Daily Archives: May 28, 2012

Redshirts at Wired’s GeekDad and GeekMom

Today Redshirts gets a double dosage of geek parental attention at Wired.com: GeekDad runs an interview with me about the book, in which I talk about writing about red shirts and the role of humor in science fiction, while GeekMom notes Redshirts in an article about what the site’s contributors are reading. The takeaway from […]

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Planet JoCo Nears Its Climax

The wife just came into the room and said: “I am doing things today. You are going to help me. There’s a lot of stuff. It will take up most of your day. Say goodbye to your Internet friends.” So, uh, goodbye, Internet friends. Whilst I am away, helping out the wife in the many […]

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