Daily Archives: May 11, 2012

The Big Idea: Joseph Nassise

Zombies are the chocolate. World War I is the peanut butter. In By the Blood of Heroes, Joseph Nassise is the guy who puts them together. How does it taste? JOSEPH NASSISE: I always swore I’d never write a zombie novel. I mean, come on, seriously. Rotting corpses with minimal intelligence endlessly wandering around with […]

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Still Life With Cat, Fuzzy and Redshirts

This mostly to establish that my first finished hardcover copy of Redshirts has arrived at the house. It looks fantastic, I have to say. And no, you can’t have it. I only have the one. It goes to Krissy. Because she has First Copy Privileges. I think we can all agree that is how it […]

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Best Mutant Cookies Ever

What was waiting for me when I got in at 1am: If you can’t read the note, it says: “Happy birthday!! We made you B-day cookies but mommy messed it up bad. The love is there. Mommy & Athena.” That’s right! The secret ingredient is love! And, uh, maybe too much milk. They still tasted […]

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