Almost Certain to Be My Next Author Photo

Because, honestly, now. Why wouldn’t it be. Terrify yourself with an even larger version.

In other news, I’m taking the weekend off. Clearly I have plans. See you all on Monday.

Quick Election 2012 Update: I Got Nothing

It was noted to me that I’ve been quiet about the election recently, to which I responded, what is there to say? Romney, who was going to be the nominee, is the nominee, and the selective amnesia that partisans undergo when the selection process is finally done is well underway. Obama’s doing his Obama thing. We have just over six months before the election. Polls, opinions and prognostications mean exactly squat. And, I’m working on a project, so my attention is elsewhere. Add it all up: Bupkis for now. I’m sure that will change sooner than later, but for now, enjoy the fallow period, hey?

“Ask Me Another” Debuts Today

PreĆ«minent geek musician — and close personal friendJonathan Coulton has a new project: A show on NPR called “Ask Me Another,” which as the NPR blurb describes it, is a show “that blends brainteasers and local pub trivia night with comedy and music.” And what is not to like there? Nothing, I say! Nothing at all. Here’s a page with even more description of the hijinx that will ensue.

It debuts today; where is it on your local affiliate’s schedule is up to them (it might air later in the weekend). And if you can’t find it there, here’s the podcast version. Why not listen to it? It’ll be the most fun you can have with your ears. Probably. Unless you’re getting an ear massage from [Insert Your Most Desired Object of Ear Lust Here]. In which case it’ll be number two. And that’s fine too.