“Space Doggity” and “The Future Soon” Q&A at Tor.com

I’m off today being presidential (which includes chairing the SFWA business meeting, having a couple of other meetings, and then being part of the Nebula Awards Ceremony), so I won’t be around here much today. While I am out and about, why not check out the “Journey to Planet JoCo” interviews on Tor.com, in which I interview musician Jonathan Coulton about his science fiction-related music? Today’s track is “Space Doggity,” and yesterday’s track, if you missed it, is “The Future Soon.” There’s good stuff at both of those links.

Have fun with your Saturday. I’ll check in with you tomorrow.

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  1. 40th Caltech Alumni day for me, and my wife, 2nd day today (Saturday). The Science Fiction writers most mentioned by others to me at the 1st reunion day, yesterday, were my classmate David Brin (unable to attend. At Nebs?) and Sir Arthur C. Clarke. I saw one underclassman carrying a battered paperback Robert Jordan.

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