Daily Archives: May 30, 2012

Dayton and College Graduates

The New York Times comes to visit Dayton, whose metropolitan area I am (barely) a resident, and to use it as a poster child for the sort of formerly prosperous manufacturing city that is now fighting to retain and attract college graduates who see New York, San Francisco or even Raleigh as a better place to […]

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And Now My Favorite Track From the New Garbage Album

It’s “Big Bright World”: The whole new album is pretty darn good, I have to say. I’m a Garbage fan since the first album, and there’s not really an album of theirs I don’t like. They pretty much hit all my “This is my music” triggers and always have. There’s something to be said for […]

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Some Administrivia Regarding The Site

This is one of those housekeeping posts, mostly of interest to me and the perhaps three people out of the entire audience who give a crap about the fiddly things I do to the site. Hello, fellow OCDians! Anyway: 1. I fiddled with the sidebar slightly today, to put up a promo spot for Redshirts, […]

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The Big Idea: Mark L. Van Name

Contrary to what the Beatles once said, love is not all we need. But it’s still high up there on the list. What does this have to do with No Going Back, the latest science fiction novel by Mark Van Name? Quite a lot, actually. MARK L. VAN NAME: I never set out to make […]

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