Daily Archives: June 2, 2012

Bags: Packed

The first leg of my book tour travel begins Sunday morning, when I travel to NYC. Monday I have business meetings with my publisher and some other folks; Tuesday is when things kick off with a panel at Book Expo America. Wednesday I have signings and then an event in Philadelphia. Then I come back […]

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Jonathan Coulton’s “Redshirt”: Get It Now For $1 (Cheap!)

You’ve heard the song, seen the tribute video, caught the song live and even endured my ukulele cover version. Now you may buy Jonathan Coulton’s fantastic new song “Redshirt” to have for your own forever, for just $1, off of Coulton’s own site. And while you’re there you can can pick up other songs and […]

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“Redshirt” by Jonathan Coulton – LIVE

Captured last night at JoCo’s Boston gig by YouTube user “aforgottentune,” who has my thanks. Also, in the category of Random Writer Sightings, I swear I see Shira Lipkin bopping along in the lower left of the frame from time to time. If not her, someone who looks a bit like her. And to the […]

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If We Were a Nerd Supergroup We’d Be, Like, Bad English

Get it? Because we’re all writers? Get it? Get… aw, hell. Just, you know. Never mind. That’s me, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day and Pat Rothfuss, hanging about at the Origins Game Fair last night. The three of them were actual guests of the game fair; I and Krissy drove up to Columbus last night to […]

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