“Redshirt” by Jonathan Coulton – LIVE

Captured last night at JoCo’s Boston gig by YouTube user “aforgottentune,” who has my thanks.

Also, in the category of Random Writer Sightings, I swear I see Shira Lipkin bopping along in the lower left of the frame from time to time. If not her, someone who looks a bit like her.

And to the folks who w00ted when Jonathan mentioned the book: Awwwww. Thanks.

7 Comments on ““Redshirt” by Jonathan Coulton – LIVE”

  1. Just imagine if Will Smith had happened to be reading a copy of Redshirts at some point in MIB III. Product placement FTW! With all the positive press you are getting, I sense a NYT bestseller.

  2. As a guy whose furlough started today, and whose preorder won’t arrive for days yet, I just wanted to say Phhhhhpppptttt!

  3. I don’t know if Shira Lipkin made it. She posted that she and her husband were EXHAUSTED, and, much as they WANTED to go, they were to selling their tickets.

  4. (My boyfriend, actually; my husband just hates loud gatherings, so he was never going to go.)

    We did have tickets, but we’re still in sluggish post-Wiscon recovery, so we sold them to someone who’d never seen JoCo before! That’s a phantom Shira, or an echo from the last JoCo concert. :)

  5. I was delighted (and highly amused) that when I sat down for the Philly JoCo show last night, the folks already at my table were deep in conversation and the first phrase I caught was “…Scalzi’s reading…”

    The show was glorious (and the venue itself superb), with one of the higlights being the ~10 year-old who got to wear his Redshirt *on stage* and duet as the robot on Chiron Beta Prime – the whole thing would have wiped out much of Pennsylvania, were it that geekitude had a critical mass.

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