Dear Dayton, Ohio: YOU ARE SO VERY NEXT

Just a reminder to people living and and near the Dayton, Ohio metropolitan area: Tomorrow, June 7 at 7pm, I will be at Books & Co in the Greene. I will be browsing for books! And also reading and answering questions and signing books and attacking random passersby with spoons, and, you know, stuff like that.

Are you coming? You’re totally coming. And you’re bringing the whole family! Because I am wholesome family entertainment. And you’re bringing all your goth friends! Because I am super-pale moody and brooding (well, super pale, at least). And you’re bringing a giraffe! Because you know what, I’ve never seen a live giraffe in a bookstore, and I think that would be cool.

So: Dayton. Books & Co in the Greene. 7pm. Thursday. Families! Goths! Giraffes! Spoons! You will so very be there.

Cincinnati, don’t get cocky: You’re next after Dayton.

16 Comments on “Dear Dayton, Ohio: YOU ARE SO VERY NEXT”

  1. I so want to find one of those giant spoons (the likes which not even God has seen!) that my mom had hanging on the wall of her kitchen back in the 70’s. If said spoon were within my power I would definitely drive over to Dayton tomorrow evening to do battle with The Scalzi on the Greene.

    When does Columbus get it’s turn?

  2. I’ll be there tomorrow. I might have to make a thrift store run this evening to find one of those giant spoons that @Benn mentioned. Just think, giant spoons – the new Jedi light sabers.

  3. John, I want to let you know how disappointed I am that your visit to Lexington, KY coincides with the birth of my first child.

    I’d try to skip out to get a book signed, but I’m pretty sure my absence would be noticed :(

  4. This post is slightly creepy and makes me wonder if John and I share a brain. I am coming to the signing in Houston on Saturday. I am bringing my family to the signing. My daughter sometimes has goth tendencies. My wife and daughter are both pale. My son’s favorite toy (which I’m sure we’re bringing) is a squeaky giraffe. So yeah…

  5. SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! (am i the only one who thought of the tick when he said that?)

  6. Any idea how long you’ll be at the Coop in Cambridge? Sadly, I can’t make 7:00.

  7. I’ve been to Dayton before. It was raining, and the airline had to stop over in Flint Michigan for the night because Dayton was also foggy. But if you come to San Francisco, I’ll try to remember to bring the giraffe (unless you’re at Borderlands, which is too crowded for animals larger than the cats or Fluffy Cthulhu.)

  8. I’ll be there, along with my mommy. Last time (same place) she came along for the ride, and when I asked her afterward she said, “Well, that was……um, different.” Must have been a good different, because she wants to come along again. Or maybe her memory is just going fast.

    If we bring spoons, can we get those autographed too?

  9. You’re not planning on doing a signing in Hawaii in the next week or so are you?

  10. I remember the local “Books in the Green” as being in
    Centerville which is, IIRC, a set of residences and shops
    that you can’t get to from anywhere because of how
    turn offs to get to the shops can’t be turned to.

    A quick google maps search tells me that their isn’t one in
    Centerville, but may be two in nearby communities, both of
    which I don’t wish to try to get to. was not a useful

  11. What happened to the were-badgers? Did the giraffes eat them?
    Enquiring minds want to know!


  12. I read this after a discussion with friends about the old arcade “Rampage” and made me laugh. I’m guessing you’re the Lizard, John?

  13. I will be there with family in tow. This includes father (who introduced me to SF at a tender young age) and daughter who will be introduced to SF once she grasps the whole how to read thing.

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