breaking book on environmentally astute design in the 21st century- check out the video for a glimpse of the projects we will cover.

  168. “Birds of Lore” is a highly illustrated book that chronicles a mix of birds from myths, legends, folktales, cryptid sightings and throughout all literature. Instead of a mere list of descriptions, it’s narrated by a character known as the “Mythologist” who is able to go to any lengths to see these fantastic creatures firsthand, and tell you what happens next, in journal form.

  169. LOW-TECH goodness for the iPad!!

    NOTEBLOX – a magnetic, stackable iPad journal.

    My idea was for a simple paper notebook that would have magnets built into the front and back bindings, strong enough to hold the Apple iPad (newer generations). The magnets also attach to pens, styluses, and refrigerators as well as each other. The final product is not a simple paper pad insert to be protected by a traditional iPad cover, but a unique object that would have a functional advantage over other notebooks, and have a tangible archival value with or without the iPad.

    Available at for $15, or 3 for $40 (with free shipping for a limited time)

    Thank you,


  170. MyPad!™ Ipad Accessory

    Store & stash your device when not in use!
    Wall mountable storage holder for your devices gives your Ipad a safe home when not in use or charging.

    Please check out our kickstarter page and support/pledge and pass the word on this great accessory for your Ipads and Tablets!
    Available at Kickstarter starting at $49

    Thanks in advance,
    Kristin Rebman
    Creative Director
    Yak Designs

    Like us on Facebook:

    Visit our website at:

    Check out the web campaign at Kickstarter:

  171. I’m Brian Schirmer & I write comics. Ultrasylvania has been a passion project of mine for the past year.

    In the 19th century Europe of ULTRASYLVANIA, Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and a certain Egyptian resident don’t lurk in the darkness – they’re world leaders, struggling to hold their nations together amid assassination plots, romantic betrayals, and political intrigues.

    This last spring, I had the good fortune to work with Jeremy Saliba & 11 artists at the Academy of Art, and together we brought Ultrasylvania to life as a webcomic. It’s coming out in print in October – but only with your help.

  172. FINALLY, young readers can enjoy the experience of a “Choose Your Own Path” adventure in a fully illustrated children’s picture book!

    Help me to re-energize children’s interest in picture books by introducing this new interactive innovation! Read aloud activities will take on a whole new level of participation! Children will be encouraged to read along and discuss a story, as it is being read to them, instead of just passively listening! Discover for yourself by viewing my project and video at:

  173. Calling all Whitney Houston Fans! My name is Quencie and my Kickstarter project features an exclusive interview series that will focus on special memories re-visited by people who shared quality time with Whitney. It is my way of paying homage to not just “The Voice,” but the woman behind “The Voice.” Please support me in creating the kind of tribute this icon truly deserves!

  174. 3DTotal present Prime Wars! A strategic card battle game for 2 to 4 players, featuring character designs from over 50 top artists. If you love art, love card games, or want to try something new then check out our kickstarter project

    We have reached half of our goal after just 5 days, but we still need your help! If you like the game then please support us – Big thanks! The 3DTotal Team

  175. The X-pen is machined out of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and uses a felt tip pen called the Pilot razor point. We love this pen and think that it deserves a makeover. We made this pen with designers, architects, engineers, and do it yourselfers in mind. Its small compact size (.43in x 4in) fits in pockets unnoticeably and feels great while in use. We concluded a diameter of .43in thanks to the help of a series of different sized prototypes and asking our friends to try them out and tell us what they thought felt best.

    check out the link!

  176. Hello,

    My name is Stiven Deleur and I am a 14-year-old mobile app programmer. Recently I have developed a game called Donkeys and Elephants: Chow Down. In this game you play as either Donkey (Democratic Mascot) or Elephant (Republican Mascot). I believe that this game can predict the winner of the coming presidential election because of its main feature. That is game’s global score. When a person plays the game as either character, his/her score gets sent to a database where it gets added to the global score. In the app everyone can view who is winning – Donkeys or Elephants (Democrats or Republicans) by comparing the global scores. So all players vote and support their favorites by playing and having fun!

    As to the game’s other features – you control the character by tilting your device and you try to collect as many foods as you can to receive points. This game is integrated with Game Center, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Email sharing. It features an in-game store in which you can purchase add-ons, utilities, and upgrades for virtual credits which you collect during the game. And many more…

    Currently this game is in the app store, but the features described above will come in an update that is coming very soon. To help us release this update, and also publicize this game, we have set up a Kickstarter project to gather funds (check it out at

  177. FLASHPALS ENDANGERED USB FLASH DRIVES: It started as a homemade gift for my girlfriend – she loved it; her friends loved it; local news was all over it, and Entrepreneur Magazine recently published a full-page article about it. These wildly cute flash drives have stuffed animal designs that represent real animals facing real threats. Everyone seems to agree – Jack the Giraffe is indeed the world’s cutest flash drive. Everyone also seems to agree – the world needs more FlashPals! Please help fund the production of new FlashPals designs and get yours before anyone else. Project deadline is SEPTEMBER 16.

    Save Jack. Save data. Save the WILD!

  178. Dead End: An Adventure Strategy Game. With Zombies. –

    The thought of trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world swarming with undead is both terrifying and exhilarating.

    At Kazoodoo Games, we want to bring our take on this most-beloved genre to your living room. Through teamwork, strategic gameplay, and a little luck, you may just survive the infected streets of Dead End.

  179. My project is a new book series, the first of which is being funded through Kickstarter. If it doesn’t reach the $6,000 goal, then you will not be charged! The PDF version will be DRM-free for $10.

    The series is called Lost in Thought, and the first book is titled X-Listed. If you like Supernatural, Matrix, or Lost, then you will love this series!

    Grab a digital copy, or a softcover. Depending on which pledge you make, you may have influence on how the story goes in the 2nd book! Please share this campaign on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and other accounts for me. Thank you in advance!

  180. Pray For Dark™ is an original game concept and story created by veteran game artist, Michael Ingrassia, and was inspired by characters created by gothic artist BROM. Vaylr Studios’ senior production team is an ensemble of some of today’s most highly sought after and successful artists working in the film and gaming industry.

    To fund this game, we are using Kickstarter. Our Kickstarter project “Pray For Dark” will run through October 13, and is offering an impressive and unique array of limited edition and collectible backer rewards, so interested gamers are advised to act quickly:

    This is not going to be just another video game project. Valyr Studio’s goal is to offer a wide variety of some of the most unique rewards and fan immortalization options ever offered on Kickstarter.

  181. Jn Marie Fashion is looking forward to launching its first dress collection and with your help, it could be possible. Please show me some support by helping me reach my funding goal. Great rewards for my backers! Thank you very much!

  182. Hirelings: The Ascent is the “Family Game for the Gamer Family”.

    In Hirelings: The Ascent you play the Hirelings that the heroes have hired to carry the backpacks and hold the torches. You’ve done your job, carried the packs, raised high the torches, and followed the heroes to the deepest darkest pit of the dungeon, the dragons lair! Then the heroes went and got themselves vaporized. Now you have a new pack full of adventure gear and have to get OUT of the dungeon FAST!

    Can you survive as a “Red Shirt” of a fantasy world?

