7th Grade is Over. Now It is Time to Eat Frosting With a Spoon

What? It is not customary in your tribe to eat frosting with a spoon upon the completion of the 7th grade? Strange tribe. Strange customs. We will keep ours.

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  1. Is there another way to eat frosting?

    *plans a frosting eating celebration for this evening*

  2. School is done in Ohio *already*?? Man, my kids still have 2 weeks to go here in NH, and they started before Labor Day. Back-to-school day in Bradford must be in mid-August or something. That said, I believe that frosting on graham crackers is better than frosting with a spoon, but to each their own…

  3. PLEASE don’t tell my 7th grader about this – she finishes in 2 weeks. The younger siblings would clamor to join in, and certainly one of them WOULD finish the can & not come down off the sugar high before July.

  4. Man, Jim Van pelt announces that school is done like 2 weeks ago (he’s also a teacher), and then you post this. You Americans live in a very different world, I dare say. June 27 is Brennan’s last day for grade 7, Aidan’s the day before (although he probably has a week of exams leading up to that day). The good news is, I get to tell my boys and make them all peevish about this.

  5. Daughter just finished 5th grade yesterday. She got chocolate milkshake, Portal 2 game, and crossed bandoliers with matching holsters and belt for her Steampunk Ms. Martian costume. ACE is just two weeks away.

  6. Oh yeah, in Abq school district, school starts Aug. 10. Works out; the kids get the nice part of summer off.

  7. Ah, in our tribe we eat frosting at the end of 8th grade as a celebratory gesture. Then the teens continue to eat it regularly throughout high school to stay awake. Once they become adults, they then take out large loans to pay the dentists to repair the damage they inflicted upon themselves.

    It’s weird, but it seems to work out. Especially for the dentists.

  8. Tomorrow’s my son’s last day of seventh grade. We will celebrate by buying something from the paletas man on our way off the campus. He rides up every day in his bike with the cooler and the jingling bells. My kids can’t have ice cream every afternoon, but tomorrow will definitely be an exception.

  9. I tried to convince my parents to let me do that two years ago. They wouldn’t let me touch the icing unless it was going on a cake.

  10. Frosting applied by spoon to graham crackers qualified as a meal in my college days

  11. My sons graduate tomorrow, not just fitth and eigth grade, but elementary and middle school respectively. (My elder son is about two weeks older than Athena, but a grade-up schoolwise). Plus their Dad comes home after a month long out-of-country trip. The familial celebration will involve an ice-cream parlor, followed by a mass-family purchase-and-play of Diablo 3.

  12. Wow… in Canada we have 10 months solid of school. I’m hiding this post from my kids who still have 4 weeks to go. (that being said our last day of school celebrations involve going to the book store to buy many $$$ of summer reading material either before or after a big dinner out to celebrate report cards)

  13. Our tribe consumes raw Pound Cake batter. Flour, eggs, butter, sugar, and vanilla. Yum!

  14. Quick, while she’s amped up on sugar, put her on the lawnmower and get her to work on that golf course of yours.

  15. Pfft. Kroger? Plain? Betty Crocker Lemon Supreme. Now that’s frosting.

  16. Chocolate, man. Or German Chocolate Cake frosting. Or, in a pinch, Cream Cheese frosting. But plain Vanilla? Your ways are truely strange.

    But congratulations anyway.

  17. What Nightsky said.

    Of course, now that I’m a mature adult, I no longer wash down the cookie dough with Mountain Dew …

    “No, Officer, I’mnotstrungoutonupperswhyeverwouldyouthinksuchathing?”

  18. Your tribal custom is just plain silly. One should not need a reason to eat frosting with a spoon. Just do it. :-P

  19. I humbly suggest trying replacing the spoon with pretzel sticks; you will not be disappointed!

  20. Congratulations!!

    Also I wanted to say that the custom is great and should continue – a few weeks ago I celebrated finishing nursing school by eating frosting with a spoon, because Thai food was delicious but I have it all the time. But cream cheese frosting with a spoon? THAT is a celebration.

  21. Congratulations, Athena! Let the forgetting of all things learned this year commence…

  22. It is customary in our tribe to eat frosting without a spoon. Not necessarily because of the end of a particular grade, but that can be as good a reason as any! Also, lately, our frosting has been made from scratch –by our 11-year-old daughter. The end of 7th grade happened eight years ago for my twins and won’t happen for another 2 years for my youngest –the aforementioned frosting maker (who makes cakes and cupcakes from scratch to go with them).

  23. I’m the enabler of cookie dough in our family. Frosting does make its way into our house occasionally. Nice to be able to celebrate the end of seventh grade! My high school boy just graduated on Saturday. Afterwards, he practically ran out the door with food in a cooler to attend an airsoft event. Silly kids and their priorities!

  24. Heathens. Like IntrovertedAnalysis, the correct foodstuff is Nutella or some some other Gianduja confection, and the more base members of our tribe use pretzel rods, and bear no shame from our decadence.

    However, enjoy your heathen celebration as thou wilt, for it’s certainly been earned.

  25. I am also of the pretzel stick persuasion. Alton Brown has an episode of “Good Eats” where he explains in his delightfully manic, food-science-geek way about why very sweet things taste so much better combined with a bit of saltiness.

  26. Frosting out of a CAN? Strange are the ways of your tribe, although one must admit that perhaps time constraints or general interest levels or such-like might make this canned substance more easily achieved than, say, cheesecake filling, which is one of those things I have trouble NOT eating with a spoon so that I will have sufficient of it to actually put into the crust and bake.

    Also favored are spoonsful of peanut butter dipped in honey; Nutella from the jar; cookie dough; and the pumpkin custard my mom would make as pumpkin-pie filling. I would carefully scrape every possible atom of said custard out of the Dutch oven after Mom filled the pie crusts, and savor it.

    One would think this action of eating stuff with spoons would also work with the filling for Schadenfreude Pie, but perhaps no one Athena disliked strongly was being held back, hence the schadenfreudenation was not necessary…

    Ye gods, I’m hungry.

  27. An interesting custom, Mr. Scalzi. I may have to institute it, should I ever have a child graduating from the seventh grade.

  28. Congratulations on completing 7th grade, Athena. But I should point out that you’re not doing it right, my dear. If you are going to be celebrating, you need to do it with Chocolate Fudge or Coconut Pecan frosting. Now, go get a can of the proper frosting, and do this right.

  29. Oh men they may never truly appreciate the wonders of straight frosting. I pity you

  30. My nephew also just completed 7th grade, and I just sent a link for this entry to my sister-in-law, telling her that said nephew needs to read this entry.

  31. Yes, here in Canada we have 4 more weeks of school. I haven’t a clue what the kids do when it’s over, but the teachers generally consume much wine and beer. And we blow up things.

    (Canada Day is 2 days after the last day of school)

  32. Is it really true that girls eat desserts when they are stressed because when u read the word stressed backwards it spell stressed???

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