I’m Giving Away an ARC of Redshirts, April 25th Edition

And all you have to do to win is guess the word I am thinking of RIGHT NOW.

I have told it to Krissy, so she will make sure I do not change my mind.

It’s a relatively common word in English, not some weird technical term or anything.

Here’s how it will work:

1. First person to guess the word wins.

2. If no one guesses the word, then whoever thinks of the word most like the word I’m thinking of (via process of elimination through the “Word Find” function of the Chrome browser) wins. If two people think of the same word (or alternately a different word with the same letters), then whichever is first wins. Note that my decision of what word ends up being closest to the word I am thinking of  is non-contestable.

3. One guess per person. Don’t bogart the dictionary.

Contest open until 12pm Eastern time, April 26th.

So: What word am I thinking of RIGHT NOW?

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  1. Brenda Barron – Huntington Beach, CA – Brenda Barron is a freelance writer, editor, and SEO specialist from southern California. She is a contributor to The Motley Fool and blogs regularly at The Digital Inkwell.


  2. doylist – Matt Doyle is a freelance writer and game designer who works on fantasy & historical fiction; political, historical, & scientific nonfiction, and LARPs or other game events on a commission basis at 5 cents a word. His political blog is located at bluefargo.wordpress.com
    Matt Doyle


  3. Bacon. You’re clearly thinking about the wonders of bacon.

  4. Ryan Thomas Riddle – United States – Ryan Thomas Riddle is a UX Content Strategist at UXPin. He is an award-winning writer for his work as a mild-mannered reporter for the Bay Area newspaper, The Daily Post. His previous work has appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Formally, he worked for ZURB, a digital product design company, as their Lead Editor. You can read all about his adventures through time and space on Twitter, @ryantriddle.
    Ryan Riddle


  5. unsuspectedlydomestic – Engineer, wife, mom, feminist - always working to find a balance between work, life, and mind.


  6. “Now.” It’s hard not to think of a word while you type it. Unless you can keep two words in your head simultaneously I’m pretty sure you were thinking the word you were typing . . . no matter what you told Krissy! :-)

  7. knightjorge – Utah – I am currently a student at Salt Lake Community College. I am on schedule to graduate with an AA in English in 2011.


  8. Mike Douton – Rhode Island – I'm a reader and working on being a writer. Doer of things and saver of days.


  9. DarthTeapot – USA – I am Teapot. Hear me....Crochet? Can you hear crochet? You can hear footsteps in the woods, hear me do that. Wait, what if I'm at home? Watching Firefly, or the Expanse or a nature documentary? Hear their footsteps in the show? In the woods in the show? What if I am actually crocheting, but in the woods? Maybe hear the birds? Or maybe just hear the world. It makes all kinds of sounds. It can tell you anything you have a mind to listen to.


  10. Rachel – Software engineer from Seattle, working on instant messaging for my day job. Also a dressage rider and freelance photographer outside of work, as well as an aspiring writer. Sometimes I even have interesting things to say!

    Word. The word is ‘word.’ :D

  11. I’m going to guess the word is, “Ocean.” My original guess was going to be “humahumanukanukaapoa’a” but “Ocean” seems more expansive.

  12. Stephanie – New York – Stephanie is a West-to-East-Coast transplant and lover of sci-fi and fantasy, good beers, good books, and all things breakfast.


  13. shaunaroberts – I'm a retired medical and scientific writer and editor who writes historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and romance. I live in Southern California. I enjoy gardening, reading, and visiting historic houses.


  14. E.C. Myers – I'm a young adult author who spends too much time on the internet. My novels FAIR COIN and QUANTUM COIN were published in 2012 by Pyr Books. http://ecmyers.net


  15. kageshiro – I'm an aspiring professional video gamer. Games I enjoy: KOTOR 1 2, Mass Effect 1 2, Dragon Age Origins, Super Street Fighter 4 AE


  16. Breezy.

    Been windy here in Ohio for the last week or so. Of course, you weren’t here that whole time, so perhaps that connection is weak.

  17. Parenthetical

  18. I’d like to say “now” is the word, but I’m going with “winner”. You are thinking of “winner” right now.

  19. united

    (I would have guessed “red hat” but that’s two words, seeing as how today is the anniversary of the founding of the Red Hat Society. Kind of ironic, really.)

  20. Arc.

    Probably too simple, but it’s still plausible.

