Dear Milwaukee: Hey! Remember Me?

Hi, Milwaukee!

Hey! Remember that time I came up and visited you? Back in 2007? For the tour for The Last Colony? Sure you do!

Didn’t we have fun? I complemented your groovy art museum, you told me I looked pretty good for a science fiction writer, we both avoided any reference to Happy Days and/or LaVerne & Shirley, and just plain had a good old time. Didn’t we? Of course we did! At least that’s what you told me, and why wouldn’t I believe you? Milwaukee wouldn’t lie.

Well, guess what? I’m coming back! Tomorrow, June 11! At 7pm! At the Boswell Book Company! Is it possible we’ll have a good time together again? I’d like to think so. Just two old pals, hanging about, having a good time. Maybe having some cheese. I understand there is cheese there. Yes, and also beer, but you know I don’t drink. But you can drink, Milwaukee! Drink yourself silly! I’m happy to be your designated driver.

So what do you say, Milwaukee? Let’s make some new memories. All you have to do is say yes. And also: Show up. See you there!

16 Comments on “Dear Milwaukee: Hey! Remember Me?”

  1. I was just there a few weeks ago, and it was a great city to visit. The Milwaukee Art Museum’s worth an afternoon, and the Rumpus Room was a great restaurant to visit.

    Also (speaking of Happy Days), the Bronze Fonz is new since you last visited.

  2. You made the art museum a complete whole the last time you were there? What are you going to do for a follow up?

    Or possibly you mean you “complimented” the art museum, in which case you could probably do that again.

    (Sorry to be the grammar police but I’m sure you agree that writers should not mispell.)

  3. Dude, stop teasing Cambridge and get over here! We want to drink with you at Tory Row, or at least mock the Harvard boys and girls.

  4. Hope you have a good time. In lieu of drinking beer stop by Leon’s on South 27 and Oklahoma and have some custard. Makes ice cream seem lo-cal

  5. “But you can drink, Milwaukee! Drink yourself silly! I’m happy to be your designated driver.”

    You’re going to drive *everyone* home from the Milwaukee meet? That’s mighty generous of you!

  6. Wendy:

    “(Sorry to be the grammar police but I’m sure you agree that writers should not mispell.)”

    The copy editors who make a living off me wish to disagree with you.

    Also, don’t pretend to be sorry about doing something you obviously take a delight in.

  7. Life is too short for grammar flames, and most grammar flames contain grammatical errors. In light of of the schtick of hitting on tour cities, this typo was a happy accident. John and the museum are two hearts that beat as one.

  8. Dude, I LOVE Milwaukee, and lived on the East Side and in Bay View for many years. But, after te last time I went back, and discovered so many of the places I knew and loved had been replaced with Shiny Chome And Glass And Stucco And Gourmet Fudes, I don’t think I could visit without drinking a lot. The “new East Side” was best viewed through beer goggles.

  9. Enjoyed listening to you this evening. Thanks for your fine work and for signing my fine, new copy of Redshirts. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  10. How come we only get to find out what happened at the reading if some other Whateverite tells us? How come our Fearless Leader isn’t giving us updates, or retrospectives, or … post-mortems of the Redshirts book tour dates?

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