The Redshirts Tour: Places, Dates and Times

Now it can be revealed: All the places to which I will be going on my book tour for Redshirts. As I mentioned previously, there are some places here that I’ve never officially toured before (Philly, Boston, Houston, Chicago), so I’m very excited to be able to have them as part of the itinerary. If I’m not coming to your town this time around, sorry. Maybe next tour.

But if I am coming to your town: BE THERE. I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.

And now: Places, dates and (when known) times:

Tuesday, June 5, 12:00 PM
Book Expo America,  New York , NY

Wednesday, June 6, 6:30 PM
Barnes & Noble, Philadelphia, PA

Thursday, June 7, 7:00 PM
Books & Co, Dayton, OH

Friday, June 8, 7:00 PM
Joseph-Beth, Cincinnati, OH

Saturday, June 9
Brazos, Houston, TX

Sunday, June 10, 3:00 PM
Lake Forest Bookstore (Indian Trails Library), Chicago, IL (free event but registration is required)

Monday, June 11, 7:00 PM
Boswell Book Company, Milwaukee, WI

Tuesday, June 12, 7:00 PM
Vroman’s, Pasadena CA

Wednesday, June 13, 7:00 PM
Burbank Central Library, Burbank CA

Thursday, June 14, 7:00 PM
WORD Bookstore, Brooklyn NY

Friday, June 15, 7:00 PM
Harvard COOP, Cambridge MA

Monday, June 18, 7:00 PM
Schuler’s Books, Lansing, MI

Saturday, June 23, 1:00 PM
Uncle Hugo’s, Minneapolis, MN

Thursday, June 28, 7:00 PM
Joseph-Beth, Lexington, KY

This summer I will also be at the Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY, Comic Con in San Diego, CA, and of course at Chicon 7 in Chicago, IL. There may also be a couple of surprise drop-ins as well at other places; we’ll have to see what the schedule holds. But for now: This is the tour!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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See you in Cambridge! And if you don’t have dinner plans I’d love to take you out. I’m serious!

And if you’re not coming to my town? Throw myself on the floor? Kick and scream about just how unfair it is? Maybe blame Obama somehow? Drown my sorrows in cheap Canadian whiskey?

Once again, no love for Colorado. Does the TOR publicist hate the middle of the country? And Ohio is getting two visits, what’s so freaking special about Ohio? :)

@Randall, I say we start Occupy Bradford until his publicist schedules visits in our cities.

I no longer live in Houston, but can I just say? Kudos for appearing at Brazos, it is a wonderful locally-owned bookstore that does a lot to promote local authors. I’ll be sorry to miss your visit.

I don’t have a problem with the 2 Ohio visits. I do have a problem with where they are. The 2 stores are less than an hour apart. That is pretty unfair to the rest of the state. And what about the other states being snubbed? Do you not have any fans there? If not then you certainly wont win any with this maneuver.

Excellent! So June 9th is my eleventh wedding anniversary and my wife says we should totally go to Houston. It’ll be baby’s first road trip! We’ll have Fuzzy Nation playing on the drive and I’ll have to find the baby an appropriately red shirt themed onesie. This will be epic.

Please consider tacking on Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego to the tour while you’re in San Diego for Comic-Con, because the majority of us natives have no hope of getting tickets and won’t be able to see you there.


PRATCHETT’S done Mysterious Galaxy.

You HAVE to!

Dammit man so close. But, as no one ever seems to come to Baltimore, I wasn’t really expecting it, just hoping. But, Philly is close enough. So I’ll probably be there on the 6th. I do not know the city at all, and will try my best to not end up on an episode of Parking Wars.

Vroman’s in Pasadena is only a few blocks fro the Huntington Library and Gardens, which I’ve wanted to visit for years. And eat real Chinese food in San Gabriel Valley. Sorely tempted.

Arrgh. No love for the upper-left corner this time. I did enjoy your stop in Seattle for Fuzzy Nation. Now Mary’s gone (as in Robinette Kowal), Cherie’s gone (as in Priest) and you’re not coming for a visit. Guess I’ll have to train some new favorite authors (I’ll still buy your books, too).

No Utah stop this time. Bummer. Was the turn-out for Fuzzy Nation not good enough? Well, maybe next time. (By the way, I’d love to see you advertise The Spank Chronicles in Utah. Too bad that won’t be the real name.)

john, so glad to see you will be at Uncle Hugo’s. I’ll see you there, and you too MNmom, Robin Raianiemi, and danbaileynet. I’ll be wearing my Redshirts t-shirt, will you?

For some reason, publishers seem to ignore Northern California. I know LA is grand, but so is the SF Bay Area. So is Sacramento, believe it or not (At least, for fandom!). Ah well. I’ll still be reading the book while relaxing in my backyard, trying not to think about the fact I want to finish my own work before school starts again.

