Jonathan Coulton’s “Redshirt”: Get It Now For $1 (Cheap!)

You’ve heard the song, seen the tribute video, caught the song live and even endured my ukulele cover version. Now you may buy Jonathan Coulton’s fantastic new song “Redshirt” to have for your own forever, for just $1, off of Coulton’s own site. And while you’re there you can can pick up other songs and albums of his for stinkin’ cheap. It’s a fantastic way to top off your Coulton collection.

So get it! NOW. That is all.

4 Comments on “Jonathan Coulton’s “Redshirt”: Get It Now For $1 (Cheap!)”

  1. Should you manage to have a snafu while dealing with the website, not only is it dealt with quickly and courteously, but it’s handled by Joco’s disfigured henchman, Scarface.

    You know, I’ve studied ITIL Best Practices, but they never mentioned disfigured henchmen. That’s clearly an oversight!

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