  183. Hey everyone! – We’re raising funds to finish our 3D time travel adventure film “Trapped in Time 3D!” It has medieval knights, dinosaurs, and an evil Egyptian queen! Our film is appropriate for all ages, it has over 200 awesome special FX shots…and best of all, it’s in anaglyph 3d (red/blue glasses).

    Here’s our link:

    $5 gets you HD downloads of all our films! $25 gets you a DVD with 2 pairs of 3D glasses! $50 gets you a Blu-ray and other cool stuff! Higher rewards include signed posters, T-shirts, 3D photobooks, scripts, props, and much more!

  184. After ten years of guitar playing in many different bands, I have decided to put forth my efforts and record my debut album.
    The music will mostly consist of blues, but I will also have songs with a rock, jazz, and folk influence.

    Online are songs from rehearsals and the kickstarter video that explains the album. Please take a minute to check it out. There are lots of cool rewards for contributors.

    Thank you.


  185. Hello, my name’s Russell Fox, comic book artist. Worked on, amongst other things, Judge Dredd, & currently working on self-published crime/supernatural horror comic THE PARANORMALS with writer A. Diallo Jackson. Set in Scotland, follows the adventures of a detective, a demon-hunter, and a girl… who may herald the 2nd coming. We’ve already put out 2 issues, need funding to get issue 3 into stores, plus we have interest from a Marvel Comics editor.
    We have 2 weeks to go, we’d appreciate any help:
    Thanks for your time


  186. Blotter: A Film Noir on Acid

    “Detective Jack Anderson is a private eye living the life of an old fashioned pulp film noir character living in modern day Philadelphia. He drinks hard, but takes his job incredibly seriously, working outside the law, taking cases the police ignore. While on the trail of a potential serial killer, he receives evidence that a victim is being held hostage and it’s up to him to solve the case before another life is lost. But what he doesn’t expect is that someone has ‘slipped him a mickey’ – in the form of LSD. But by who? Why? Does he move forward with the investigation? How can he solve a case when his very perceptions of reality are being torn apart by drugs?”

    Please help make this film possible. Much hard work and time has been put into scripting this film, and any donations will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

  187. For years now I’ve been working on a horror tabletop roleplaying game with a simple system for everything, including classless, detailed characters and spells which allow the players to do virtually whatever they want to in an easy and non-game-breaking way. The manual is completed but I need to get the art finished before I can put it out there. It’s been in playtesting for four years but I have never had the time to get the art done, and that’s where I need help.

    Note that everyone who pledges gets a copy of the quickstart rules regardless of whether or not the project is successful.

  188. I’m trying to make it easy and simple for people to have access to the applications and setup that they’re used to, by making the creation of Linux live and install images painless.

    I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now, I would really appreciate any support or feedback you could offer.

    Check the project out at , and tell your neckbeard-toting friends :P

  189. Hey, my name is Kat. I am a machinist apprentice at Dland in Anaheim, CA. I am currently raising funds to RECREATE Hutch’s Star Wars Van from the movie ‘Fanboys.’ I have received support from the creator of the van Corey Lorenzen, the writer of ‘Fanboys’ Adam Goldberg, and the Hutch himself Mr. Dan Fogler. I will be filming the whole process and creating a documentary through webepisodes. The documentary is set to cover the whole process from design/planning, purchasing/epic journey to find a van, fixing van up, and making ‘Fanboys’ style. There are incentives for pledging $10, $25, $50, $100 or more to the kickstarter. So please help make my project come true @

  190. I am going to make a Motown throwback record that sounds like 1963. It will have some current sounds to stay fresh and original, like a male Amy Winehouse kind of thing, but it will be grounded in that early 60’s classic Motown sound! I am drawing inspiration from Al Green, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and Hall & Oates.
    The record is called “Yellowjacket” and I am going to employ real horns, real grand piano, bass, drums, electric guitar and that signature tambourine! I feel like this is the record I have always wanted to make.

  191. I am going to make a Motown throwback record that sounds like 1963. It will have some current sounds to stay fresh and original, like a male Amy Winehouse kind of thing, but it will be grounded in that early 60′s classic Motown sound! I am drawing inspiration from Al Green, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and Hall & Oates.
    The record is called “Yellowjacket” and I am going to employ real horns, real grand piano, bass, drums, electric guitar and that signature tambourine! I feel like this is the record I have always wanted to make.
    I reposted to add the link. Thank you!

  192. I’m doing a postcard travel guide where YOU take the lead. You tell me what you want to see and do and I report back to you in the form of a handcrafted postcard. Postcard will be made on the road and delivered to you with personalized travel tips. In the end the postcards will be compiled into a travel guide style book that was created from what people like you wanted to know more about.

  193. My amazing brother is raising funds on Kickstarter to make his dream film MNEMOSYNE. In this Sci-fi live action film a man uses a mysterious device to explore a dying leader’s memories.

    Please check it out, donate if you can or spread the word with facebook, twitter, etc.

    Let’s Make a Movie!


  194. Hello!
    PAST THEIR PRIME is a short documentary that ventures into the world of geriatric zoo animal care, focused on the oldest-living gorilla in captivity, Colo, and her 55th birthday celebration.

    Produced as a thesis film from UC Berkeley’s grad school of journalism, the film is complete but needs your help to get out into the world. Already accepted to 3 distinguished film festivals, we’re raising funds to submit to more. In return, offering fun logo shirts, posters, and dvds. Any funds raised beyond the festival need, will go back to wildlife conservation efforts.

    Thanks for viewing!

  195. Hello! Fired Urth is an Espresso cafe to be launched in Charleston SC in late 2012. Our goal is to help nourish the community through food. Here at Fired Urth we believe that the best ingredients are found right here at home. We have partnered with local farmers to bring the freshest fruits and vegetables directly from the farm to the table. We believe in free-range chicken, hormone-free beef, locally sourced dairy products and bringing back heirloom fruits and vegetables. There’s nothing like biting into a tomato bred for flavor instead of one engineered to survive a cross-country trip! Our pastries are made using only the finest chocolates, freshest butter and cream, no mixes and no preservatives. We break our own eggs, peel our own apples, roll our own pastry, and squeeze our own lemons. Our milk will come from local dairies, fruit will be served fresh, in season and locally sourced when available. We will offer a light breakfast and lunch menu consisting of natural and organic ingredients for the health conscious consumer. Food is our passion and health is our priority. We look forward to being a part of your families next meal!
    Read more about our story here

  196. Here is my Graphic Novel Kickstarter Project:

    In the year 2043, a super-powered team sets out to save America from a sinister organization that has enslaved the nation.

    Launched: Aug 29, 2012
    Funding ends: Sep 28, 2012

    This graphic novel series could be characterized as ‘Tom Clancy meets Stan Lee’. Not only will we have a lot of fun with cool superheros and awesome artwork, but we will also explore the social, political, and military implications of a Second Revolution.

    The year is 2043, and America is in a precarious state. The global economy is in shambles, the national debt is 48 trillion dollars, food shortages are a constant threat, power outages are common, and the population has been divided into a ruling elite class and working serf class. Unknown to the public, this has all been part of the plan of a secretive shadow organization (known only as ‘Shadow’), which has slowly taken control of all 3 branches of the federal government. Under this plan, the American people have gradually been converted into servants of Shadow.

    Our heroes discover the plot of the shadow organization’s final push to permanently enslave the citizens, and they are faced with the task of saving America.

