Industrial Toys and Me

So, here’s a bit of secret news that I can now share with you: I’m part of the team at Industrial Toys, a new video game company that’s going to be bringing some jaw-droppingly awesome games into the mobile space. I can’t tell you what precisely I’m working on there at the moment (except to say, hey, remember when I said “jaw-droppingly awesome”? Yeah, that), but I can say I’m working on the story and… other things.

Here’s the announcement in the Industrial Toys newsletter (sign up for it! Enjoy it!). More details about the work I’m doing with IT coming up when it comes up. I can promise, however, you won’t be disappointed.

View From the Hotel Window, Dearborn Edition

It’s not the most interesting view I’ve had outside my hotel window, but the “halo” effect by the reflection of the camera lens by the glass is kind of interesting. And the hotel I’m actually in, the Regency Hyatt Dearborn, is interesting because it is huge, the sort of place you could easily get lost in and never be seen again.

In other news, hello, I am in Dearborn, Michigan, all the better to be the author guest of honor at Penguicon, the science fiction and open source computing convention. It’s the right place to be the owner of an Android phone. If you’re in Michigan and have nothing to do with your weekend, it’s not too late to join us — between the panels and the liquid nitrogen ice cream and the fabled Chaos Machine, you’re certain to have a weekend full of nerdtasticness. Come on down.