View From the Hotel Window, Dearborn Edition

It’s not the most interesting view I’ve had outside my hotel window, but the “halo” effect by the reflection of the camera lens by the glass is kind of interesting. And the hotel I’m actually in, the Regency Hyatt Dearborn, is interesting because it is huge, the sort of place you could easily get lost in and never be seen again.

In other news, hello, I am in Dearborn, Michigan, all the better to be the author guest of honor at Penguicon, the science fiction and open source computing convention. It’s the right place to be the owner of an Android phone. If you’re in Michigan and have nothing to do with your weekend, it’s not too late to join us — between the panels and the liquid nitrogen ice cream and the fabled Chaos Machine, you’re certain to have a weekend full of nerdtasticness. Come on down.

14 Comments on “View From the Hotel Window, Dearborn Edition”

  1. I must be having a bad brain morning, because I had a moment of, “What the hell is that outside the window?” before I recognized it as part of the roof. Anyway, have a good con and weekend John.

  2. In addition to the now-standard effects that come with most cameras and photo-editing software, there should be an “Abhrams-ize” button, which adds exactly that glare to every picture.

  3. I live about 70 miles away. Unfortunately, I have to work all weekend. Have some extra fun for me, John.

  4. Watching the clock until I can get out of work and head there myself. I was going to ask the obligatory “Did you remember underwear this time?” joke, but I see Randy beat me to it elsewhere. ;)

  5. Oh, man, next time stay at the Dearborn Inn. Lovely old hotel. If I remember correctly, on Oakwood Blvd., across from the old Ford proving grounds (which, back in the day, was the airport that the Ford Trimotors landed at).

  6. It may not be that exciting but it does have a view of the sky and floaty disc thingies.
    I spent a week in a hotel that had the exquisite view of a brick wall 15 feet away and down to a rather foul looking alley. This is very nice in comparison.

  7. (delurking)

    How do the locals pronounce the name of the town these days? I ask because my dad grew up in Michigan (partly in Dearborn). If the national news has cause to mention Dearborn, they don’t pronounce it the way dad says it.

    Anyway, have a great weekend/con. Even if I mainly lurk here, I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.


  8. Is that photo untouched?

    It looks like it has a “vignette” filter thrown in.

    There’s also some weird quantization bands going on in that blue sky. Bands of “glare” going from the upper left to lower right. That might be from JPEG compression to get it on the website though, not the camera.

    the halo effect doesn’t look circular. The vignetting seems lopsided.

    I’m assuming the weird quadrangles of light on the roof is from the sun reflecting off hotel windows and lighting up the roof.

    Anyways, some very odd things going on in that picture.

    Is this your Nikon? Or a camera phone?

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