Still Life With Cat, Fuzzy and Redshirts

This mostly to establish that my first finished hardcover copy of Redshirts has arrived at the house. It looks fantastic, I have to say. And no, you can’t have it. I only have the one. It goes to Krissy. Because she has First Copy Privileges. I think we can all agree that is how it should be.

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  1. Agree that Redshirts looks fabulous. Congrats! Can’t wait to read. : )

    But what really has me in a tizzy is this: Where does Cat end and Fuzzy begin?!??!? #mindblown#

  2. I dunno about you, but I’d adore Mary RK for the gift of Papa Fuzzy ferever.

  3. “I only have the one. It goes to Krissy. Because she has First Copy Privileges. I think we can all agree that is how it should be.”

    That’s sorta like saying we all agree the Alpha wolf should get first dibs on the kill. It hardly matters what we think; that’s how it *is*, and we all should just look forward to the taste of leftovers.

  4. Yeah, what Bearpaw said. Regardless, even if I didn’t care about Krissy (perish the thought) and her place in the household pecking order, the deathglare from Fluffy would set me straight in a big hurry.

  5. Sure Krissy gets the first copy, right after Ghlaghghee is finished with it.

  6. I seriously doubt if that Ghlaghghee is going to give up that copy anytime soon. I don’t want to know what she’s going to do with the Fuzzies.

  7. Did I miss the announcement of the non-USA memorial? Since I’m in the US, I didn’t play, but I would have guessed the Frank Zappa Memorial in Vilnius, Lithuania. Just for the weirdness factor.

  8. I miss the running commentary from Chang who is not Chang.
    I suspect that some sort of detente has been worked out between the Fuzzies and Ghlaghghee; I wouldn’t care to cross either of them.

  9. I get why Krissy gets first dibs, not a problem. What is bugging me very badly at the moment is that the photo appears to be a family shot . . . there is a strong resemblance between the 3 beings . . . like a happy family grouping

  10. I’m guessing that she gets the authors’ autograph too.

    Looking forward to reading this one. Re-reading ‘The Last Colony’ now. Last time I read it I also skipped back-and-forth with ‘Zoe’s Tale’, made for some interesting cross-perspectives. Might make a good project…

    Random thought – why is ranch dressing with bacon *lower* in sodium (salt consciousness here) than regular ranch dressing?

  11. Is that the tiki doll thing that chased Karen Black around her apartment in “Trilogy of Terror”? Please get your cat out of there! :)

    Book looks great.

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