Daily Archives: May 21, 2012

Writer Beware Wins Blogging Award

The Writer Beware blog has been devoted for years to exposing scams aimed at writers, and now that work has paid off: The blog and its proprietor Victoria Strauss have won the Independent Book Blogger Award in the category of  “Publishing Industry.” This is pretty awesome. Here’s the official page with all the winners (and […]

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“Lowest Difficulty Setting Follow-Up” Now on Kotaku + Comment on Comments

Hey, remember that time I wrote a piece on how being a Straight White Male means you’re running through life on the lowest difficulty setting, and that piece was republished on the video game news site Kotaku? Well, now Kotaku has also republished my follow-up piece, minus one section that relates specifically to how I […]

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The Temp Set Up

After I lost my MacBook Air last week, I still needed a computer to do work while traveling and also at home, since I was using the laptop as my primary computer. But I didn’t want to spill out a serious amount of money, not only because there was (is) a chance the Air would […]

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