Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

The Redshirts Tour: Places, Dates and Times

Now it can be revealed: All the places to which I will be going on my book tour for Redshirts. As I mentioned previously, there are some places here that I’ve never officially toured before (Philly, Boston, Houston, Chicago), so I’m very excited to be able to have them as part of the itinerary. If […]

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The Big Idea: Arthur Salm

This is a Big Idea whose author I have a great deal of pleasure introducing to you, because the debut novelist you are about to meet, Arthur Salm, is a dear friend of mine — the book editor at the San Diego Tribune back when I was an but an intern there, more than two […]

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It’s Not the First of May Without Jonathan Coulton

It’s a hallowed tradition here on Whatever to play “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton on the first of May, provided I can remember to do so. I remembered! So crank it up, provided you are not some place where a sprightly song about springtime fornication will in fact get you in trouble. In which […]

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