Possibly the Most Squeetastic Review I Will Ever Receive

It is here. I am pleased the reviewer got so much out of the book; she is very much the audience for it.

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  1. “Kerensky said, and threw the shuttle into a reverse Fibonacci spiral”

    Technobabble is perfectly suited to you, John.

  2. I’m glad I didn’t rush to use my 25$ bookstore giftcard I got at Christmas. In all honesty, I did not enjoy Old Man’s War as much as I would have liked to enjoy (it’s not a bad book, it just didn’t click with me, but I haven’t read the sequels yet) but I read the Android’s Dream in like 3 days. I really enjoy your writing in this comico-parody-sci-fi context (and on Whatever of course), so I look forward to buying and reading Redshirts.

  3. That review was awesome as if i needed any more reason to buy it. also, John, well done and thank you.

  4. I really enjoyed the book too – and for all the same reasons – but I agree the ending may polarise opinions.

    What’s next from the fecund mind of our host I wonder?

    Note: I really hope fecund means what I think it does!

  5. On the strength of this review alone I have already downloaded the amazon preview, and I’m looking forward to the 5th.

  6. I am almost positive someone in the East Marietta (Ga.) Thursday Lady’s Book Club said almost the EXACT SAME THING about Jonathan Franzen’s last book.

  7. Scalzi, you bastard. Quit teasing us. I have an Audible credit and I’m not afraid to use it. Holding on to it until June 5th is going to kill me.

  8. nice review, book sounds great. But, really…. sounded like a major fangirl. She post here by chance?

  9. I have to say, I think that review is far better than a “proper review” could ever be. I mean, come on. An open love letter? Fantastic. Can’t wait to read the book.

  10. [Deleted because off topic to the thread. Dude, there’s a thing called e-mail. Use it. Also, changed the name of the (pseudonymous) poster to more accurately reflect the comment’s tone – JS]

  11. [Deleted because it is a response to a deleted post. Sorry, Gulliver – JS]

  12. Dear Mr Scalzi

    This is frustrating the hell out of some of us. Come 5 June I’m sure that when I look for the Kindle version of Redshirts I will see a little box containing text to he effect that it is not available to me. I probably won’t be able to buy a hard copy from them, either. The local iBooks store says it will be available from 15 November. The local bookstore can’t give me a release date. This is the publishing ghetto that is Australia – at least if you want anything other than paranormal romance, Bryce bloody Courtney (look it up) or fifty shades of crap. I beg you to preface future posts on this and other new books with a warning: “The following may cause acute distress to Antipodean readers.”

  13. Nice review, I think she liked it.
    I’m not going to buy it June 5 from B&N here in St. Cloud, or any other retailer. I will wait until the 23rd, when I will purchase it from Uncle Hugo’s in Minneapolis (you know, supporting the independent bookstore thing). Oh the agony of suspense. I’ll survive though – I’ve been waiting for the book since hearing John’s reading more than a year ago at Minicon. I have refrained from reading the first four chapters that are out there, as then I would be driven crazy with anticipation for the rest of the book.

  14. @whatever indeed, 12:06

    Since it appears Phil’s a Minnesotan, it’s not Uncle Hugo that’s waiting until the 23rd–it’s Mr. Royce who’ll be in Minneapolis on the 23rd. It’s a decent hour-plus drive (with crapshoot traffic) to get from St. Cloud to Minneapolis, so it’s probably the next time he’ll be in the Twin Cities to stock up on the Uncle Hugo’s goodness.

  15. Janice, you are correct. What with business travel, work, recreation, and family stuff, the 23rd is my earliest good opportunity to get to Uncle Hugo’s. I will be down in the Cities the weekend of the 16th and 17th for family stuff, and so may be able to squeeze in the time to get to the bookstore, but I doubt it. The 23rd is also the evening that Mr. Scalzi will be at Uncle Hugo’s, so I know I’ll be there then. I’m a big boy, and can wait until then to read Redshirts. All of you who will be there will be able to recognize me because I’ll be wearing THE RED SHIRT.

  16. I am about to explode with excitement after reading this review. I am going to buy The Book next week, and then vault it with my mother until June is over, and I have met all my deadlines. She has had to do that with other Scalzi books for me. While she doesn’t understand the lure of SF and F, she does respect it…. Thanks John!!!! Now I know for sure everything will get done!!!

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