42 was a pretty good year for me, I have to say; I did some good work, made the acquaintance (or better acquaintance) of some excellent people, and got to see a bit of the world. Let’s see what 43 has in store.

In other news, today is my birthday and I am also doing an appearance at the Massachusetts Library Association and I am also traveling back home so I will be able to share at least a tiny sliver of today with the family. All of which is to say I am mostly taking the day off from here. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I’ll wish you a belated birthday in person next weekend at the Nebula Weekend book signing- I’m so excited! And I won an ARC of Redshirts from Tor.com (which I hope you can sign) and I wanted to let you know that I LOVED it. It was sharp and funny and unexpectedly moving. Thank you for all your work and for sharing it with us.

  2. Happy birthday, John! It sounds like you’re enjoying it. Good for you. I’m sure the next year will be as good as or better than the last one.

  3. Happy B-day! I’m 43 as well. I REALLY, REALLY miss being 33, though.

  4. Happy birthday, John! But, wait a minute, you are no longer the answer. Is this at all troubling?

  5. Happy Birthday John! In my opinion, 43 was a pretty good year. Hope yours is too!

  6. Happy Birthday! As you are about 1 month older than me, I look to you to see what turning 43 will be like!

  7. Happy birthday. Hope your day is more magnificent than a horde of monkeys riding on a fleet of flying seal panda hybrids that fart out delicious apple pies.

  8. Hope your travel is smooth, your appearance goes well, and you have a great birthday with the family, John.

  9. Happy Birthday! I’m a decade + one day ahead of you. The road ahead looks pretty good. Enjoy!

  10. Happy birthday, Mr. Scalzi. It was a pleasure to meet you on your book tour this last year.
    Best to you and your family in the coming year.

  11. Happy Birthday John. I hope this year brings you fabulous success and tank-driving unicorns.

    Can’t wait to read Red Shirts… bring it on.

  12. Hope your 43 is better than mine was. That’s the year my wife invited me to seek alternate living arrangements.

  13. Happy Birthday, John. It just doesn’t seem like you should be that OLD, son! Love, Mom

  14. Happy birthday! *toots party horn, throws confetti* I hope it’s a very good year.

  15. Things to look forward to in your new year:
    Read glasses become more and more attractive.
    That weight you took off because strangely harder to keep off.
    WTF! Is that more grey hair? And why is it growing there?

    Happy Birthday and Many More

  16. Lang zal ze leven
    Lang zal ze leven
    Lang zal ze leven in de gloria
    In de gloria, in de gloria
    Hieperdepiep Hoera!!
    (That’s the dutch birthday song.)
    I turned 43 back in March– so far, so good. Happy Birthday!

  17. I knew something was missing from my morning!
    Very best wishes to you, hope this orbit will be interesting, productive and followed by many more – each different but better.


  18. Happy birthday and many, many more! Thank you for your books and Whatever! Greetings from Germany.

  19. Your resemblance to Lopsided Cat becomes more pronounced each year. Many happy returns of the day.

  20. Congratulations and Salutations!

    You caught me up again man!

    ….and, you’re no longer “The answer…..” (Oh, I see, you have already answered that… But you know, what? My whole circle of Geeky friends? They all had to endure that joke, so there it is.)

  21. Happy Birthday to you, and all the best to lord Zeus as well… he…in his heavenly abode.

  22. Happy Birthday! Glad you get to spend a bit of it with your family. Have an extra piece of cake, preferably one with lots of icing on it.

  23. Many happy returns, you fine Scalzi of a man. Remember: we do not stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing. Now go hit that ukulele!

  24. Happy Birthday! I’m just about to hit 42 myself, so I hope it’ll treat me as well as it seems to have treated you.

  25. You. With the beard! Happy birthday, sir! Have many more.

    Specifically so I can remain entertained ;)

  26. Happy Birthday & thank you again for offering one of the rare places on the internet where civility & intelligence (mostly) reign.

  27. Congratulations on your recent trip around the sun. Hope you stick around for more frequent flyer miles!!!

  28. Happy belated B-Day!

    I was on a self-enforced internet blackout yesterday for productivity reasons, so I’m sending you best wishes for another trip round the sun through the Time Tunnel to yesterday.

  29. Happy Belated Birthday John! 43 isn’t a bad number. This should be a prime year for you.

  30. Happy Belated Birthday, John! I remember 43, people were beginning to think about the Y2K problem.

  31. Yesterday I was between computers, but happy belated birthday. Hope you had a good one!

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