Daily Archives: April 23, 2012

Of Interest Primarily to Norwegians

Regarding the upcoming publication of Old Man’s War in the country of Norwegia, or “Norway,” as it is more commonly known, among the vulgar. It’s here. And in Norwegian, suitably enough.

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Cat, Computer, Cola

Three necessary items for the production of the written word. Well, actually the cat’s not strictly necessary. Unless you ask the cat about it. In which case the cat’s the only necessary thing. In other news, I am now home. Yay! And have work to catch up on. Boo!

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Sunday at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

A photo of me waiting in the Green Room of the Bovard Auditorium before the “Nerds Will Inherit the Earth” panel at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which along with me featured Pamela Ribon (who took this picture), Maureen Johnson and Amber Benson. I’m not gonna lie to you: The panel kicked ass […]

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