    Our team of heros have been granted powers through the advanced technology available to a select few in 2043. Some have been genetically enhanced by splicing animal DNA, some have been enhanced with bionic prosthetics, and some have been experimental subjects using ‘non-earth’ technology discovered in 2015 by the Mars Rover, ‘Curiosity’. To save America, they must team up and battle the forces of Shadow.

    In this 3 Part series (this will be Part I), we will chronicle Shadow’s takeover of the nation’s government, and follow the paths of our heroes’ discovery of Shadow’s deadly final push to permanently enslave the American public.

  197. My name is Jason Mills. I am part of a creative family formed with some of the most talented and awesome people I have ever met, and collectively we are Just Our Thought, based in St. Louis, MO. We are working on a lot of cool things, but we’ve got a new project that we are really excited about and would like to share.

    The Color Feast Beasts–

    Launched: Aug. 22nd, 2012
    Ends: Oct. 06, 2012

    We have written and illustrated a new children’s book. It’s a whimsical tale called the Color Feast Beasts. Wild and clumsy and colorful creatures, called “Yooms,” pop out of their very comfortable, countryside, hillside holes to gather all of Granny Nature’s worn out colors for the winter. It’s to give those hard-working hues a rest before the “Royal Sunbirds of Saint Magoo” reemerge to spread the colors once again, from the tip of your shoe to Timbuktu!

    We are looking to bring this story to life through hardback printing, eBook development, and plush toy production of the lead characters.

    Thanks for your support!

  198. Hey guys, I’m an wave photographer from Hawaii and my kickstarter project is called Chasing Waves.
    I can assure you that you probably haven’t seen waves photographed n this type of creative way.
    Thanks again.


    Hey guys, I’m an wave photographer from Hawaii and my kickstarter project is called Chasing Waves.
    I can assure you that you probably haven’t seen waves photographed n this type of creative way.
    Thanks again.

  200. This is how Weerol!

    My name is Derek Perkins, and our project is a modern bentply wooden toy that builds up to 7 configurations including stroller, ride toy, wheel barrow, shopping cart, train, rocker, and glider. The Weerol many-use toy is designed to adapt to your child’s stage of development and style of play. A pledge of just $84 gets you a pre-ordered Weerol

  201. The Earth Harmony Festival – a weekend gathering at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage on October 6th and 7th focused on experiencing a sustainable, agricultural-based community in Southern Arizona. Festival participants will have the opportunity to learn more about growing organic produce, Permaculture principles, heritage and heirloom crops, seed-saving, and food preservation, while witnessing the magic of one of the country’s largest and longest sustaining EcoVillages!


    What is “Bird Call”? “Bird Call” is a series about a flock of diverse birds who run the radio station W.I.N.G. in the backyard of a clueless human family.

    In 2002, I (Calvin Lester) created the series “Bird Call”. What began as just a few doodles of colorful wacky birds has slowly evolved into a 10 year in the making project. “Bird Call” was never on my radar of becoming anything special. But, here we are in 2012 starting “Bird Call”‘s own Kickstarter account! It has been a long journey getting to this point; but still, it’s only the beginning.
    In order to make this project a success we need to film a Pilot Episode (The first episode) to showcase to interested buyers and investors. The process of making this involves a good chunk of dough. With the show being done in the live-action format AND with puppet characters, there is a big need for money to complete it. A lot of the funding for “Bird Call” has come out of our own pockets. We’re very dedicated to the project, but can’t afford to go broke doing it. The money we are hoping to raise through Kickstarter will go to:

    PUPPETS – Making the birds look as designed and work properly for filming.
    SETS – The sets for the radio station needs to be built to enhance the storytelling of the show.
    CAST & CREW – We need to be sure that those apart of this project get paid! Their hard work has paid off.
    FILMING LOCATION – The show will be filmed in a studio and we need to be able to rent out the space for our production.

  203. Hey everyone! Tribitech is working on releasing their first game, Tribal Hunger, for iOS! Tribal Hunger is new take on classic Bullet Hell style arcade games. From the lands of the North come tribal gods with an unyielding hunger! Check out our Kickstarter @

    Tribitech primarily consists of students from the Maryland Institute College of Art. We need your help to make our dreams come true. So please take a second to go check out our Kickstarter, every donation counts no matter how small. If you can’t donate please do us the favor of spreading the word! Thanks for reading!


  204. This is ALBEDO and I’m a New Age Music Artist. I’m in the process of completing a Christmas album. I’ve released several other albums in various genres over the years, but this will be my very first Christmas album. I’m currently in the recording and mixing phase, and if all goes well, the album will be released by November 1st. I just need a little bit more in order to fund the distribution and promotion.

  205. I am producing unique art pieces from wood. My work is inspired by grasses and my horticultural background. My work is different than anything else out there and I am hoping to get enough funding to allow me to continue pushing my creative boundaries. Take a look and spread the word!

  206. STAY ALIVE – NOT UNDEAD (Zombie Coloring/Activity Book)
    by Dan Taylor & Darren M.A. Calvert

    A zombie safety & awareness coloring/activity book distributed by the C.R.A.Z.E. (Community Resources Against Zombie Epidemic) Division of your local police department. Back in the day, local police departments used to supply coloring/activity books to school children to promote such things as fire or traffic safety, and to educate about the perils of drugs. Now, it’s time to promote zombie safety and awareness…

    Thank you for the support, and remember… Stay alive, not undead.

  207. ‘Open Sesame – The Story of Seeds’ is a feature-length documentary about the overlooked and under appreciated source of nearly all of our food – SEEDS. But seeds face serious dangers that undermine the safety and long-term viability of our entire food system. Learn how you can help tell the story of seeds!

  208. My name is Pat, I am in a band called Xstrophy. We are currently trying to get funding together for our debut album, which will hopefully be released in October. We are currently doing it all out of pocket, and have run out of funding, which isnt good. If you pledge, you can get some really cool things such as free CD’s, shirts, stickers, cookies!, song dedications, and a lot more! Please check it out, watch the video, and help us reach our $3000 goal!

  209. Hey everyone this is the KickStarter for our short-film that conveys a very important and touchy topic. This has become more than just a film and it really means the world to me. The issues faced in this short-film are tough ones to see and handle and we want to make the public aware that drug addiction is no joke, especially in todays youth.

  210. This will be a video that will speak to all those people in the world who are existing under the oppression of a dictator. It will utilize an original song, written and performed by my band set to photographs and videos of revolutions from all over the world. This project needs to be funded so that the recording of the song can be completed(my recording engineer needs $ from me) and I can purchase rights to use the visual media that I will need to do the video the way I want to.

    This will be something that will speak to the world, because there is always a dictator falling somewhere.

  211. A subversive, country-spanning exhibition of work from renowned visceral artists utilizing large scale 3D digital projection techniques. The revolution will be stigmatized.

  212. SMOKING MIRRORS is a one of a kind “Performance Design” event created collaboratively with designers and choreographers.

    For this event we are exploring and expanding the architecture of the body in motion by creating a fantastical, whimsical, and distorted interactive environment where the lines between object and human, viewer and viewed, performance and experience are blurred. Quite simply, we are creating “bodies by design” and “design by bodies”.

