“Redshirt” by Jonathan Coulton – LIVE

Captured last night at JoCo’s Boston gig by YouTube user “aforgottentune,” who has my thanks.

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Also, in the category of Random Writer Sightings, I swear I see Shira Lipkin bopping along in the lower left of the frame from time to time. If not her, someone who looks a bit like her.

And to the folks who w00ted when Jonathan mentioned the book: Awwwww. Thanks.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

7 replies on ““Redshirt” by Jonathan Coulton – LIVE”

(My boyfriend, actually; my husband just hates loud gatherings, so he was never going to go.)

We did have tickets, but we’re still in sluggish post-Wiscon recovery, so we sold them to someone who’d never seen JoCo before! That’s a phantom Shira, or an echo from the last JoCo concert. :)

I was delighted (and highly amused) that when I sat down for the Philly JoCo show last night, the folks already at my table were deep in conversation and the first phrase I caught was “…Scalzi’s reading…”

The show was glorious (and the venue itself superb), with one of the higlights being the ~10 year-old who got to wear his Redshirt *on stage* and duet as the robot on Chiron Beta Prime – the whole thing would have wiped out much of Pennsylvania, were it that geekitude had a critical mass.

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