Houston, We Have No Problems

The view from the hotel window here in Houston. They put me up in a very trendy place; no Domino’s advertisements on the room keys! (No, seriously, it’s super trendy and cool. I don’t know if I’m actually cool enough to be here. But I have a room anyway. Ha!)

I have a couple of hours to rest and relax before heading out to Brazos for my appearance today. If you’re in Houston, come on down. It’ll be fun. See you there.

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  1. “I don’t know if I’m actually cool enough to be here. But I have a room anyway. Ha!”

    The last time I flew, I somehow got bumped to first class (I honestly don’t know how). I stood in the aisle looking at my ticket, then looking at the seat number, then looking at my ticket. Finally I just sat down, even though I, too, wasn’t sure I was cool enough to be there. Then I waited for the “real” owner of the seat to come and get mad at me. But they didn’t, and it was GREAT!

  2. The tall building on the right is where I live. If they let me live here, you know the standards are low. If this id the hotel I think it is, my mother stayed there when she visited. If you are anywhere near the nightclub, I recommend moving to higher ground. Music runs to 1:30 and tends towards disco.

  3. I don’t know if you noticed it, but during the reading and signing we had some very typical Houston summer weather: 15 minutes of pouring rain, then clearing. The only thing that would have made it more Houston would have been lightning and thunder.

  4. @David Goldfarb, in fact, my sons and I came back in because it was raining when we left after John’s Q&A. We looked around the store for about 5 minutes and the rain was over, so we were able to walk to our car without getting drenched. You’re right, that is fairly typical Houston weather for this time of the year.

  5. My wife and I were at the event today and I was very impressed. As I presumed you (@John Scalzi) were funny and entertaining but more impressive was how genuine you are. You were very honest about the “on” you versus the “regular” you. It is very refreshing to see that. Houston was happy to have you and we welcome you back anytime.

  6. It was a great time, totally worth the drive from Beaumont. The only downside was that the store sold out of books so soon. My husband and I tried to pick one up at Barnes and Noble before we left for Houston and they didn’t have any so we thought we would be able to pick one up at Brazos, but alas, they were sold out as well. It’s like this Scalzi guy is popular or something.

  7. Wish I could have stayed long enough to say more than hi, and that before the talk, not after, but I had twin cousins celebrating their 13th birthday to fête. I’ll be sure to have more time in San Diego.

  8. One thing you didn’t mention about the badly constructed Star Wars universe is BANTHAS. Why does something with such thick woolly fur exist on a HOT DESERT PLANET??? Oh, and I must thank you again for showing me to the bathroom, I simply cannot thank you enough.

  9. Great time yesterday! So glad I had the day off, which almost never happens during events I actually want to attend. Can’t wait for Brazos to get the next shipment of Redshirts. Thanks!

  10. Blake & I enjoyed meeting you. I stifled him when he suggested he should try to find you a Star Wars Pronunciation Guide, noting that when he was a major published author he could then tell me how to pronounce things. Or get free passes when he mispronounced things himself.

    Great visit; hope you come back.

  11. You are cool enough and dog gone it, peoople like you! So glad you came back to Texas. Hope to see you again in San Antonio next year at the WorldCon

  12. I guess, from your surprised reaction to the crowd at the store, that you have more Texan lurkers than contribute comments to “Whatever.” I’m glad that you now know that people south of the Mason Dixon line do read your stuff. We love your books, love to hear you talk and look forward to your next visit.

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