I’m Giving Away an ARC of Redshirts, April 25th Edition

And all you have to do to win is guess the word I am thinking of RIGHT NOW.

I have told it to Krissy, so she will make sure I do not change my mind.

It’s a relatively common word in English, not some weird technical term or anything.

Here’s how it will work:

1. First person to guess the word wins.

2. If no one guesses the word, then whoever thinks of the word most like the word I’m thinking of (via process of elimination through the “Word Find” function of the Chrome browser) wins. If two people think of the same word (or alternately a different word with the same letters), then whichever is first wins. Note that my decision of what word ends up being closest to the word I am thinking of  is non-contestable.

3. One guess per person. Don’t bogart the dictionary.

Contest open until 12pm Eastern time, April 26th.

So: What word am I thinking of RIGHT NOW?


Prognosticating the Summer SF Movie Hits & Misses

Contrary to what you may have heard from those Stark people, Summer is coming, and with it a whole stack of science fictiony films, some even not based on comic books! Over at, I go through the entire list of summer sf films and place my bets on how successful they will be (or won’t). This is my very last summer prognostication piece for the site, so get on over and enjoy it. WHILE YOU CAN.

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