  213. In THE LADYBAIT MEMOIRS – a feature-length comedy – we watch as Oliver, a narcissistic hipster, secretly decides to hypnotically seduce his best friend’s girlfriend. This indie film is not just another “indie film” – we daresay this is the kind of story that Hollywood and the big studios wish they still knew how to write. Empower us to make a film like you’d love to brag to your friends about!

    – Krisjian, Kyle, Niko; The Producers

  214. Afterearth: The Fall.
    A total community-collaboration role-playing game. Fantasy + Sci fi + post-apocalyptic.
    We decided to open our RPG up take community additions of all kinds, pay artists to draw.paint everything the fans gave us and then release the entire thing professionally edited. Its been 12 years in the making and Kick-starter was almost made for this kind of thing. We even offer a copy of the game for 1 buck. But we aren’t really hitting it off. Sometimes pledges for 1 dollar can hold you back when it comes to books.

  215. y husband and I along with a talented writer are trying to create and release a personalized children’s book about bullying. It will target young school age children to teach them to befriend a child in need instead of bullying them along with everyone. It is entitled “The Good Friend” It will include their name, school, friends and favorite foods in the book! To help fund this project we are asking friends, family or anyone who loves the idea and wants to help us to donate. Any donation is welcomed, from $5 to $500, Every little bit helps. You can read about our project ,see a video about the project and donate on the link below. Thanks for listening!!

  216. ERA – The next thrilling Sci-Fi adventure web series for all ages! Takes place in the year 2043AD. Test Subject, David Beck, wakes from sedation to discover he had been part of a research experiment called Project ERA. He obtains Psychokinetic abilities as a result. He uses his newfound powers to fight the evil that created him. Follow the link for more information. Any form of support will be greatly appreciated!!!!

  217. I’m trying to get funding to help me write UX 101: A Primer on User Experience Design.

    My name is Joseph Dickerson and I’m a User Experience Architect at a Fortune 500 company. Last year I wrote a book on UX called Experience Matters: Essays, Tactics and Lessons on User Experience Design (available on Amazon, iTunes and for the Kindle – currently FREE for the iPad). This book was my first attempt into collecting my thoughts around UX, and it has been well received.

    I’m currently outlining my followup book, which I’ve titled UX 101: A Primer on User Experience Design. I plan on detailing out the basic skills and processes than anyone can use to apply user-centered design principles in their organization or business. There’s a HUGE demand for UX professionals (over 9000 opening on LinkedIn as of the time I write this), and there is a dearth of material aimed at the “newbie” interested in learning about the discipline. I hope this book can help fill that gap.

  218. Hello. I’m trying to raise funds to get my new novel, The First Family of Main Street, published. The book examines the true cost of unbridled ambition. It is set in present-day South Carolina and is inspired by a real-life story of secrets, sex, lies, and political corruption. The First Family of Main Street explores a number of ethical issues which I hope will make a reader think twice about how our elected officials conduct both their personal and professional lives.

    Thanks for taking a look as well as for your consideration!

  219. Hey everyone! My name is Chris Feinstein and I am a stand up comic out of New York City. I am trying to raise money to shoot a short film I wrote. The name of the short is “Saturday Night Special”. It’s a horror/comedy that in my opinion and in the opinion of anyone who has read it takes both genres and blends them perfectly with just the right laugh to scare ratio.

    Thanks for taking the time to look.
    Nothing but the best!

  220. Hello everyone! My name is Kira and I’m the treasurer on the executive board of the F.U.D.G.E. Theatre Company. Through our kickstarter campaign, we’re hoping to raise the money to put on a production of a beautiful musical called “Parade” and to help our company grow and thrive so that we can continue to bring excellent entertainment, culture and art to the Boston, MA area.

    About the show itself: In 1913, Leo Frank, a Brooklyn-raised Jew living in Georgia, is put on trial for the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, a factory worker under his employ. Already guilty in the eyes of everyone around him, a sensationalist publisher and a janitor’s testimony seal Leo’s fate. His only defenders are a governor with a conscience, and eventually, his assimilated Southern wife, who finds the strength and love to become his greatest champion. The trial had lasting impact; the events subsequent to Frank’s trial led directly to the formation of the Anti-Defamation League, an organization that today continues to combat anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry in the United States and abroad.

    If you’re a fan of the arts, musicals, justice, tolerance, and other good things like that, please help us tell this incredible story that everyone can learn from.

  221. Hey there!
    My name is Kelly Spivey and I am a pastry chef in Savannah GA whose current business, The Chocolate Lab is trying to expand into making hand-crafted candy bars. I work only with local, organic, and fair trade ingredients and make the best darn candy bars you’ve ever had! I need your help to raise the funds to purchase the equipment needed to produce enough of these candy bars to share. I’ve got some great rewards, so check out The Chocolate Lab! Thanks!

  222. Hello, my name is Matt Fisher and I am a multi-media artist in Oakland, CA. Over the last year I have been going to Treasure Island, CA and photographing the last of the remaining structures deemed safe. The island has a lush and rocky past that I explain a little more in my video. I would be honored if you could spare a few minutes and pop over to:
    I am trying to put together a comprehensive book with current day photos, archival photos, history, maps, and other information to really give the reader a sense of the journey this landmass has gone through. Thank you so much for reading this, and have a good day!

  223. Hi, my name is Stephen Schriner and music is my life. So yes, I am a musician and creating music is what we love to do! But it’s not that easy being a full time musician when you have a limited to no funding. My goal is to be able fund the recording, pressing, and marketing of my album that I’ve been working so hard on for the past year! But even if you’re unable to help it would mean the world to me if you could stop by my page and check it out;

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Have a great day!

    – Stephen

  224. BE-Wind is trying to raise money to start producing their Urban Wind Turbine. I am the manager for BE-Wind as well as the daughter of the man who engineered and manufactured the first prototype.
    Our turbine is designed to work in urban environments for average people, communities, and businesses. We want to help people start being self-sustainable and promote a cleaner and more earth friendly way of producing energy.

  225. Hi there, we are currently looking to promote our new kickstarter project “Zombie Doll,” a six episode mini series created by Jeff Short and Joe Lo Truglio (Super Bad, Role Models, Paul). It is an animated show about a 16 year old girl and her doll made of human flesh and brought to life by her mad scientist father. The fundraiser will be running from now until Halloween. Please check out the link and pass it on if you feel it is of interest.

  226. The Wrylon Robotical Illustrated Catalog of Botanical ‘Bots! (Yeah, it’s a bit steampunky)

    I’m Kickstartering a reprinting of the last catalog from the world’s first, only and now disappeared manufacturer of flower delivery robots, Wrylon Robotical.

    You read that correctly. Flower delivering robots. It’s actually pretty cool.

    We’re already funded but I’d love more people to become a part of it.

    Thanks so much!

  227. Zombie Rock! is an original zombie musical produced as a senior thesis project by a collective group of Theatre and Mass Communications students. Excitement is pulsing through the gleefully simplistic suburb dubbed Morteville as the local students prepare for graduation day, the atmosphere is shattered when an army of the undead invades the peaceful community. All Hell has broken loose, and now these students have to fight to outlast the hordes of decomposing dead.



    A clothing label, that will be creating custom pants. We have traditional African patterns, bright urban textiles, and a lot of other fabric to choose from.

    The creator of WILD HAREM is Dasan Mitchell. He is a teenage boy who has performed in many musicals, and in a West African dance troop for six years.

