Away For the Day

Because I will be at the LA Times Festival of Books and also hanging about with pals. Not that you’re not my pals. I love each of you as if you were my best friend since Kindergarten. But these other friends will be physically present, you see.

I’m sure to be Twittering, however, so just keep track of me there.

Also, if you will be at the LA Times Festival of Books, remember that I’m autographing today at 1pm, at the Mysterious Galaxy Booth, which is, I think, booth 372. See you there (and if you miss it, don’t panic, I’m doing two signings tomorrow, after my panels).

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  1. [Deleted because I’m not at all sure how the comment relates to me being away all day or the LA Times Festival of Books, since JvP will not be appearing there as an author today.

    Also, JvP, in a larger sense the comments here are not a corkboard for your own work, outside specific promotion threads. Please rein it in. Thanks. — JS]

  2. Sorry John, quite right. Your “Old Man’s War” inspired that poem also, besides my trilogy ALZHEIMER’S WAR”– but it’s hard for me to credit you without appearing to be blowing my own horn, while riding on your coat-tails.

  3. I love each of you as if you were my best friend since Kindergarten

    Awww, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me all day.

    Not the nicest thing done for me today, mind you — that was the couple letting me have a lot of fun and love petting their chocolate lab, while they were waiting outside the vet. But the dog didn’t say anything as nice as that.

  4. Might have made it to the signing, if ridiculous traffic hadn’t turned a fifteen mile drive into a nearly two hour exercise in frustration, complete with the discovery that my car’s air conditioning needs some work done.

    Interesting fair. Looked like it was probably best if you had small kids in tow (lots of booths for kids’ books, lots of events, a few freebies) or a consuming interest in predigested versions of various eastern mysticisms (I respect actual practitioners … but rather less so most of the proselytizers). If I’d been less tired, I might have enjoyed baiting some of the small army of Scientology staffers (two booths: one for Dianetics, and one for “the fiction works of L. Ron Hubbard”, as if there were any other kind). Each Scientology booth had at least half a dozen young people outside it pitching the passersby … while wearing Red Shirts. Make of that what you will.

    Oh, and the Ayn Rand society was giving away books. Giving them away. That just seems wrong somehow.

  5. You forgot to leave us a topic to discuss! ;-)
    What I mean is – Have fun!

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