A Cool Million

As of about right this very second, Whatever’s stats package recorded a million views this month. Thanks for visiting, folks. Come again.

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  1. Just curious, for those who subscribe via email do you get ‘a hit’ when an email is sent to them, or just if they click through?

  2. secondgenfan:

    It only records those who land on the site (and not even all of those, since other stats packages I’ve used record substantial variances from the WordPress stat package). My assumption is that the total readership/views of Whatever, via e-mail, rss, etc, is between 40% to 100% higher than what’s recorded by the stats package.

  3. Surely there has to be a way for you to monetize your page-views. Maybe you could accept advertising from male enhancement pills, baldness cures and weight loss fad diets.

  4. Hi and congratulations on hitting the million mark. I found your blog due to your awesome posts comparing privilege to easy mode. After that I checked out your work and decided to read regularly. I know you got a lot of different kinds of feedback for those posts, but please be aware that at least one person on the internet thinks you said something really important in a great new way and is sticking around and see what else you have to say.

  5. Very cool. I’m sure it was due largely to ‘Straight White Male’ going viral, but it seems to me that you’ve had other controversial posts distributed widely before, yet this month appears to have crushed the previous record- any speculation (or data) why?

  6. I receive many of your posts via email and only come to the site to make or read comments. Is this included in the stats? I’m sure there are many others in the same situation.

    Congrats!! All those zeros are a wonderful thing:)

  7. Ahhh, my bad. I committed the crime of not reading all the comments FIRST. Apologies!!

  8. Tom’s right, with a slight modification. “Maybe you could accept advertising for badger enhancement pills, badger baldness cures and weight loss fad diets involving badgers chasing kittens”.

  9. Yeah, the SWM thread caught my eye.. and kept me coming back for more.(Mostly lurking though) Congrats on the 1M mark.

  10. A million, eh? It’s getting a bit too popular around here, so I’m not sure it’s cool to hang around anymore. Maybe I’ll go find some less popular (and therefore, you know, cooler) place to hang.

  11. That’s awesome John. Congratulations!
    Just as comparison, my much, much more modest blog will probably reach 23,000 for the month of May – which is the highest it’s ever gotten, but then I have only really been active for 1 1/2 years.
    I’m sure the “Easy Mode” post helped a lot. Just out of curiousity what was your previous monthly best total?

  12. You hit a million views, Amanda hit a million dollars in her Kickstarter. It’s a million milestone month! and then Redshirts will sell a million copies! These things happen in threes, you know. (nodding mysteriously)

  13. Does this mean Whatever readers can act smug around the One Million Moms? I’d really like to.

  14. EOTU@9:14PM — not all of us enjoy the benefit of a decade-long blogging track record, which is to say that I think what it all boils down to is that John’s put a lot of effort into enlarging Whatever’s web footprint by being consistent with his scheduled output, disciplined in his work habits, while displaying a natural gift for clever commentary, and knowing when and how to pick certain fights on certain topics. That, and he knows quite well everyone loves cats. Just like everyone loves (or hates) a lot of things. If it’s potentially viral — one way or another — John is usually there, his finger on the pulse. Damn him. Damn him to hell. He was on the train before most of us even knew the train existed. I salute his acumen, even if I bicker with him occasionally on specific points — and usually lose.

  15. @Brad R. Torgersen- I understand and I was just being an ass. I am quite content with the 1 or 2 visits I get a week. There’s also the fact that Scalzi is an accomplished author and I am just a weird guy writing strange short fiction every now and then.

  16. Two rhetorical questions:
    Why do I feel like $1 has changed hands recently?
    If John Scalzi is Mortimer, who is Randolf?