    He is assisted by his cousin, Amari Fisher. Amari is an artistic college student going after her degree in graphic design. She has made her own prom dress and is constantly creating new designs.

    The money will be used to get WILD HAREM off of the ground, allowing us to produce these custom made pants.

    ↪ High-quality sewing materials and machines


    Since 2002 I have emailed 3 flash fictions a month to paying subscribers. Some of the resulting stories have won awards, such at the World Fantasy Award or the Micro Award. To find new subscribers, I’m running a Kickstarter campaign for a signed limited-edition chapbook. Rewards include the chapbook and a story subscription. And it’s cheap!

  230. We are resurrecting 15 of the most rare, sensational and horrific tales of Gothic terror of the 19th century and combining it with the 50’s era horror comic covers, and accompanying illustrations within the tale. Each issue will be available in three formats: Individual Electronic (Kindle, PDF) copies, hand stitched booklets (6.5×4) and Perfect Bound collection of all 15 tales. To do this we need your HELP! We need to reach a brand new audience who will appreciate these tales of terror. We need to get these tales published before they disappear and are lost forever!

  231. Hi John!
    My name is Stephan Nance and I’m a singer-songwriter specializing in awkwardly charming vegan straight-edge queer alternative piano folk rock music. (I know, we’re a dime a dozen.) I’m going on a 1,500-mile bike music tour (with my 70-lb. keyboard) to promote safe routes to safe schools for youth.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out! :)
    Take care,

  232. Hey if you’re a gamer and you are tired of al of the social farming games flooding Facebook and Social Media please take a look at my game called Fields of Fresh. It is a dramatic epic RPG that focuses on the competitive side of farming. Go on an adventure with your team to dominate all competition(both local and global) to create the best farm in the history of your gaming experience.

  233. QuickScanIt® eliminates the need of a scanner, fax machine, copier & business card scanner. QuickOneEdge document placement system.

    After using different scanning apps for my smart phone I realized a need for a portable stand that not only held the phone steady but positioned itself in the right place for different document types.
    QuickScanit® Stand

    is designed to allow natural light in so the document is scanned with the best quality. We have also included a position for the business card scanner app. If you are to far away from the card the software will try to crop and align the image but will not be able to extract the information to put on your contacts. We have spent many months developing a prototype and now we are ready for production.

  234. FAT TREE! The most original band west of the Mississippi! We make clean, rockin, funky alternative rock music! We are going to the studio to record our first legit EP! Please help this project along. We only have 4 days to go! Thank you everyone!

  235. Safari is a TV comedy pilot about the meteoric rise and humiliating fall of the most popular radio host in NYC.

    This project is a labor of love for the script that was written by two up-and-coming radio and comedy guys (Carmelo Bongiovi and Michael Jannotte), directed by one of those guys who is also a stand-up comedian (Carmelo Bongiovi) and produced by a comedic actress and writer (Lisa Perez). It’s a Mom and Pop production, utilizing the bedroom of our brothers, the living room of our cousins and the acting skills of many of our friends. We are developing this pilot because we believe in it whole-heartedly and hope to continue to create content on a regular basis. We want you to be a part of it. We want you to want to be a part of it. We love you.

  236. Seattle Asian American playwrights annually put a festival of new plays, and this year they want to convert to a Pay-What-You-Can basis for attendees. Kick in a buck or two here…

    (And as part of the writing team, I freely admit my script is a take off of Leverage and Ocean’s 11)…..)

    “The SIS Writers Group and SIS Productions are thrilled to present Insatiable! Seattle’s 7th Asian American Playwrights’ Festival, a four-day festival of play readings by local Asian American playwrights, November 8–11, 2012. With new works written by Maggie Lee, Roger Tang, and Zheng Wang, this Lucky Seventh year of the festival will feature a diverse range of stories and genres, from sci-fi noir to bold crime heists to conflicting perspectives on love. You’re sure to find just the thing to satisfy your hunger for exciting new plays!”

  237. Emergence: An exciting new fantasy/sci-fi pen & paper RPG
    The game of Emergence takes place on Kython, where multiple genres intermingle to create a world that is exciting, fresh, and yet strikingly familiar. Sections of Kython are nearly indistinguishable from the world in which we live. There are cars, houses, trains, cell phones, and even the Internet. This creates a comfortable starting point to begin your explorations on this foreign planet. However, within this unassuming framework exist all of the elements of science fiction and fantasy that make those genres exciting. Magic, power armor, and advanced weaponry fill the world with new possibilities around every corner.
    As you venture into the world of Kython, the line quickly blurs between science fiction and fantasy. Castles, wooded fortresses, skyscrapers, and industrial complexes cover the landscape, while smartphones, cybernetics, and flying beasts are part of everyday life. The world of Kython boasts a rich diversity of settings to satisfy nearly any game style preference. Whether you prefer gunfights while blasting down the highway at 100 mph, fighting demons in a corrupted ruin, battling savage hordes to defend a village, or storming a skyscraper fortress to defeat an evil necromancer, all of these adventures and more are waiting for you. On Kython, these traditionally separate game styles come together in a way that is inspring, intuitive, and fun. The only limit is your imagination.
    For more information go to

  238. I’m an FX Artist turned app developer and I’m working on an app that is great for kids called Bounce 2: Notes. Bounce 2 is a physics based musical app, full of colorful shapes and fun multitouch gestures. In the app, you can create and interact with shapes that produce notes when they collide. The kickstarter project is raising funds to expand the musical capabilities of the app, check it out!

  239. Hello my brother and I are attempting to make our first iOS/Android game! It’s called Adventure Jump, It is a classic anime inspired run and jump platformer. We are handling all aspects of the game with the exception of the artwork. It’s just the two of us working on this after coming home from full time jobs and struggling to get by. Please check out the page, donate if you can, and leave some comments letting us know what you think! Thanks everybody!

  240. The Object: Book One began as a free serial novel complete with original illustrations and music, but on November 1st we’ll be launching the paperback and Kindle editions and doing a book tour in our area. The purpose of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds for a bulk order of books, which we cannot afford to do ourselves up front. The two lowest pledge amounts equal the purchase price of the ebook and paperback, with those as the reward.

  241. Inspiration Dice are the perfect way to kick your writer’s block, create your next work of art or figure out your next Dungeons and Dragons campaign! Just roll a few dice and get the basic framework for your next big creation Get stuck? Just roll a plot die for a great new twist! Visit us today on kickstarter or at!

  242. The Richie Knucklez Arcade, one of the biggest arcade phenomena in the world, is now the focus of this highly anticipated documentary starring Ralph H. Baer (The Father of Video Games), Billy Mitchell, Steve Sanders, and Walter Day from ‘The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters’, Joel West and Mark Robichek from ‘Chasing Ghosts: Beyond The Arcade’, and so many more! ENJOY!

    Magic link:

  243. Hey Guys,
    Crazy News! A game like Pokemon & Pokemon Stadium is coming out for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and MAC. It is called Kasimono.
    The game will have AMAZING 3D graphics and include all of the features you love from the best games. It also includes a new zombie energy type! The first game EVER with zombie creatures that are catchable and trainable!
    We are giving away this game for FREE. We are also giving out awesome PRIZES to our supporters like T-Shirts, Sweaters, Toys, and more!!

