“Ask Me Another” Debuts Today

Preëminent geek musician — and close personal friendJonathan Coulton has a new project: A show on NPR called “Ask Me Another,” which as the NPR blurb describes it, is a show “that blends brainteasers and local pub trivia night with comedy and music.” And what is not to like there? Nothing, I say! Nothing at all. Here’s a page with even more description of the hijinx that will ensue.

It debuts today; where is it on your local affiliate’s schedule is up to them (it might air later in the weekend). And if you can’t find it there, here’s the podcast version. Why not listen to it? It’ll be the most fun you can have with your ears. Probably. Unless you’re getting an ear massage from [Insert Your Most Desired Object of Ear Lust Here]. In which case it’ll be number two. And that’s fine too.

18 Comments on ““Ask Me Another” Debuts Today”

  1. So what do we do when NPR interviews us — and holds all rights to the broadcasts? I listen to NPR (and BBC) radio every day, but am troubled by that copyright provision. Could your agent negotiate to let you podcast your interview, when it comes, on that show or some other?

  2. Music/history: “Got to get down to it; Soldiers are gunning us down…” was a song named what, by a band called whom, commemorating which event of 4 May 1970?

  3. JVP:

    I’m not sure how that first question is on topic. The second: “Ohio” by CSNY. But let’s not do the quizzing here, please.

  4. Okay. I’ll wait for the weekend to listen. First-commenters risk being unclear of what is “on topic” even when you are this clear. I can’t point to NPR’s written copyright policy, merely what I’d heard from other authors, so my question was based on ignorance.I do wonder if Occupy will provoke a 2nd Kent State under, say, President Romney, so the song keeps ear-worming me today. Sorry.

  5. Well, it wasn’t (yet?) on my local NPR affiliate’s schedule, so I wrote to ask them. Thanks for the heads up, will definitely give the show a try.

  6. Cool – “Among the first stations to air Ask Me another … are … WCPN …” – Cleveland Rocks! 10 PM Friday nights

  7. Fourth of May, Fourth of May–
    “Ask Me Another” debuts today.

    Sorry, but I’ve had that pesky First of May song as an earworm for the last two days, when it is no longer the first of May (but try telling *that* to my subconscious), and I can only hope to get rid of it by spreading it around, with different words.

  8. Fourth of May, Fourth of May
    “Ask Me Another” debuts today.
    So go turn on your radio
    (or the podcast is okay)

    Scan for the station (they are ordered numerically)
    I want to see you laughing hysterically
    Put up your feet and trust yourself to let go
    End up the week with a crazy little thing by… Scalzi’s personal friend

  9. “Unless you’re getting an ear massage from [Insert Your Most Desired Object of Ear Lust Here].”

    “Beware the man who doesn’t make time for oo-mox.” (Rule of Acquisition #223)

  10. John, thank you for getting the word out. Enjoyed listening to this, esp. the segment featuring breakfast-cereal questions in haiku form (often reduced to snippets of hai' by one contestant’s lightning-fast responses). The sound quality was surprisingly good despite compression for podcasting or archival as a free download.

    AlanM: I liked your alt-lyric verses right up to the ellipsis, but the final three words made me waste much of a good beverage, thankyouverymuch.

  11. Wait wait. So you’re close friends with Amanda Palmer, AND Jonathon Coulton? And like 40 other well-known creatives I’ve seen you mention? (Okay, maybe 4, I’m bad at counting.) Is there like some club you hang out at John, or what?

  12. “Ask Me Another” is truly terrible, self conscious and smugly cute. It had me turning off the radio almost as quickly as Jonathan Schwarz.

  13. I’m firmly in the ‘it’s terrible’ camp. I heard the first show, which was contrived and lifeless. To be fair, host Ophira Eisenberg is perfectly pleasant. It’s the rest of the show I hated, especiallythe puzzle guy John Chineski (or however it’s spelled; I didn’t even bother Googling it). He periodically ruins the otherwise thoroughly enjoyable ‘A Way With Words’ so when I heard he was on AMA I just groaned. He should not be on the radio!!! There’s only one Will Shortz, John, so please stop trying to be him.

  14. NPR strikes out with Ask Me Another…easy trivia, boring hosts, vapid banter. They may be cultivating a younger audience, but they’re gonna lose longtime subscribers with this kind of crap.