Commendations to your tour organizer. LOTS of independent book stores and a few libraries. Sweet. Though, man, I do not want your itinerary. Ow. You’re going to have oatmeal between your ears by the time you finally get home. Thanks for doing this to your body and brain on our behalf even though I probably can’t get to any of the stops. :-(

I will try to see you (again) at Vroman’s. I have to say, though, that the itinerary looks daunting. An evening gig in Burbank, followed by (I assume) a cross-country red-eye flight, followed by an evening gig in Brooklyn? And that’s smack in the middle of the tour!

Eat well and get what sleep you can. You will be needing your health, I’m thinking.

@Kevin M. I can’t say I’m motivated enough to be involved in an Occupy movement, to be honest. Job, kid, etc., etc. Besides, why would any writer want to come to Seattle? High percentage of readers among citizenry, great coffee, amazing seafood, great summertime weather…

Hey…what the fish?!

I’d also feel guilty taking part in anything that could result in making a dude do more work and spend more time away from home. I’ve gotten soft in my old age, apparently. Let our cities be snubbed in the name of sacrifice to Scalziness.

So close to Canada–I don’t expect you to come to my actual town, but I could make it to Toronto or London (or even Buffalo) to see you…. I just can’t quite make it to Lansing or Chicago in the time available.

Ah, well. Some other time.

John — remember, if you’ve heard the name, it’s not really me

Yayy!!! Burbank Public Library where my Librarian Friend works! I believe the Friends of the Library will have copies of Redshirts for us to buy for signing. I think I may just take the day off work just so I can adequately prepare for the awesomeness – and also, so my dog can get her evening walk without my coming all the way home from the Valley, walking the dog super-quick and then hauling back into the Valley.

Oh goody! I hope to see you in Minneapolis!

The only signed books I have so far were written by Garrison Keillor, Tom Wolfe, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. I think I need more.

I had to look up the Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee because I never heard of it during my seven years of living in Milwaukee. It is located in the old Harry W. Schwartz bookstore in the neighborhood where I used to live while attending UWM. Schwartz Books on Downer was the most awesome bookstore in the world. I hope that Boswell Books is keeping up the tradition. Ah, the happy memories. Try to visit the Oriental Theater nearby, it’s a beautiful old movie theater.

I’ll try to catch you in Cincinnati.

You would think a UC grad would know better than to label something in Wheeling as “Chicago”… It’s just sad that as a resident of Hyde Park, and former resident of Minneapolis, I actually have a better chance of seeing you at Hugo’s than I do at the official so-called “Chicago” stop.

Nathan: As for “I’ll have to find the baby an appropriately red shirt themed onesie”, there is really only one choice:

Sorry, should have said this before:
mattw – Note that the reading is only *sponsored* by the Lake Forest Bookstore; it’s actually at the Indian Trails library, which is in Wheeling. I don’t know how that affects your decision to go there or to Milwaukee, though it’s not as far north as Lake Forest.

Well that tears it! If your coming to Uncle Hugos I’ll never buy another one of your books!

Did you ever dream, when you dreamed of being a published author that tour dates would be your big headache? 8-{D

I’ll be the cranky old guy with your grammer mistakes highlighted in red!

Ditto to the “Why no love for NorCal?” We have In-n-Out Burgers here too!
(On another note, when in Houston you have to go to James Coney Island for their chili dogs. It’s a Houston institution. Don’t bother with the hamburgers there, just the hot dogs with chili.)

For anyone coming into Philadelphia: Don’t plan to park on the street near Rittenhouse Square; it’s probably the area of the city where street spots are scarcest compared to demand, and they do ticket aggressively. Instead, pay for a garage or pay-lot nearby (it won’t be cheap), or leave time to walk from a more distant parking spot.

Better yet, if you can manage it, don’t drive at all. 30th Street Station is a 20-minute walk or a short cab ride from Rittenhouse Square, and you’ll be able to read or otherwise relax on the train or bus coming in.

John: If you haven’t already got plans afterwards, I’d be glad to take you to the dessert place nearby that a major magazine says has the best gelato on the planet. (I haven’t traveled as much as the writers for the magazine, but I’m happy to report that none of my own visits have suggested that they’re wrong.)

@ Ron Mitchell – Baltimore is close to Capclae. Trust me.
@Randall – Our esteemed host is busy DragonCon weekend. He’s Toastmaster at the 70th Annual World Science Fiction Convention that weekend in Chicago.

Ummm…. Omaha NE is the middle of the country, not Colorado! We ARE the Midwest!!!
And by the way, John? why are you ignoring us? I’m so sad…. (checking to see if my 2001 POS will make it to Minneapolis)

Ugh a Tuesday night in Pasadena. Still better than the Wednesday night in Burbank. I shall attempt to attend one of those two. I shall also attempt to find some fun japanese Kit Kat for you. Be glad they don’t make a bacon flavored one.

Wow, I used to stop at Indian Trails Library every so often. Nice place.

Yay for Uncle Hugo’s! Alas, I have convention work to do that day. I shall have to send a representative.