  244. Peoria Ballet is a non-profit, pre-professional, classical dance academy in Peoria, Illinois whose mission is to bring the culture and art of ballet to the community while instructing students in the techniques of tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, etc.
    For 30 years Peoria Ballet has been bringing the magic of the classic holiday ballet The Nutcracker to the community. It truly is a tradition around here. Being a non-profit, some of the expenses with this show are quite a burden. This year they are askng for the help of everyone interested, in order to raise the funds to purchase a handpainted backdrop for the opening scene. The ballet owns every other backdrop used in the show, but this one they’ve been having to rent, at great expense.
    Please make a pledge to help benefit the Arts in the Midwest, keep the spirit of dance alive, and spread its magic to dozens of new children in the audience each year. I have a 10-year old son and 7-year-old daughter at the ballet and in the show myself. I see how much the art inspires them and only want to spread the joy further.
    Only 15 days to go, and they’re only 20% to their goal. We could really use your help!

  245. Here at Candid Music Group, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in a high quality product at a low cos. We believe in convenience. We just so happen to be the one-stop shop for the self promoting musician.
    Candid Music Group is for musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, or just about anyone involved in music with a project. We offer recording, mixing, mastering, electronic music production, musician contracting, film scoring, songwriting, photography, videography, and graphic design services, all under the same roof. One could also say that we’re the self promoting musician’s high-end convenience store.

    It shouldn’t be this hard to do what you’re passionate about- and that’s where we come in.
    But we need your help.
    We’re trying to raise 10,000 dollars for audio/visual equipment and construction fees- money that we currently just don’t have. Ultimately, this space will help every musician in New York that doesn’t have the money or resources to truly get their project out there. This is NOT for us, it’s for our community!

    Check out our IndieGoGo campaign here:

    We need all the help we can get, even if it’s just passing the campaign along to a friend. Thank you for your support!

  246. “To Inflict” is a “Short film Style social issue action drama.” The film brings you inside the life of two individuals a man with a unique upbringing and how anger affects himself, his fiancé, his autistic brother, and the lives around them.
    This story is depicted through a first hand set of experiences that will
    make you become more self-aware of the impact-full nature of the often
    overlooked topics of anger cause and effect and road rage. The production team hopes to have the film shot, processed and edited by November 30th, 2012. At this time our film, “To Inflict” will be submitted to film festivals all over the United States.

    I am a film maker and producer from Missouri and this will be my first short film. We are attempting to raise a modest $800.00 through Kickstarter to complete the film. Here is the link to the Kickstarter page:

    We can use all the help we can get to spread the word about anger/road rage awareness; will you help us complete our film? Just think even if it’s just passing the campaign along to a friend. Thank you for your support!

  247. Over the last year or so I’ve been working on a comic project called “Today’s Hero”, which is my take on the super-hero genre with some dark satire in regards to the media, the government, and reality television. I’ve currently got a Kickstarter going to raise money for the first issue. I’ve gotten some very positive words from people who have seen the project and are excited about it coming to light, and I’ve also gotten some local media coverage as well.

    The money we’re trying to raise is mainly to pay for the artwork. Once it’s done I’m planning on selling it via digital distribution means. Rewards for backers include print versions of the comic (which will not be available to the general public), t-shirts, ad space, framed prints, and a change to be the co-star of Issue 1!

    I hope you’ll check it out, and pledge if it interests you.

  248. Hello. We are trying to raise funds on Kickstarter so that we can begin work on our animated comedy The Bar Stewards. The cartoon would be aimed at adults and the best way to describe it is as a cross between South Park and Cheers. You can find the campaign at

    Everyone who gets involved can join in with the process of making the show. We are always testing ideas out with our followers and your opinions can help shape the show. Thank you.

  249. A friend of mine has a Kickstarter going for a modern/urban fantasy novel called “The Silver Token”. Here’s the blurb from the page :

    Imagine discovering for yourself that dragons are more than mere myth … but they are real – disguised as humans, living among us in secret for centuries. Before you can ask for proof, before you can ask who they are, what they want, or why they are hiding among us, you are told one more unbelievable bit of information that threatens to turn your entire world upside down : Not only are dragons real and living among us, but you are one of them.

    The project is doing well but we want to get as much coverage as we can! Thanks for looking!

  250. Titled: An Album of Songs Named By You

    The concept is simple: The backers name the songs. The band’s write songs. And thus, the backers get to be the muses for the music being written. Name a song anything you want and be a crucial part of our album. Spots are limited. We’re over halfway funded. This will happen, but we want you involved!

    Don’t want to name a track? Cool. You can get the whole 50 track album for $5!

  251. Fun, feisty manga that follows a fledgling vamp, Cherri Creeper, to a school for Vampires where she can learn to drink responsibly! Just think of Degrassi High with Fangs or Harry Potter meets Anne Rice.
    My Kickstarter Project will support the creation of a 128 page Full Colour trade will be a collection of chapters that have appeared on my Webcomic, It will include “Private Lessons” and “Home Ec” as well as Pin Ups, sketches and NEW content!

  252. “Growing up is hard, especially when every adult in the world is trying to KILL you!” That’s the premise of HIDE, a graphic novel that’s take place in a world where everyone over the age of 18 has suddenly gone crazy and wants to kill everyone UNDER the age of 18. Check out the story described as “Lord Of The Flies” meets “The Signal”:

  253. “A dream can move the imagination of the world.” – MODOair

    INTRODUCING… MODOair Nobel Collection kinetic art sculptures by Andy & Clark, a line inspired by kinetic sculptor Alexander Calder and in honor of Nobel Peace Prize Winners such as Nelson Mandela and Jane Addams. We’re two artistically creative guys with a dream to add Zen and handcrafted graceful beauty to the stressful world we live in and looking to Kickstarter to help get our work seen and collected by people around the world.

  254. “Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it.”

    Today I have officially launched my fundraising campaign titled: The Good Karma Project. I am working on finishing my debut album, documentary and launching my company Good Karma Entertainment. This is a completely independent venture that I have worked day & night on and I am hoping to gain your support. If you would like to contribute in any way please go to:


  255. Hey everyone!

    My name is James and I’m brand new to the site and excited I found it. I’m working towards becoming a product designer myself. More specifically an urban vinyl toy designer. It has always been a dream of mine and my business partner Chase to design and produce our own toys and board games. We both have many years experience in the graphic design, animation & film world but toys and board games is where are passions are leading us.

    We are in the middle of prototyping our first set of toys called RIVALS. It has been a challenging process and we have learned quite a bit. I have attached a photo of the first stage of prototyping for you to check out. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. We are currently waiting for the painted prototypes and can’t wait to show them off.

    I am also writing because we need support. It can be difficult for an independent toy designer to get in the game. It would be so awesome if this great community of product designers could back us up. There are several ways you can help us get RIVALS into production. You can support directly through our recently launched Kickstarter. You can join our Facebook page. Feel free to share the links with your friends and perhaps write up a little blog post about it. Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions to help us promote we would be glad to hear them.

    You all are the professionals and we can’t thank you enough for any support we get through this great community.


  256. I’ve self published two photography books on Seattle Street Art. They are original photographic documents preserving the aesthetic of work from within Seattle city limits. I would like to continue this project and publish volume three with your support and participation.

