Reminder to Philadelphia: I AM COMING

Today and tomorrow morning I am doing Redshirts-related things at BEA here in New York City, but tomorrow evening, June 6 — at 6:30! — I will be at the Barnes & Noble at Rittenhouse Square for the first public appearance on my book tour. There will be readings of upcoming work, special awesome guests and if someone dares to bring a ukulele, I may even sing “Redshirt,” although I probably won’t then mime being consumed by a Borgovian land worm. Probably. Also, of course, I will sign all your books. Even the ones I didn’t write. Because, you know. Why the hell not.

So, Philadelphia: Come see me! You’re going to come see me, right? Oh god please come see me. And bring every other single person you’ve ever met in your life. We’ll have fun. Promise.

16 Comments on “Reminder to Philadelphia: I AM COMING”

  1. … although I probably won’t then “mime” being consumed….. Did you mean “mind”? Feel free to delete this post.

  2. I’d drive down and see you, if it weren’t for the transpacific waterway in my way. Damn the Pacific! I haven’t been to a book signing in years. I’m heading back soon, though. I went to a few book signings in Vancouver back years back, including William Gibson, Clive Barker, Robert J. Sawyer, and Spider Robinson. I’d love to attend THIS signing. I have a good feeling about REDSHIRTS. Many do.

  3. jesilipp – I'm a college student at the University of Kansas and after I graduate will be going to seminary to become an elder in the United Methodist Church. I am also a writer of science fiction and fantasy and a lover of theatre.
    Jesi Pershing

    Normally this is where I would say “sigh, I wish you were coming to Kansas City.” Except I don’t normally actually post those comments on author’s blogs, because I understand why you aren’t in Kansas City, and that commenting here doesn’t do anything.

    But since I’m in Kauai on my honeymoon, I’m going to say “sigh, I wish you would stop by a bookstore here in Kauai on your tour. Or another one of the islands, I’m not picky.”

    Don’t you wish you were stopping by Kauai, too? :)

  4. I suggest a quick roam through all four floors of the Anthropologie store down the block, at the northeastern corner of the square; used to be an Urban Outfitters many years ago – a long-ago mansion with many interesting features remaining.

  5. traemurnane – I write things. Now I want to share them. Hope you like them. Tea's my drug of choice, dogs are my spirit animals. I collect pretty rocks, hike and garden. Books are my kryptonite.

    Scalzi in Philly, The Bloggess in Watchung, NJ, Kid getting ready for surgery. Choices, Make them I must.
    The kid trumps Scalzi and the Bloggess. Dammit.

  6. Had fun at your appearance in Philly tonight, John. Thanks for the Bradbury tribute, the Big Secret Thing, the sketch with Paul and all the rest. See you at Chicon!

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