Redshirts Coming to the UK

We’re two weeks out from the US release of Redshirts, and I have some contracts in front of me, which means it’s a good time for some good news for those of you in the UK: There will be an official UK version of the book come November via Orion/Gollancz. Here’s the UK Amazon pre-order page; here’s the Waterstone’s page. It appears it will be available both in hardcover and paperback, so that’s excellent.

I’m very excited to have Redshirts natively in the UK, and with such an excellent publisher. Gollancz publishes some of my favorite writers, including Richard K. Morgan, Joe Abercrombie, Justina Robson and Patrick Rothfuss; it’s nice to join their club. Hopefully the wait for the book won’t be too long for you over there. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

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  1. Woo! and, indeed, Hoo! And yeah, Gollancz have done a lot of really good stuff within the genre, not just recent authors but their Masterworks reprints are normally awesom.

  2. so, I presume there is nothing precluding UK folks from buy on the American amazon site and having it shipped is there? I know I have done it in reverse when I want the latest Alastair Reynolds book.

  3. While I love to hear this news… got friends in and from the UK, I just hope Redshirts makes it to the SC. While I still gots cash-money and all. ;-)

  4. Isn’t some guy named Scott Lynch affiliated with Gollancz. Maybe Redshirts needs a special “editor” for the UK edition…

  5. When I was young a long long time ago, Gollancz and science fiction were pretty much synonymous. You are in great company.

    No sign of a kindle edition on that ordering page, though, which I hope is just a symptom of publication here still being six months away, rather than anything really stupid, like there being no kindle edition.

  6. I actually feel a little sorry for the UK distributors. By the time they release the book anyone who wanted to get a copy will have gotten one from Amazon.

  7. There will definitely be a UK Kindle edition – and iBooks, epub, etc. Data for eBooks tends to show up on UK retailer sites much closer to publication than it does for printed books, but we’ll endeavour to get it showing for pre-order as early as possible. (Please forgive the commercial intrusion, John, but I figured your UK readers would want to know. Also: your book, after all. Also also: welcome to Gollancz!)

  8. I’m also a big fan of Richard Morgan. Point Carbon was probably one of the best sci-fi book I’ve read in the last couple of years.

  9. So the American Red*shirts* are invading the UK? Isn’t that a rather long time to hold a grudge?

    The Redshirts are coming! The Redshirts are coming!

  10. Is there any connection to the Redshirts card game they just announced on ThinkGeek?

  11. I live in the UK and I work in a bookshop, which means that:
    -I’ll be able to order it and display it, and
    -It will probably do well (Old Man’s War certainly does).

    Great news.

  12. Thanks to Darren for the kindle info.
    And while I am wholly unqualified to put words into our host’s mouth, I suspect from everything else I read round here that people providing information about how to spend money on his books do not make themselves unwelcome.

  13. Great. Now I just have to have the strength of will not it to buy it from up the us in the meantime

  14. John, since you were at the Bookexpo presentation about Tor’s DRM-free ebooks annoucenment (which I’m very excited about!), can you say if the Gollancz UK edition will also be available DRM-free?

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