Dear Chicago: I’M BACK, BABY.

Oh, Chicago (by which I mean the larger Chicagoland area). You know I love you. Those four years we had together in college? Magical. All the conventions and concerts and weekend getaways? Even more magicaler. The fact I will be back at the end of August to be Toastmaster of Chicon 7, this year’s Worldcon? Perhaps the most magicalist of all.

But for all the things we’ve done together, there’s one thing we haven’t done: An actual, bona fide, heavens-to-Betsy book tour appearance.

How did we miss doing that? Given our history, it just seems silly that this is something we haven’t done. I say, time to make that happen. And make it happen we shall. And it will be full of magicalosity.

So be there, tomorrow, Sunday June 10, 3pm at the Indian Trails Library in Wheeling. It’s free but you’ll need to register (so they know how many chairs to put out). Bring everyone you know. We’ll have the sort of fun that that only you and I can have, Chicago. Because of our shared history. Our shared history of magicalationess.


Houston, We Have No Problems

The view from the hotel window here in Houston. They put me up in a very trendy place; no Domino’s advertisements on the room keys! (No, seriously, it’s super trendy and cool. I don’t know if I’m actually cool enough to be here. But I have a room anyway. Ha!)

I have a couple of hours to rest and relax before heading out to Brazos for my appearance today. If you’re in Houston, come on down. It’ll be fun. See you there.