A Quick Plug for 4th Street Fantasy Convention

As I have recently posted my Redshirts tour schedule, many of you know that I will be doing a stop at the Uncle Hugo’s book store in Minneapolis on Saturday, June 23rd. But I will also be at the Fourth Street Fantasy convention that entire weekend, hanging out with fantasy fans and writers like Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, Steven Brust, Emma Bull, Mary Robinette Kowal and many others. I will also be baking at least one Schadenfreude Pie. And, I am likely to bring either a ukulele or my tenor guitar with me to terrify everyone for a five mile radius join in with the communal music making which is undoubtedly going to take place.

Why not join us? It will be a whole lot of fun, and that’s not just the Schadenfreude Pie talking.

7 Comments on “A Quick Plug for 4th Street Fantasy Convention”

  1. Tangozulu

    Having just dropped a silly amount of money on the tenor guitar, I believe my musical instrument purchasing is maxed out for a bit. But thank you for your concern (and it is an awesome uke!).

  2. Six weeks. Now if I had a cigar box that wasn”t made of cardboard ….

  3. Sure, I leave MN for the barren tundra and this is what happens… If I go to Chicon I better see some tenor guitar pyrotechnics up on that podium to make up for this!

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