Talking About Tor’s DRM-Free Policy

In case you were wondering how I spent my afternoon, it was at Book Expo America, helping explain Tor’s decision to go DRM-free. also took the time to announce its upcoming DRM-free bookstore, which will go live later this summer. The details of the event are here, and worth reading about. I will note (as I noted in my speech at the event) that I was appearing and speaking only as myself and not as the President of SFWA; my personal remarks do not reflect SFWA policy.

Also a reminder that when Redshirts comes out tomorrow (in less than four hours time!) in the US and Canada, its eBook will be completely DRM-free, no matter which retailer you get it from.

12 Comments on “Talking About Tor’s DRM-Free Policy”

  1. So what you are saying is that rather than sleeping and waiting for the book to arrive tomorrow AM, I could buy a digital copy tonight. And yes, I have already read the free chapters which were posted.

    To wait or not to wait.

  2. Good to see a picture of Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow together, since co-writing Rapture of the Nerds. I can’t wait till its launch. It should be an interesting read. Redhirts is a given, really looking forward to reading it on my new iPad. Retinal display . . .

  3. A trip to the bookstore tomorrow might not be out of place. I tried sweet talking the ladies at the nearest Coles last week to see if I could get one early, but they didn’t appear to have any around. Hopefully the larger Chapters will have a copy or two. (fingers crossed)

  4. The picture would have been more amusing if the four of you had been rearranged somewhat.

  5. At Shirley: Scalzi in a red shirt? Well, I think their plan was that if the crowd turns into wolves, Scalzi gets thrown at them by mighty Strossian thews, and then the rest run for the Torcopter.

    I don’t know how publishing works, but surely there’s a copter there somewhere. And black robes; I’m pretty sure about those. And hamst— wait, I’m thinking about McDonald’s again.

  6. The question is, will I be able to resist reading Redshirts until vacation in two weeks? Or will the lure of the unread Scalzi be too much to resist?
    And so nice to see you dressed appropriately for the occassion.
    On a side note, I’ve had occassion to work with Fritz over the years and he’s a great guy.

  7. Just a statement about my laziness.
    I’ll always do whatever will be easiest for me to do,
    except when I make a horribly stupid mistake.

    In the case of “Redshirts” what I did was almost
    nothing: I’ll get it soon from the SFBC.

    Currently, I have rice and beans and chicken and
    mesquite rub and a couple of dollars so paying for
    the book is easy.
    I /so/ do not have mac and “cheese” with chunks of
    0.29 per pound hotdogs in.
    Guy at the bus stop had issues with rice, and perhaps
    wished for M&C.
    I have issues with M&C. Him not shutting up about
    how much he hated rice made me think that maybe
    Mom was rich ’cause of her buying Mac and cheese.

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