    You can save $10 on the Seattle Street Art Book Set by backing the project presale for VOLUME 3 on Kickstarter at


  257. Tech Techniques, the Rules of repairing things, is a book about my 50 years of working in the repair industry. I discovered there are 30 over riding rules when anyone repairs anything. Whether it be a TV set or a multimillion-dollar aircraft. They are so true that anytime any repair goes wrong it can be traced back to a violation of one of these rules. The book includes real life examples from my years in the electronic and automotive repair industry, some are very funny. Check out my Kickstarter project for more details. Thanks Bill

  258. The Fluid Ribbon Chair is a sculpture loaded with biomechanics. Splitting the seat in half lets your body move, so it doesn’t fatigue. The designed came just after I found peace in the midst of many entrepreneurial and life disasters. Finally, by solving a problem to help my brother’s back, the Fluid Ribbon Chair was born. It’s also somewhat of a metaphor for my life journey to peace, power and purpose, and I am making it happen.

    I’d really appreciate your help in sharing if you think anyone else should know about this.

    All the best,

  259. Goblin’s Bounty needs your love on Kickstarter. Gamebooks meet collectable card games! Choose your path, gather powerful magic cards and cause havoc across time and space.

    If you enjoy gamebooks or collectable card games, then you will love Goblin’s Bounty. If you are into both then this game for tablets and mobiles will be your dream come true. Goblin’s Bounty combines the storytelling of a gamebook with deep strategy elements of a collectable card game.

    Many thanks,

  260. UK indie band, The Sons, just wrapped up an LA tour…and are prepping for a Euro tour that starts in a few weeks. They are also in the midst of raising funds to create their 3rd studio album….it’s going to be brilliant!…provided they can raise the $$$.

    If you’re interested in becoming a fan of this rising band….check out their music and their Kickstarter video:


    Thanks for offering this thread….what an amazingly cool way to show support for Art & creativity!

  261. We are a rock band from Vancouver, WA. Here is our Debut Album Kickstarter! Any amount helps and please spread the word! We only have 11 days left and you could help make our dream come true!

  262. I have always had a love for animated storytelling that started way back while watching animated segments on Sesame Street like ‘The Ladybug’s Picnic’ and the School House Rock segments on Saturday morning TV. With my Kickstarter project, Alligator in the Elevator: The Animated Short Project, I am looking to raise funds to produce animation illustrating Rick Charette’s catchy children’s tune. Please take a moment to check it out. If you like what you see please spread the word. Any support in making the project a reality would be deeply appreciated and there are some cool rewards offered for your help. Thank you.

    View project here:

  263. midnight. a short film.

    Have you ever experienced that time-stopping moment, full of fear, anxiety and joy, when you accidentally run into your ex? Us too…

    Check out our Kickstarter campaign, we appreciate any help and exposure!

  264. We’re producing the first romantic comedy feature film about human trafficking – Lessons from Violet. Just as the movie Life is Beautiful got us to laugh while revealing the reality of the holocaust we are aiming to do the same with the issue of human trafficking. The awards given to our screenplay seem to indicate that we’re headed in the right direction. Please visit us on Kickstarter to consider joining out team:

  265. Hi everyone!

    I’m the art director of a mobile game called “Axle”a unique platform game that takes place inside the clockwork of
    WWII era machinery.

    You play as a gear, named Axle, who is built to fix toys. Axle’s dreams of adventure come true when he is swept up in a journey that will land him right in the middle of machines bigger and badder than he could ever imagine. With unique rolling and magnetizing game mechanics, an original electroswing score, and a rich steampunk world, Axle is sure to be a platformer game unlike any other!

    Our link is here!
    We’d love if you could drop by and check it out!

    We only have a few hours left to make our second funding goal to afford to release on iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 phones, Kindle Fire, and Ouya!

  266. Hello!
    My name is Jonathan Machado and I am a filmmaker situated in South Florida.

    I am currently underway with a new project entitled ” The Shift”.

    Its basically a short film / album / animated art book mashup that paints the picture of how society is undergoing great changes ( societal, technological, and spiritual )….with style that is. Think of it as a socially conscious action thriller / drama.

    I am reaching out to taste makers / people influential in this field to seek support ( funding and otherwise ) to make this project a reality. We have a kickstarter campaign going on ( see below ).

    Any feedback / support / etc is greatly appreciated.

    Much love,

    Jonathan Machado

  267. Attic Squad Games are developing a new game: Goblin’s Bounty — Gamebooks meet collectable card games! Choose your path, gather powerful magic cards and cause havoc across time and space.
    Here is a link to the project on Kickstarter:
    So far, 12 people have backed this game. 30 days to go. I know the developer personally and I know he invested more than a year developing this game. He is a passionate fantasy games hobbyist and an experienced developer; so if this project gets the backing needed, there will be more to come!

  268. Hello everyone,

    The documentary ‘King Kennedy’ tells the story of how a shared vision for freedom and justice by John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy and Martin Luther King led to their tragic assassinations. Despite their untimely deaths, nothing could prevent their message of equality, decency and hope being recognised by all mankind.
    The film is made entirely from archive material with no narration. This is why we need your support, in order to pay for the archive footage and music used, picture restoration and sound improvement as well as some legal and administrative costs.

    Thanks for your time, and good luck with your own projects.


    We want to spread the message that working together in love we can all achieve happiness. LOVE LIGHT THE WAY is a song we have written that will spread the word globally on December 16th 2012.

    Sales of the single will raise money for TEENS UNITE FIGHTING CANCER.

    We want the music video to be fantastic and involve as many nationalities/cultures/religions all sharing in the message of love lighting the way.

    Please pledge and help us promote a brighter future together.

  270. My company Chromaculture is announcing the launch of our very own Men’s T-shirt made right here in San Francisco. This will be the first product for our men’s line. The T-shirt is versatile enough to wear on a dinner date or scaling Half Dome. We are using Kickstarter, to fund our initial production run. the

    Our T-shirt will be manufactured from 100% Supima cotton grown in the California, with a heavier weight but an extremely soft feel. The fit is for active men with long torsos looking for quality they can trust without any shrink. The T-shirt is shrunk after it is sewn, which guarantees a consistent fit for the life of the garment.
    We are excited to be contributing to American manufacturing!
    I hope you too!

  271. Hello John,

    First let me say thanks for offering people like me the opportunity to showcase their Kickstarter projects to your followers and readers, much appreciated.

    My project is pretty simple. I want to turn my book – “Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary into a 3D animated movie (eventually). The first step is to create a 3D model of the star of the show ‘The Cat’ and then move on from there to create backgrounds and incidental characters and finally a short film to be used to promote the movie and encourage distributors to back the production of a feature.

    If the film is anywhere near as mad, action filled and funny as the book then it will be a riot. Anyway here is the link.

  272. Mechanical monkeys, blue squirrels, talking fruit. The Flying Hills of Blort, the Valley of Cupcakes, the Sea of Silliness. What more do you need?

    My Somewhat Silly Story series are books to engage the creativity of children and encourage them to read. I’ve been receiving positive feedback from parents of reluctant readers, telling me their children couldn’t put the books down, but it’s difficult as a self-published author in an ocean of other authors, all screaming to be heard.

    The goals of my Kickstarter project are help me gain some traction in the industry. Ultimately I’d like to be able generating enough sales to be able to liberally donate books to public and school libraries. I’m also working with a 4th grade teacher to develop a curriculum that can be used with the books.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my project!