  21. Donna Leonard – Southern California – I like to write, read, knit, crochet, watch movies, watch way too much television, listen to music and play Drawsomething 2 somewhat obsessively, not necessarily in that order. You can find my irregular blog at: http://manicmeanderings.blogspot.com/ 3 kids: Twenty-three-year-old boy/girl twins, and a thirteen-year-old girl. 3 cats: fourteen-year-old female, three-year-old female, and a two-year-old male
    Donna Leonard


  22. Kiara – Cincinnati – Kiara possesses a dry wit, a sharp sarcasm, and a towering intellect. Her secret alter ego has a boring™ day job, but at night she writes and reviews speculative fiction. She carries the keys to dozens of hearts in her pockets and jumps puddles in a single bound. Her superhero power is losing her socks before they've even made it into the dryer. She also likes to tell stories, so parts of this bio may be exaggerated. Waiting for Fairies is not responsible for any credulity that may be lost in the reading of this bio.

    All these guesses and no one has said, “bird”? Don’t you guys know that bird is the word???

  23. fozmeadows – I like trashy action movies, absurd humour, collective nouns, funky skirts and cheese. Also, I write fantasy books.


  24. “Shiny”.

    Also, it amazes me how many people aren’t reading the comments to be sure their selected word wasn’t guessed yet. :-/

  25. BTW, someone already grabbed “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Dammit! Frackin’ homesteaders already got the good words!

  26. New guess: Vermillion.

    I scrolled too quickly and missed that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious had already been used.

  27. Ron – Kurz vor Lüneburg, Deutschland – Teetrinkender Rollenspiel-TV-Serien-Fanatiker auf der Suche nach neuen staffelübergreifenden Handlungssträngen


  28. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcanoconiosis (the longest word I know). Though the earlier guess of “word” is excellent.

  29. Tolen Mar – I am a writer, trying to get some of my work published. I like to share my thoughts on a nearly daily basis with anyone who'll listen. You never know what I'll decide to talk about on a given day (though politics will be rare).


  30. page

  31. Adam Heine – Chiang Mai, Thailand – Foster dad of 10. Design Lead for Torment: Tides of Numenera. Author of samurai sci-fi novella IZANAMI'S CHOICE. Skeptic of so-called free time.
    Adam Heine


  32. timbartik – Tim Bartik is a senior economist at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, a non-profit and non-partisan research organization in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His research specializes in state and local economic development policies and local labor markets.


  33. Science Fiction Librarian – Just your local librarian who loves Sci Fi. I work in my library's makerspace and with the digital media offerings that we make available.


  34. Hilary B. Bisenieks – Hilary B. Bisenieks (Biss-en-yex) n. 1. An author of fact, fancy, and opinion based out of Oakland, CA. 2. A graduate of the Creative Writing program at Warren Wilson college and Mary Robinette Kowal's Short Story Workshop. 3. A man unable to be trusted to update basic biographical information with any regularity.
    Hilary B. Bisenieks

    Butts (LOL)

    (Because this is the internet, and nobody had said it yet.)

  35. Shedrick – Denton, TX – I am a professional librarian and a part-time writer that's working to do that the other way around. I currently live in North Texas in the lovely city of Denton (“The Home of Happiness“) with my lovely wife and the obligatory demon-spawn cats. When not writing, gaming, or watching cheezy kung-fu flicks, I can sometimes be found in a pub (or the American equivalent) enjoying a fine brew.


  36. Bruce Diamond – Flyover Land on the teeming Mississippi River – Despicably proud old man. Text-extruding asshole (thank you, John Scalzi) with a skewed vision on life, pop culture, writing and general assholiness. Not a scholar, not a gentleman, not Martin or Lewis. But still trying to make life fun and funny.
    Bruce Diamond


  37. themidlistblog – I honestly have no idea what I'm doing here. I'm just a book loving schlub from the Pacific Northwest who wanted to do something creative and maybe help out some authors with some extra exposure.
    Robert Junker

    Is the word “baby”?

  38. revelationandchange – I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and - oh, wait, wrong profile. Sometimes girly, sometimes nerdy, and usually sarcastic. A little bit serious, a little bit goofy, always optimistic. Sappy commercials make me cry, and I laugh louder and longer than anyone else. I strive to be happy, kind, and a friend to everyone. Basically, I'm awesome. "Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A word of optimism and hope. A 'you can do it' when things are tough." --Richard M. DeVos


  39. Crewman

    For future reference, when you say “word,” we’re playing by Scrabble rules, right? No proper nouns and/or names?

    [My other guess, of course, was “Your hands … or nothing.”]

  40. This is really just a scam. You see, John used up his supply of words halfway through a new novel and instead of going to the words store to get a fresh supply he just had us fill up his old words cartridge for him. Devious, ain’t he?