Daily Archives: June 7, 2012

Dear Cincinnati: Save Me From Abject and Total Humilation Tomorrow

See, Cincinnati, here’s the thing: I’m coming to do an appearance at Joseph-Beth Booksellers tomorrow, June 8, at 7pm. Coincidentally, a friend of mine from college is coming into Cincinnati and she offhandedly noted she heard I was going to be in town to do my performing monkey bit, so of course I told her […]

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What Happens in the Acela Quiet Car Stays in the Acela Quiet Car, Unless Twitter is Involved

Yesterday I traveled from New York City to Philadelphia on the train, specifically Amtrak’s Acela high-speed train. The comparent I ended up sitting in was the “Quiet Car,” i.e., the one in which you don’t use your cell phone to make calls and otherwise keep things down to a murmur. Naturally, I went on Twitter […]

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Philadelphia in the Books

Last night was the first public night of the tour, at the Barnes & Noble in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. The place was jammed, which makes me happy, although I suppose that’s no fun for the people who had to stand. Sorry, folks. As Philadelphia is the first stop of the tour, the folks who […]

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