Redshirts Tour Chicago Area Stop: Please Register!

Folks, if you were planning to come see me on the Redshirts Tour Chicago Area stop (it’ll be at the Indian Trails Public Library in Wheeling, IL), you should know that it’s a free event but that you’ll need to register, so they have some idea of how many people are going to show up.

Here is the online registration form. Please use it and make the folks who are hosting me happy. I thank you in advance, and please let other folks you know who are planning to attend know about it as well. Thanks again.

6 Comments on “Redshirts Tour Chicago Area Stop: Please Register!”

  1. Doh! Same day as Jenny Lawson’s tour hits Chicago… downtown at 2:00. Wonder if I can make it from there to Wheeling before you teleport away (or however it is you big-time authors move around the country).

  2. I graduated high school at Wheeling. I’ll be quite happy never to return to Wheeling ever again. That was 33 years ago. It might not be so awful now, but wouldn’t want to chance it so soon.

  3. Letting our book group know — as a librarian, I totally understand why they’re asking for registration (so they can set up the space properly). Thanks for the info!!

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