  273. Looking forward to checking out some of these projects, thanks for hosting this promo thread!

    Shalloboi is an experimental shoegaze band from Chicago. We’re trying to raise enough money to put out the first two 7″ vinyl singles in the ‘field of flowers’ single series. Each record will include original songs and hand-drawn art. You can view our project here:

    We’re less than 24 hours away from our funding goal with $170 to go!

  274. Hookah+Boba+Claremont, Ca.

    We’re opening an organic cafe offering boba and hookah at one location. All the furniture is reclaimed wood, all the ingredients are organic and all the packaging is eco-friendly. We have invested tons of our life savings on making this possible, we just need a little bit more :)

    We’re targeting the local college community and making this more of a natural, study environment. A percentage of all our donations and income once we open will go to a local used bookstore that provides literary material to prisons worldwide though the Prison Library Project.

    Check us out on Kickstarter!

  275. For those of you who love visual art, comics, American political history, or were just followers of the recent Presidential election comes to perfect coffee table book/soon-to-be collectible.

    Presidential Losers–The Book
    An art book featuring portraits of the individuals who lost an American Presidential election, John Adams through Mitt Romney. With art from indie comics notables Anders Nilsen, Ben Marra, Jim Rugg, Roberta Gregory, and tons more.

  276. We’re Compass Creative Dramatics, a children’s theatre that helps kids stretch their creativity and bravery muscles (because those muscles need exercise, too!) through a week-long theatre program that includes daily rehearsals and interactive workshops. Next summer, we want to provide a series of week long theatre camps where kids will come together and have a blast learning about the art of theatre through rehearsals and theatre-related workshops. Along the way, the kids learn about teamwork, respect, responsibility, caring, and trust, and we hope they leave the week not just excited about the awesome time they had with us, but are also stronger, more compassionate, and ready to step out and lead. Be a part of helping arts education!

  277. I wanted to let you all know about a feature film we’re producing – Lessons from Violet. It will be the first romantic comedy that sheds light on human trafficking. As the movie Life is Beautiful got us to laugh while revealing the reality of the holocaust we are aiming to do the same with the issue of human trafficking. The awards given to our screenplay seem to indicate that we’re headed in the right direction.

    We’re in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to build a team around Lessons from Violet. If you’d like more info about it or if you’d like to do a story about it.

    I look forward to your thoughts!


    Johnson Lo | Press Relations
    Morning Star Pictures
    824 Maple Street, Suite 3 | Santa Monica, CA 90405
    o: 310-314-5598 | f: 310-314-0060


    Our project is a feature length modern silent movie that tells the story of the twisted love between two in the Emerald City (Seattle). What we want to do is kind of revive what a silent movie means as many think of them as the classics that paved the way for all films today.

    Our main point is that, nowadays, films focus so much on the sound effects and background noise on top of the music and the performances of the actors. By keeping the film strictly visuals and modern styled music, the audience gets the opportunity to participate in the storytelling.

    For more information, visit our campaign site here:

    Feel free to ask any questions about the project. Hope to here back from you and gain some of your support!

  279. UFO Storm

    Hi everyone! Our studio Stubcil is excited to announce our first video game UFO Storm! Match and organize your test subjects for teleportation aboard your ship on tablets of all varieties in 2013! Featuring cool art and great humor with a wild cast of characters, including mad cow bombers and gene altering droidbots. Check out our video we filmed aboard our spacecraft for more info and gameplay footage!

  280. Raw energy, rhythm, harmony, engaging melodies and tantalizing musical elements… Flights into a wild universe of love and truths…
    Check it out if you wanna open your mind…

  281. I’ve written two and a half books. One was just published, one is in final edit with cover art finished, and one is in progress. I’m raising money for the cover art, editing, and marketing materials for the third book. Please check it out! There’s a sample available on Amazon (there’s a link on the project page) and a short story on my website as well.

  282. Former 3x boxing champion of the world Tony “The Tiger” Lopez is raising funds on KickStarter to develop a TV pilot. This is a great project with experienced filmmakers behind it…! Plus + nice gifts for donors. Check it out…!!!

  283. I really do hope people will see this! I’m campaigning to fund a modernized silent horror film being shot in Seattle called, Oh, These Emeralds!” The goal is to try to reinvent the style and format of silent movies by using modern filming techniques and using modern styled music as the film’s score.
    The story follows two troubled souls who end up falling in love, but when their dark secrets are revealed, all hell breaks loose and it’s a fight for survival and to keep their love alive. Rewards include a copy of the finished film, tickets to the premier, special props used, even a chance to direct one of the film’s scenes! Check out our campaign page!

  284. Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine has launched a kickstarter to help get Issue 7 out the door!

    GUD (pronounced “good”) is Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine, an award-winning print/pdf magazine with two hundred pages of literary and genre fiction, poetry, art, and articles. Our hardcopy issues are 5″x8″, slightly narrower than a mainstream paperback but solid in the hands and easy to read.

    You can download a Halloween Sampler of the issue from our kickstarter page to get a taste of the magazine.

  285. Hello everyone

    I have just launched a Project on KickStarter called Picture Clues. Its a game that requires one to identify a particular word i.e. a Movie using picture clues which are revealed one at a time. The aim, as obvious as it may sound, is to identify the word using as few clues as possible.

    I have put up a Video on KickStarter which gives a proper feel of the game as well as the chance to play along. I would appreciate if you could check it out and give me your feedback.

    Here is the link

    If anyone has any feedback or question please email me:

    Thank You for looking at my post


  286. Hi everyone,

    Please check out, share, and if you enjoy, donate to the kickstarter campaign for my upcoming Icelandic language Science-Fiction short film “Rauða Hettan”! Based on the Gothic fairy tale of Red Riding Hood, my film takes inpiration from films such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Total Recall, and draws on Scandinavian culture and folklore. You can also watch the trailer on the Kickstarter at :



  287. Hi, everyone,

    Author Anna LaForge has started a Kickstarter project to help fund publishing Book 2 of her MAZE series, “The Agave Translation.” The book is completed and is being revised right now with input from early readers.

    Fifty years after Kara/Tyre achieve Transformation in “The Marcella Fragment”, the Maze undergoes its first crisis. Pilgrims walk the roads to Pelion, but few of them are women. If the whole world is to be transformed, everyone must have equal access to the gift, and so begins “The Agave Translation.”

    Please support it if you can!

  288. Anima Project Studio team is pleased to announce Gate of Memories, a Kickstarter project started to develop a video game set in the RPG franchise Anima Beyond Fantasy. Our target is to publish Gate of Memories on Windows, Mac and Linux but there are also plans for a console release.

    Anima Gate of Memories is a third person action RPG in which the player will explore a vast world filled with dangers and wonders. In it you take control of two characters who are trap in a war in the shadows, a secret conflict that will engulf the world into chaos.

    Gate of Memories aims to create a unique mix of action with traditional tabletop roleplaying game. Players will be able to freely develop their characters skills as they wish, much like the character advancement works in the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG books.

    We hope you like our project and we can have your support on Kickstarter. You can find more information at:

  289. URBAN MAGE: The Legacy Chronicles is an Urban Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure that mixes action inspired by African Mythology & other cultures.

    URBAN MAGE is about GlyphX, a young man trying to find his way in the world or at least a corner to call