NeuroticChihuahua: It’s a complex social situation, and I’ve never attended a Scalzi reading, so some of the details may differ. I’ll try to cover the high points, in no particular order:
* Don’t throw up on people.
* Don’t make the reading awkward for other people.
* If at a bookstore and if at all possible, buy books: prove to them that bringing authors in means more money.
* Don’t bring a hundred things to sign.
* Recognize that not all authors thrive on this, so be tolerant of them.
* Don’t spread disease, famine, pestilence, or war.
* Do not be shocked at some of your fellow fans: if necessary, remind yourself that all you share is your fondness for that author and bilateral symmetry.
* Do not use the reading as your starting point for world domination; that’s the author’s job.
* Wear pants or, failing that, some kind of lower body garb.
* Don’t monopolize the author’s time.
* Don’t throw things at the publishing representative, if there is one, not even foam rubber bricks.
* Do not emit gamma radiation–actually, don’t hulk out in general.
* If there are multiple authors, visit all of them. I’m told it’s very lonely sitting there when everyone mobs the other guy.
* Be tolerant if the author is diseased…some of them (Christopher Moore) are even funnier when hopped up on cold medication (though in a different way).

Really, be cool, be nice to people, be tolerant. The author, the publisher, the bookstore–all are trying to give you as much access as feasible.

Tara, there is a place at the top of this site where John provides this information, under the heading Availability for Interviews, Appearances, and Writing Work

See you at Books and Co. again. Will there be cupcakes this time too? I don’t eat cupcakes, but my mother enjoyed hers. She bought a book, too, which seemed like a fair trade for a cupcake.

Yay Houston! Actually, that reminds me to go to Brazos this week for something.

@Nathan Beittenmiller: Didn’t Rothfuss read at Murder By the Book? If so, Brazos is only across Bissonnet and half a block west from where you went before. Should be a piece of cake to find.

I may just have to venture out of my comfort zone (aka South Philly) to see this.

Oh, and everything John Mark Ockerbloom said up there about parking in Philly, especially in Center City and Rittenhouse Square, is the truth. Plan accordingly.

Try to add Powell’s City of Books (more likely at Cedar Hills Crossing, but still…) – pretty please with bacon on top. We close to Portland always try to lure unsuspecting (usually suspecting) favorite authors with a bacon maple bar from Voodoo Doughnut. If it’s a day off of work, or a day I can manage to take off, I’ll bring you one, nay three, if you so desire. Or if you don’t like maple, I’ll bring you doughnuts of your choosing.

And here I’ll have to come try to see you at a book fair in NYC when I just want to find out if we knew each other at U of C, since we were in the same year. I should have gotten an autograph then–probably wouldn’t have been any line in 1987!

Getting married on the 9th but going to do my best to make it to Dayton to see you on the 7th with two of my groomsmen. I’ve never been to one of your appearances but I would imagine it’s something akin to a Justin Bieber concert with thousands of screaming fans chasing as you make an escape to your luxurious, window-tinted RV. Except in your case, the fans would be wearing red shirts. Hope to see you then!

I can’t believe I missed the Cambridge Signing. Darn My Luck. Just the way my month has been going. Loved Red Shirts. Flew through it. Creative, intelligent, geeky, funny,…I could go on and on…but I won’t. Let’s stick with Awesome.

I don’t know if you’ll read this, but have you ever read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead? It’s a lot like your book. Also, someday, if I actually become a writer (I haven’t gone to college yet, and all I’ve written so far are a few poems and some ideas), and I write screenplays (or at least scripts, and I’ll probably write at least one of one of them because it seems more natural to me than trying to find a clever/non-staid way of describing imagery, which I feel was my major flaw in the like 2 short stories I wrote in Creative Writing) then I may write a screenplay version of this book. It would actually be a pretty awesome one, though I would have to cut out that first scene, with the worms and shit. Maybe. Because it just seems awkward in terms of a movie, especially with having to do the voices and shit. Unless I make like cartoonish voices that yell at each other, kinda-sorta like devils on shoulders…

In any case, you’re awesome, Camouflage is one of my favorite novels, ciao.

And by ” ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead’… is a lot like your book” I don’t mean that it’s the same idea, as with all of those examples you listed in the first coda. I mean that it also has to do with questioning fate, identity, and what is real or not (i.e. if everyone says this one thing they saw was a unicorn, it becomes a unicorn even if it’s just a deer with an arrow in its head). If you haven’t read it, try it. It’s funny and stands up to analysis.

Also, I just read over what I wrote and realized how “darned” young I sound. Although I suppose the abuse of parentheses and weird trailing sentences could just be attributed to my personal style, sort of like Robin McKinley’s blog.

Do you actually have a place where I can send long diatribes that you’ll eventually stop reading but will provide an illusion of you actually giving a shit? Or should I just make a blog? Are wordpress blogs free to create and maintain?

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