Writer Beware Wins Blogging Award

The Writer Beware blog has been devoted for years to exposing scams aimed at writers, and now that work has paid off: The blog and its proprietor Victoria Strauss have won the Independent Book Blogger Award in the category of  “Publishing Industry.” This is pretty awesome.

Here’s the official page with all the winners (and nominees), and here’s the press release, posted on the Writer Beware site itself.

Congratulations to Victoria Strauss! May you continue to vex and annoy scammers and scumbags who prey on writers. No doubt some of them are grinding their teeth at you winning this award. I say: Let them grind.

7 Comments on “Writer Beware Wins Blogging Award”

  1. Looks like the anonymous grinding has begun over at Writer Beware, and hilariously so.

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  3. Sincere congratulations to Victoria, Ann and Richard – what a tremendous service!